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Hulk Hogan will be the next Inter-continental Champion BROTHER!

-|[ *Foreword*

Wrestling has become dominated by the new breed of wrestler… The faster, more daring, stronger athletes, that take greater risks and have taken professional wrestling to a whole new level. Wrestling is full of equally talented, new superstars vying for a position in an already overcrowded world. This new breed of wrestler is pushing the old guard out of the business… The legends of wrestling’s past are fast disappearing and can no longer be found on the wrestling map. However, there’s one wrestler that time cannot remove from wrestling… one wrestler that cannot be pushed from the limelight by the new superstars… One immortal legend that’s still at the top of the business. This man is Hulk Hogan! After returning to the ring and beginning his ‘Legacy Of Wrestling’ career, Hulk Hogan defeated Brian Adams comfortably… His attacker was revealed to be none other than Sting. What will Hulk Hogan’s reaction be to this? 2 of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace a ring… are heading head-on into a wrestling explosion. This week, Hulk has a chance to put gold around his waist… the World Title still lingers in the future… but AJ Styles stands in his path to the Inter-continental Title. AJ Styles epitomises this new breed of wrestler in the business and Hulk Hogan is ready to take him on! Hulk Hogan has secured his place in this industry and now, it’s time for him to secure his place in LOW… By first beating AJ Styles… Then, by becoming the Inter-continental Champion. Can Hulk Hogan beat AJ Styles? Can he become the first LOW IC Champion? Tune into ‘Adrenaline’ to find out. ]|-

Hulkamania is still running wild!

It’s all well and good to be prepared for your match… It’s important to have focus… Concentration… An understanding of the task in hand. However, Hulk Hogan’s success hasn’t revolved around just his mental preparation… It’s all about his hard work in the gym to keep him in good shape. A man’s prime is only suppose to last a few years… then, once they reach their peak and achieve success, they fall from grace abruptly and are replaced by a new breed of superstar. 30 years ago, Hulk Hogan reached his peak… and now, in the year 2003, Hulk Hogan is still at his peak! The immortal legend has never fallen from grace and has continued to remain at the top of this industry. And it’s Hulk Hogan’s hard work and ability that have kept him at the top of the wrestling business like no other wrestler. If this is to be Hulk Hogan’s last run… and his greatest… then, Hulk is going to have to work even harder if he wants to be the best in ‘Legacy Of Wrestling’! If Hulk Hogan wants to be the best, his victory over AJ Styles for the Intercontinental title will be even more important… Thus, getting ready physically is all the more essential.

The scene opens inside a fitness studio and Hulk Hogan is on a bicycle. He’s got a red n’ yellow “Hulk Still Rules” T-shirt on and red n’ yellow jogging bottoms. He has a sweatband around his head and 2 sweatbands around his arms… He’s really pumping it out. His trainer stands next to him, egging him on… He has a stopwatch in his right hand and he’s issuing orders with his left hand, either instructing Hogan to keep going or hitting the bicycle handles to encourage the immortal legend onwards.

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Pump it Hulk! Pump it! Raise those knees higher…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I’m raisin’ them as high as they go BROTHER!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Don’t look at me… focus on that dot in front of you… focus on it.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I’m focussin’, I’m focussin’!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Breathe through your nose Hulk… not your mouth… deeper, nasal breaths!

Hulk Hogan stops and looks at his trainer, as if what the trainer has just said, is a very grave mistake! The trainer looks a little confused… and even more shocked, as Hogan’s finger is thrust in front of his face!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Look DUDE! I don’t need to be told how do ride a god damn bicycle… I was ridin’ a bike when I was 11 BROTHER!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Yes but you weren’t breathing in the correct way, Hulk…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well let me tell ya somethin’ BROTHER… I’ve been breathin’ this way since I was born… And it hasn’t caused me no problems so far DUDE!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Yes but by taking, deeper and longer, nasal breaths… you increase the amount of oxygen you can take in… you lower your heart rate… and you can do more strenuous exercise for longer periods.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I don’t need to do strenuous exercise for long periods… I just go down to the ring, kick some ass and get it over and done with BROTHER! And talking about oxygen, it’ll be a good idea for AJ Styles to take plenty of deep breaths… before I give him a serious case of brain damage, after I kick his ass this Sunday night!

Hogan stands up and towers over his personal trainer… he then walks over to a pile of dumbbells and grabs the biggest 2 off the top and he begins toning his right arm.

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Take it slowly… hold it for 2 seconds… release… hold it two seconds… tense… hold it two seconds… release!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I don’t need some stupid running commentary BROTHER! I’m sure that Hulk Hogan’s perfectly capable of liftin’ some weights DUDE!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] I’m only trying to help.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I don’t need help BROTHER! Hulk Hogan’s never needed to ask for help DUDE… Not when, I’ve got the support of all my hulkamaniacs… Any challenges that stand in our way, we ride into battle together BROTHER! And when Hulk Hogan kicks AJ Styles’ ass this Monday night, it will be another victory for hulkamania… another victory for Hulk Hogan!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] And you will be the Inter-continental Champion man…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Yes! I will be the next Inter-continental Champion JACK! And not AJ Styles, not Sting, not anybody BROTHER, is gonna stop Hulk Hogan winning gold this Sunday night! Hulk Hogan’s destined to be the next Inter-continental Champion… Hulk Hogan will be the next Inter-continental Champion BROTHER!

Hogan swaps hands and now, he tones the left arm… he looks down at his left arm and makes grimaces with every repetition. He then looks up at the trainer with a huge grin on his face, showing off his strength.

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] You’re in brilliant condition Hulk…. You’re at full strength!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] And AJ Styles doesn’t have a hope in hell, of beatin’ Hulk Hogan DUDE! Some pathetic, little cruiserweight thinks he’s big enough to compete in the big boy’s league… That’s until I kick his puny little ass ALL ROUND PHOENIX, ARIZONA BROTHER!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Not when you’re in prime condition like this!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Not at any time of the year BROTHER! Spring, summer, autumn or winter, Hulk Hogan would still kick his ass DUDE! And let me tell ya somethin’ else… When Hulk Hogan’s at his best, when Hulk Hogan’s at the top of his game… AJ Styles can expect a BIGGER ass-kicking than usual BROTHER!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Haha!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Haha! So Aj Styles Styles better start takin’ extra vitamins… sayin’ his prayers… maybe even getting as far away from Phoenix, Arizona, as he possibly can DUDE! Because 1 way or another BROTHER, Hulk Hogan’s gonna be the next Inter-continental Champion, whether he has to kick Styles’ ass or not DUDE!

Hulk Hogan puts the weights down and the trainer passes him a towel… Hulk wipes the sweat off his brow and his whole face, before sticking it up his shirt and rubbing the sweat off his chest. He hands a damp towel back to the trainer and looks deep into the camera.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] AJ Styles. You’re about 1-foot tall! But this Sunday, you’re going to be beaten within an inch of your life BROTHER… When Hulk Hogan says that he’s going to kick your ass, Hulk Hogan will kick your ass! I guarantee it DUDE! And whilst, you’re only only 1-foot tall and you’re getting’ beaten within an inch of your life… you’ll be hundreds of miles away from the Inter-continental Title. You won’t even get close DUDE! This Sunday, when we go 1 on 1, man-to-man, head-to-head… When you get your sorry excuse of an ass kicked, you better start asking yourself the question… Yes, you better ask yourself the question that’s on the lips of all my hulkamaniacs… the question that’s on the lips of Hulk Hogan DUDE! WHAT’CHA GONNA DO… WHAT’CHA GONNA DO…


Hulk Hogan pouts at the camera, he looks deeply into it, trying to inspire even more fear into the heart of AJ Styles… and to give even greater confidence to all his hulkamaniacs out there. The scene fades to static with Hulk’s face frozen on the screen… And the next time we see Hulk Hogan, he’ll be facing AJ Styles at ‘Adrenaline’!

-|[ *Epilogue*

Hulk Hogan versus AJ Styles. The main-event of Adrenaline. Hulk Hogan’s second main-event, in his second match in LOW. Can Hulk Hogan make it to main-event victories out of 2? At stake is the Inter-continental Title… and the stipulation is no disqualification… technically pretty much anything goes… But who will walk out the winner? Can the epitome of the new breed of wrestlers, AJ Styles, walk out the victor? Or will it be the immortal legend Hulk Hogan, that walks out of Adrenaline, the Inter-continental Champion? Watch Adrenaline this Sunday and you will find out! ]|-