[- Role-Play Number -] #1
[- Role-Play Title -] ' Benjamin.. This just got PERSONAL '
[- Next Opponent/s -] Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair [ Handicap Match ]
[- Record -] 02-00-00 
[- RIW Achievements -]
RPer Of The week (1x)


Bill Goldberg took his second name in Raw Impact Wrestling… Mike Sanders was jackhammered by Da Man after a Stone Cold Stunner from Steve Austin took out the ‘above average’ superstar. Goldberg impressed once more and this week, he heads into his biggest challenge so far… a Handicap Match with Shelton Benjamin and his manager Ric Flair. Goldberg’s search for Paul Heyman has come to a halt… Goldberg can’t find Heyman’s whereabouts and his search in Miami drew a blank… So his focus has turned to Heyman’s federation and most importantly, one of his 2 opponents at Vendetta in ‘The One’ Tournament… Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin had the audacity to get in Goldberg’s face on Exile, he even dared to slap Goldberg across the face… Benjamin tried to get inside Goldberg’s head but there’s no-one better at Mind Games, than Bill Goldberg! Goldberg has a score to settle with Shelton Benjamin… and he’s sure as hell gonna’ scare the shit into him before their match at Defiance. Goldberg wants to beat Shelton Benjamin… he’d even love to take out the 16time World Champion Ric Flair. Goldberg is looking to take a couple of scalps going into Vendetta… will Shelton get a small glimpse of what awaits him at vendetta or will the number’s game be too much for Bill Goldberg?!

The scene opens at Shelton Benjamin’s house, it’s a reasonably big, white house but nothing special for a wrestling superstar. Not a Ric Flair-style mansion as you might expect… The door bell rings and Benjamin opens the door to his pad. A shorty, stumpy man with a squeaky voice speaks to him… He has the postal uniform on and he has a small brown package in his right hand.

'Delivery Guy' Bob: Special delivery!

'Black Magic' Shelton Benjamin: Thanks man.

The delivery guy hands the package to Shelton, Shelton walks inside and looks at the package… He puts it on the kitchen surface unit and opens the package… Shelton pulls out a tape. Shelton looks at it and then, he calls for back-up.

'Black Magic' Shelton Benjamin: Hey Ric, we got a tape come… and it’s for me!

'Nature Boy' Ric Flair: You bought a dirty film again, Shelton? Haha… You better put it on!

Shelton laughs too and then, he takes it over to the video… He puts the tape in and MY GOD, IT’S CHARLIE HAAS… AND HE’S TIED TO A DAMN CHAIR! Charlie’s mouth is covered with masking tape and his arms and legs are binded to the chair also with tape… We hear some footsteps in the background, Haas’ eyes begin to bulge as the kidnapper is obviously getting nearer… A shadow looms over haas and then, the face comes into view… IT’S GOLDBERG… BILL GOLDBERG HAS KIDNAPPED CHARLIE HAAS!

'Black Magic' Shelton Benjamin: The sonuvabitch!

Goldberg pats Charlie Haas on the head and then, he begins to speak.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Shocked, ehh?! You shouldn’t be Shelton… You should’a known you had it comin’! Take it as a warning… you shouldn’t have picked a fight with Bill Goldberg!

Goldberg spins Charlie Haas’ chair around, just to show that Haas is putty in his hands…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You must be kinda regrettin’ it, huh? You didn’t think it through carefully, did ya?! You thought 2 on 1… you and old Naitch… you can beat anyone in the industry… Hahaha… WRONG! There is someone you can’t beat… someone that you 2 punks can’t stop… Yeah… and unfortunately for you… THAT’S ME! 2 on 1… yeah, it’s a challenge… but guess what?! I’m excited… real excited! About damn time I got more than just a warm-up… this is time to show you EXACTLY what I’m capable of… No more demonstrations, this is it boys… This is the time for MY IMPACT! Hahaha… It’s just like a game of tag, ain’t it?! You’re the runnin’ little pussies… and yeah, I’M IT… Run… Hide… It makes no damn difference, does it?

Goldberg takes a look down at Charlie Haas who is clearly scared out of his mind, his eyes are bulging… Goldberg grins at him and then, he turns back to the camera.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Looks real vulnerable, ehh? Can you see the fear in his eye? DO YOU? Cos that’s the same damn fear you’ll be feelin’… not the butterflies in the stomach, no, we’re talking real fear! Fear for your careers… fear for your damn lives… Fear for your loved ones, hahaha!

Goldberg then kicks Charlie’s chair over and Haas falls over on the floor.

'Black Magic' Shelton Benjamin: SHIT! He can’t do this!

'Nature Boy' Ric Flair: He’ll pay for this, don’t worry…

Goldberg turns back to the camera laughing, his smirk is written all over his face… Goldberg is enjoying tormenting Charlie Haas and what has Haas ever done to him? Nothing! Goldberg is just a god damn animal!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Last week… you made it personal Benjamin! No-one slaps Bill Goldberg… and gets away with it! You made one hell of a big mistake! And now, it’s my turn… My turn to make things… PERSONAL! And that’s JUST how I like it!

Goldberg turns the camera downwards and Haas is lying on the floor motionless and quite possibly, very hurt and definitely scared out of his mind. Goldberg kneels down at haas’ side… he tears the tape off haas’ mouth with just brute force… Haas lets out a huge yelp of pain. Goldberg grins…

'All-American' Charlie Haas: Help Shelton… Help!

Goldberg covers Haas’ mouth… Goldberg begins taping him back up and talks to the camera as he does it.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Did ya hear your pal squeal like a bitch, Shelton? Get used to that sound… cos it’ll be your turn next time! And I bet it looks like I’m enjoyin’ every moment of this… and yeah Shelton, I really am! I’m lovin’ it! But beatin’ your ass, it’s gonna’ be a whole lot more fun… People have got in my face before… People have tried to punk me out. It happened nearly every god damn week in Dubbya Cee Dubbya… and every week, they go what was comin’ to them… It’s no different Shelton… Are Eyy Dubbya… Dubbya Cee Dubbya… This is still Bill Goldberg… and you’re gonna’ get what’s comin’ to you at Defiance!

Goldberg begins laughing to himself again…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You know what really make me laugh about you, Shelton? This damn stupid new gimmick of yours… Black Magic… Haha… Pathetic Shelton, damn pathetic! Shelton, you may make your big impact with your mouth… I make mine in that ring! You can wave your magic wand… you can cast a damn spell for all I care… Cos not even a damn miracle is gonna’ stop Goldberg from destroying your puny little ass at Defiance! It ain’t about you… it’s all about me… It’s all about Bill Goldberg! Believe the hype Shelton… believe it… Cos the hype, it’s your reality!

Goldberg looks around as if he’s lost something… Goldberg turns to the camera pretending to be confused.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Seems I’ve forgotten somethin’, ehh Flair? Oh yeah, it’s YOU! Oh don’t worry… I got a surprise for you too… Yeah, didn’t think I’d leave you out, ehh?


'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Your loved ones… your friends… your own flesh and blood… no-one’s safe! You’re not safe Flair! You’re not safe Benjamin! And no-one will ever be safe as long as I’M around! Take a good look at them… this is was what awaits you come Defiance. Fear… pain… heartache… get used to those feelings… cos’ they’re gonna’ be all too familiar! And you’re just gonna’ be as damn helpless… and pathetic as these 2 punks!

Goldberg laughs.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You don’t know what the hell you got yourselves into, do ya? Live in fear Flair… Live in fear Shelton… cos’ you’re my next victims… The NEXT victims of the streak… the next victims of Bill Goldberg… Soon enough, you’re just gonna’ be another number on my damn list… There ain’t no way around it… YOU’RE BOTH NEXT!!!

Goldberg signals to them that they’re going down… Goldberg means to tear them apart and take their names on the coming Defiance.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Ohh and 1 more thing, Shelton… This week… You’re just gonna’ get a damn preview of what lies ahead at Vendetta… Appropriate name for a Pay-Per-View, ain’t it? Cos me and you, it’s personal… and at Vendetta, I’m gonna’ beat your ass and end your career early… just like all the other punks that have gone before ya! YOU’RE FINISHED SHELTON… YOU’RE FINISHED!

The video then switches off… What a sick, strong message from Goldberg… Kidnapping Shelton’s friend Charlie Haas and Ric Flair’s own son David Flair… Goldberg’s made this just as personal as it can get. Flair and Shelton can’t believe what they have just seen…

'Black Magic' Shelton Benjamin: We got some damn scores to settle Naitch.

'Nature Boy' Ric Flair: Yeah, you bet your life we have!

The scene fades to static, Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin are bound to want revenge after receiving such a personal, upsetting video as that. Goldberg has taken this too far, all in an attempt to get the upper hand over his 2 opponents… This truly is mind games at its best. Goldberg has got his message over and he means to put fear into the hearts of Flair and Benjamin… Are they the next victims or is Goldberg gonna feel the wrath of Benjamin and Flair’s revenge at Defiance?!

[ - Victims -] Paul London, Mike Sanders