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Hulk Hogan versus AJ Styles for the Inter-Continental Title!

-|[ *Foreword*

Wrestling has become dominated by the new breed of wrestler… The faster, more daring, stronger athletes, that take greater risks and have taken professional wrestling to a whole new level. Wrestling is full of equally talented, new superstars vying for a position in an already overcrowded world. This new breed of wrestler is pushing the old guard out of the business… The legends of wrestling’s past are fast disappearing and can no longer be found on the wrestling map. However, there’s one wrestler that time cannot remove from wrestling… one wrestler that cannot be pushed from the limelight by the new superstars… One immortal legend that’s still at the top of the business. This man is Hulk Hogan! After returning to the ring and beginning his ‘Legacy Of Wrestling’ career, Hulk Hogan defeated Brian Adams comfortably… His attacker was revealed to be none other than Sting. What will Hulk Hogan’s reaction be to this? 2 of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace a ring… are heading head-on into a wrestling explosion. This week, Hulk has a chance to put gold around his waist… the World Title still lingers in the future… but AJ Styles stands in his path to the Inter-continental Title. AJ Styles epitomises this new breed of wrestler in the business and Hulk Hogan is ready to take him on! Hulk Hogan has secured his place in this industry and now, it’s time for him to secure his place in LOW… By first beating AJ Styles… Then, by becoming the Inter-continental Champion. Can Hulk Hogan beat AJ Styles? Can he become the first LOW IC Champion? Tune into ‘Adrenaline’ to find out. ]|-

Hulkamania is still running wild!

Unlike new wrestlers, there’s a traditional format for old-style wrestlers to warm up… and it doesn’t just involve taking vitamins and saying your prayers… No, it revolves around a lot of hard work, both mentally and physically. The first thing that Hulk Hogan has to do is make sure he’s in the right frame of mind to wrestle a match and win it… It all revolves focussing on your strengths and your opponents. Every wrestler has to put in plenty of research to suss out all their opponents moves… and to work out how they themselves went wrong and how they can improve. And the best way to see if you’re getting it right, is to watch videos of your last match… and some matches of your opponents. To spot the moves, to work out ways to avoid the moves and to try and see when these moves are coming. Hulk Hogan is going to learn AJ Styles inside out… and see where he can do better in his IC Title match this week.

The scene opens up in Hulk Hogan’s hotel room. The red and yellow warrior is sitting in front a reasonable sized TV screen, about 5-foot away and is watching his last match with Brian Adams. Hulk has a pensive mood on his face and is stroking his blonde goatie beard… At his side is a man in his tracksuit bottoms, a man that is not usually seen alongside Hulk Hogan but a man who plays a big role behind the scenes. This is Hulk Hogan’s personal trainer… who not only proves Hulk with a hard training scheme but is the man that motivates him to wrestle and analyses his performances. His personal trainer is a wrestling expert, who’s well-known in wrestling circles.

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] You see that Hulk, that was a good victory man… you did it fast, you did it quick and you got the job done…. Not only did you beat Brian Adams but you beat him well…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] And to put things more bluntly, I kicked his sorry excuse of an ass DUDE. It was too bad that Disqo Inferno was too scared to come and face Hulk Hogan BROTHER! Because I would have enjoyed kicking his ass too!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] It’s great to see there’s still enjoyment in this business for you…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I get my kicks out of 2 things JACK! One, is kicking some real ass, I like that BROTHER! And second, is giving a show that all my hulkamaniacs deserve…

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] That’s exactly what you did in this match Hulk…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] No BROTHER! I only achieved 1 of my 2 aims… Yes, I might’a kicked brian Adams’ ass from Seattle to Miami and back again… But I didn’t give all my hulkamaniacs the show they deserved. There was no spectacle, no show, just mee kickin’ the crap outta Adam’s sorry excuse of an ass DUDE! The fans expect more of Hulk Hogan… But that night, Hulkamania was running wild all over Brian Adams and that pathetic loser couldn’t even put up a fight, let alone stop Hulk Hogan!

The video has continued to roll and we see Hulk Hogan bounce off the ropes and drop a leg on Brian Adams, before he hooks the leg, 1… 2… 3! Hogan switches off the VCR and ejects the video.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] You know somethin’ Matthews, I’ve made a decision. This Sunday, when I beat AJ Styles… No wait a minute! When I kick AJ Styles’ ass BROTHER! I’m just going to make sure that I do kick his ass. Because the most important thing this Sunday… is making sure that Hulkamania continues its progress. When I said this was my last run, I meant it! And this time I’m gonna’ do it right BROTHER! For me… For Hulk Hogan… And for all my Hulkamaniacs! If this is to be my last rum, I’m gonna make sure that it’s the damn greatest of them all DUDE! And if the first of these steps involves Hulk Hogan winning the Inter-continental Title… Then, that’s what I’m gonna’ do BROTHER! Winning that title is the most important thing this Sunday… For me, and for my hulkamaniacs!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] But you want to entertain the hulkamanics, don’t you?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] If the hulkamaniacs aren’t gonna’ get a great show this week, I guarantee they’ll get twice the damn show next week! You see, after I’m done with AJ Styles, I’m coming straight for Sting! That pathetic, running windbag has nowhere left to hide… and it’s just a matter of time until I kick his squirmy, little ass BROTHER! Ansd you know what, after all he’s done to me, after all he’s done to Hulk Hogan… I’m going to enjoy kickin’ his ass slowly… And for all my Hulkamaniacs, I promise that it will be the greatest ass-kicking that Hulk Hogan has ever delivered BROTHER! It’s just a matter of time until I kick Sting’s ass, the question is… WHEN DUDE!

Hulk pulls a video out of a case and then, slides the one taken from the machine into that empty case. He then pushes the new video into the player and presses a button on the remote control. AJ Styles is beating up Goldberg and takes him down with a quick, spinning clothesline… we then see AJ do a 360 flip. The trainer then pauses the tape…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] What the HELL did you do that for, DUDE?

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] From what I’ve just seen man, you’ve got to be right on your toes… This guy is fast… this guy is unpredictable… this guy could do anything…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] AJ Styles can prance around like some pathetic primadonna but him leaping around like some stupid jack-in-a-box, isn’t gonna stop Hulk Hogan from kickin’ his ass all round Phoenix!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Yes but he’s a threat…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I realise that BROTHER! I...

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] No but he’s an even bigger threat now it’s no disqualification too…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] No, wait a minute DUDE, just wait a minute!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] But no disqualification clearly favours your opponent…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well, let me tell ya somethin’ BROTHER… No disqualification favours no-one but Hulk Hogan DUDE. It’s not going to change the outcome of this match… it just means I can kick his ass in many different ways BROTHER!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] You saw that chair shot that beat Booker T last Monday night… he’ll be allowed to use a chair against you Hulk… it’s all legal.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] If AJ Styles is man enough to walk up to Hulk Hogan with a chair… I’ll give the guy a small degree of respect… that’s before I beat the crap outta’ him! You see, if AJ Styles has the guts to try and beat me over the head with a chair in a match… the guy deserves more respect than Sting deserves. Sting is nothing but a pathetic, washed-up ASSHOLE… the biggest asshole to ever step on GOD’S GREEN EARTH… and he’s begging, JUST BEGGING, for his ass to get kicked and it will DUDE, it will!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] Stop thinking about Sting… think about your match with AJ Styles…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] You’re right BROTHER… This is about the Inter-continental Title… This is about AJ Styles… This is about Hulk Hogan! And this is about bringing gold home for all my hulkamaniacs, RIGHT HERE IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA!

The trainer rolls the video but Hulk barely watches, he wants to continue to talk about his up and coming match with AJ Styles, this Sunday, on Adrenaline, for the IC Title.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] And another thing DUDE, AJ Styles is just a kid… he doesn’t have the experience that I do… I was kickin’ people’s ass when he was in diapers! And AJ Styles is only little BROTHER… he doesn’t have the strength to compete with Hulk Hogan! So he better start takin’ his vitamins, maybe even some growth pills…. And he better start sayin’ his prayers… Cos’ Hulk Hogan’s determined to kick his puny, pathetic, little ass this Sunday!

['Personal Trainer' Jim Matthews:] He has a lot of questions to answer…



Hulk Hogan flexes his muscles to his trainer, as AJ’s match continues on the video behind him. Both the trainer and Hogan are no longer paying any attention to it, as the scene turns to static.

-|[ *Epilogue*

Hulk Hogan versus AJ Styles. The main-event of Adrenaline. Hulk Hogan’s second main-event, in his second match in LOW. Can Hulk Hogan make it to main-event victories out of 2? At stake is the Inter-continental Title… and the stipulation is no disqualification… technically pretty much anything goes… But who will walk out the winner? Can the epitome of the new breed of wrestlers, AJ Styles, walk out the victor? Or will it be the immortal legend Hulk Hogan, that walks out of Adrenaline, the Inter-continental Champion? Watch Adrenaline this Sunday and you will find out! ]|-