[- Role-Play Number -] #2
[- Role-Play Title -] ' SANDERS, YOU'RE SHIT OUTTA' LUCK'
[- Next Opponent/s -] Mike Sanders
[- Record -] 01-00-00 
[- RIW Achievements -]
RPer Of The week (1x)


The first Defiance turned into sheer Carnage as DA MAN returned to Raw Impact Wrestling… Goldberg stormed in and was a one man wrecking machine… Taking out first Paul London and advancing into the next round of the Vendetta tournament. As well as destroying Randy Orton after a small confrontation. Goldberg is still on his warpath and it’s gonna’ continue until he gets what he wants… Paul Heyman! He wants to rip Heyman apart… Ruin his career… And dominate Heyman’s own federation! Heyman is still on vacation and on the run from both Brock Lesnar and Goldberg… Goldberg’s next opponent is Mike Sanders and looking at the evidence from last week’s Defiance, you wouldn’t want to be in Sanders’ shoes… Goldberg destroyed Paul London in convincing style and he looked just as strong and dominating as he was during the days of old. At stake is a place in the final of the Vendetta tournament… Mike Sanders versus Bill Goldberg… can Sanders pull off the biggest shock in RIW so far or will Mike Sanders be another victim of GOLDBERG!?

The scene opens on the streets of Miami, Florida. The day is hot, the sun is shining, there isn’t a damn cloud in the sky… and none other than Bill Goldberg is soaking up the sun. Goldberg is all shaded up but he ain’t lying on the beach soaking up the sun, topping up his tan… No, it’s all business as usual for Goldberg… and that business is none other than PAUL… HEYMAN! Goldberg is on a 1-man mission to find him and his search has taken him to Miami, the last known whereabouts of Paul Heyman. Heyman flew into Miami from Kingston, Jamaica a few days ago but by now, he could be anywhere and Goldberg is just hoping that he finds Heyman or some clue to his location. Goldberg removes his shades and takes a look at this wall in front of him… it’s covered in posters advertising anything from gigs to businesses to german flavoured condoms. Goldberg looks at an empty spot and then, he reaches inside his jacket… he pulls out a poster. He takes a couple of the pins from the wall and attached the poster to the wall. Goldberg then turns to the camera crew behind him and begins to speak.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Time is runnin’ out Heyman… the net is closin’ in… and soon, your ass is gonna’ be mine!

Goldberg points at the poster…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: There’s a price on your damn head Heyman… there’s a ransom for puny little ass, how’s that make ya’ feel? Real special, huh? You must be feelin’ a million dollars, ehh? COS THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE WORTH! Haha…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Your ugly face… it’s all over town! There’s a poster on every corner… You’re the most wanted man in Miami… Everyone’s lookin’ to cash in on YOU, Heyman… You’re on MY wanted list… In fact, you’re on MY MOST WANTED list! And soon… you’ll be on another list of mine… the list of victims… and you’ll be just another punk taken out by BILL GOLDBERG! Haha…

Goldberg takes out another poster from his pocket and holds it right up to the camera, his index finger is pointing at only 1 thing… the part which says “wanted alive”.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Heyman, you’re gonna’ be my bitch! Ohh yeah! You see, there’s gonna’ be no quick way out… this ain’t gonna’ end quickly… I’m gonna’ enjoying torturing you! Yeah, it’s gonna’ be the best night of my life… seeing you squeal and beg for mercy! But there ain’t gonna be no mercy… There ain’t gonna’ be no way out… Tick tock… Tick tock Heyman… Your end is gettin’ closer… Your destiny is getting’ nearer… Your meeting with Goldberg is only a matter of when… and soon, when… will become NOW! And that will be your end Heyman… Oh yeah, YOUR END IS NEAR!

Goldberg walks onwards down the street and the camera follows him…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Your life is fallin’ apart around you Paul… Your superstars are gettin’ torn apart… Your title is soon to be in the hands of Goldberg… Raw Impact Wrestling… Your own federation… It’s soon gonna’ belong to me pal! Yeah… and your neck is on the line… haha… And that, I like most! You see, your time to face Goldberg is nearing… but for Are Eye Dubbya… it’s death is comin’ sooner! Last week… I destroyed Paul London… and this week, Mike Sanders is NEXT! Oh yeah Sanders, YOU’RE NEXT! Haha…

Goldberg pins another poster to the wall and then, turns back to the camera.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Sanders, there might not be a price on your head… but you have a fate far worse… YOU GOT A DAMN MATCH WITH BILL GOLDBERG… DA MAN… DA POWERHOUSE! Oh yeah… that’s far far worse! You see, your downfall… is immediate! Your gonna’ be taken out fast… and quick… and it’s gonna’ be real easy! Sanders, you ain’t nothin’ special… You may be ‘above average’… but you ain’t Goldberg, are ya?! You never won 173 straight matches… You weren’t a Dubbya Cee Dubbya Champion… You never made it to the big time cos’ ya’ just couldn’t cut it, could ya?!

Goldberg laughs to himself.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: So… what makes ya think you can beat Goldberg, huh? I’ll tell ya what, ehh? NOTHING! There ain’t a damn thing that makes ya believe you can beat me… But there is 1 thing you can believe. BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY SANDERS… Believe the talk… Believe the history of Goldberg… BELIEVE THE HYPE… Cos this Monday night, Raw Impact Wrestling, ME AND YOU, it’s on! Oh yeah, IT’S ON ALRIGHT!

Goldberg walks down the street a bit further… As he’s walking, he continues to deliver the verbal bashing to Mike Sanders.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You think I’m insane, huh Sanders? You think I need anger management? Haha… that’s real funny! Yeah, real funny… I should be insulted by that… But yeah, you’re right… I’m losin’ it… And you better hope I don’t snap on you, ehh Sanders? Hope… pray… do whatever you damn want Mike… It ain’t gonna’ save your ass… Your fate is written… You’re the next victim Sanders… You’re the next punk to get destroyed by Bill Goldberg! And you saw what happened to the last one, didn’t ya?! Paul London… he tried to stand up to me… He tried to stop me… Haha… Damn stupid kid… I ended that rookie’s career… Just like I’m gonna’ end yours Mike… Your career, it’s gonna’ end Thursday Night… It’s a damn shame Sanders, you could’a been remembered as ‘above average’ Mike Sanders… But you won’t! You’ll be JUST ANOTHER BITCH! But not just any bitch… you’ll be MY BITCH! Haha…

Goldberg stops at another wall and begins to attach another “wanted alive” poster of Paul Heyman… Some guy comes up screaming… Oh god, it’s the sheriff of Miami… He’s gonna stop Goldberg in his tracks.

'Miami's Sheriff' Tim: HEY! HEY! YOU CAN’T PUT THERE!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Ohh yeah… WHO SAYS?!

'Miami's Sheriff' Tim: Well… I do! These walls of Miami… they’re out of bounds… You can’t put a damn thing up without the authorisation of the state council and right now, all posters cannot be put up without that! So I’m gonna’ have to ask you to remove them…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Make me!

'Miami's Sheriff' Tim: If that’s how you want it… YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!

Goldberg begins to laugh as the sheriff pulls out some handcuffs… SPEAR! SPEAR! GOLDBERG HAS SNAPPED… HE’S JUST SPEARED THE HELL OUT OF A GOD DAMN OFFICER! Goldberg’s taken the law into his own hands… and that’s what he’s prepared to do, just to get his hands on Paul Heyman! Nothing’s gonna stand in Goldberg’s way!!! Goldberg turns to the camera and pulls it in close…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Mike Sanders… You’re makin’ a real big mistake! Paul London made the mistake… This stupid punk made the mistake… and soon, you’re gonna’ be makin’ the same damn mistake! No-one stands in my way Mike… No-one! If you turn up Thursday night… and I hope ya’ do turn up… It’s gonna’ be your last damn match! Oh yeah! You can’t beat Bill Goldberg… you can’t stop me! You’re condemnin’ yourself to YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE… Thursday Night Sanders… it’s gonna be YOU, not me… that’s gonna’ be SHIT OUTTA’ LUCK… and yeah, I know exactly what it means, haha… I guess, it’s just the first time your ass is gonna’ find out too, ehh? Haha… YOU’RE S.O.L SANDERS… S… O… L!

The scene fades with Goldberg laughing and the carnage behind him… the damn sheriff lying on the floor after a spear by Bill Goldberg. Goldberg sent his message to Sanders with force… and arrogance, even using Sanders’ own catchphrase… can Goldberg back his words and actions up with another effective performance and victory on his first Exile? Will Bill Goldberg advance to the final of THE ONE tournament? Tune into ‘Exile’ for the answer!

[ - Victims -] Paul London