[- Role-Play Number -] #2
[- Role-Play Title -] ' PAYBACK'S A BITCH '
[- Next Opponent/s -] Paul London
[- Record -] 00-00-00 
[- RIW Achievements -]
None Yet


They thought he was gone forever. They believed he had disappeared for good. Everyone thought it was the end for Bill Goldberg. It’s not the end… it’s just the beginning! Thursday 8th April 2004… it will all begin again… They dared to underestimate da man. “They” made the biggest mistake of their lives… and long shall they regret it. He’s coming back… The return is imminent! And for 1 man, his destiny will come sooner rather than later… his fate lies in the hands of Bill Goldberg. Goldberg wants revenge… Goldberg wants blood… Goldberg wants Paul Heyman and he’s not going anywhere until he gets some. Heyman may be on the run from Brock Lesnar but it’s 1 thing running from a monster like Brock Lesnar… And another to run from Bill Goldberg. The most unstoppable force in wrestling history is coming… Bill Goldberg is coming to RIW… His first opponent may be Paul London but there is only 1 Paul that Goldberg wants and that’s PAUL… HEYMAN!

The scene opens on a street in what looks to be a really hot place… There are sandy beaches in the background; bright blue skies… even palm trees. The houses are nothing special to look at… a bit run-down and cracked due to what would be the continual hot weather. On the street, there’s a big bald-headed man in a tanktop that shows off his huge arms and shoulders… the t-shirt is black and it has a circle on it… He strangely has blacksuit bottoms on in the heat… and a pair of silver shades. He snaps the glasses off and places them on his t-shirt. Goldberg turns round and his cellphone rings…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Yeah… what?!

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: Goldberg… It’s Vinnie Russo ‘ere. How’s it goin’ man?

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Fine… just fine… so… whaddya want Vince?

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: I’m jus’ wonderin’ where ya are… I ain’t seen ya around or nothin’ yet…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Oh, don’t worry… I’ll be around soon enough and yeah, you’ll sure as hell know about it… I just got some business to take care of first.

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: What kind of business?

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I’m settlin’ some old scores…

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: Haha… ya dun’ change one bit, do ya Bill? So where are ya?!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Kingston, Jamaica.

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: What’chu doin’ there? Defiance is in Champaign, Illinois… Chu’ should be here man.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Ohh, don’t worry I’ll be there… I hope ya’ have somethin’ special for me!

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: You’re in tha’ tourney for tha’ world title… how’s that sound?!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Sounds damn good to me… I just got 1 question for ya Vince… Who’s first?!

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: Haha… Chu’ got Paul London.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Who’s that?!

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: He’s a really talented up and comin’ star… really bin’ impressin’ me recently.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: So… I got a rookie, ehh?! Fine by me… I’ll just call it a “demonstration” match… It’s about damn time Bill Goldberg struck some fear back into the hearts of every single punk in Are Eye Dubbya!

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: ‘Ey Goldie… don’t get ahead’a ya’self… London’s really good, ya shouldn’t underestimate him… He could surprise ya!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Maybe you’ve forgotten who you’re talkin’ to Vince… I’m Bill Goldberg…I made a career outta’ beatin’ rookie punks like Paul London. I’ve heard all this crap before… People come up to me and say they’re the next big thing… They say they’re gonna’ make the big time… Some even call themselves the next “Bill Goldberg”. Haha… They come up to me…and they tell me they can beat me… Then, they get their reality check! I bring their ass back down to earth… Yeah and that reality is me… Goldberg… Yeah, they think they’re real smart challengin’ me… Oh no, big mistake! I end their careers before they get started… Paul London… He’s just like all the other punks before him… Another number on my list… Another punk who got their ass kicked by Da Man… Another victim of BILL GOLDBERG! They keep comin’ Vince… and I keep beatin’ them…

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: This ain’t Dubbya cee Dubbya Billie… This is Are Aye Dubbya… You ain’t nothin’ more special than nobody else!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: We’ll see about that Vince… Once I’m through with London and I’ve destroyed his career, I’ll be lookin’ for my next victim… and then, one after… and one after… and if anyone DARES to steps in my way, I’ll take them out… just like that! I’m not takin’ no crap from no-one… this time, I’m gonna’ make sure I prove I’m the best! As for Paul London, I’m gonna’ enjoy tearin’ his puny ass apart… haha.

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: Let’s see if chu can back dis up next Thursday, Bill…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Oh, don’t worry Vince… you can bet your ass I will. I guarantee it… haha. Anyway… I got business to take care of.

'Tha' Man In Charge' Vince Russo: Well, I’ll be seein’ ya around Billy Boy…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Ohh yeah, you’ll be seein’ me alright… haha.

Goldberg hangs up and puts his cell in his pocket… his eyes switch to behind him and we look up and see he is right outside the Hotel Armada… HE’S OUTSIDE HEYMAN’S HOTEL! Goldberg’s come for Paul Heyman… Goldberg crosses the street; a car comes to a halt… The guy screams at the window but Goldberg’s not gonna’ be put off by a speeding car… he steps through the hotel doors and walks to the desk.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You… over here…

Goldberg flicks his head like he wants attention, the man behind the desk walks over to him…

'Receptionist' Lawrence: How can I help, sir?

Goldberg grabs him by the throat and drags him over the desk… the legs of the man are swinging everywhere as he lands on his back. Goldberg picks him up and leans him over the desk… elbow pressed into his throat.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Where’s Heyman?!

'Receptionist' Lawrence: I… I… I…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Tell me or I’ll force the answer out of you…

'Receptionist' Lawrence: He’s… He’s… He’s in room 231!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: He better be or you can bet your ass is NEXT!

Goldberg drops the man down and then, he backs off… Goldberg slides into the lift.

'Receptionist' Lawrence: SECURITY!

The lift doors shut and Goldberg heads up to room 231… Goldberg is talking to himself in the lift.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Heyman made a big mistake when he screwed me over… no-one fires Bill Goldberg… No-one makes me lose a match! No-one stands in my way and gets away with it! You don’t cross me and get away with it… Ohh, it’s not a case of “IF” with me… It’s a case of “WHEN”. Cos when I get my hands on you… You’re finished!

The door’s open and Goldberg stands there for a second… He then walks down the corridor and finds room 231… Goldberg pauses for a second, he grins for half a second…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Vacation’s over Paul!

Goldberg kicks the door down and bursts into the room but the room is completely empty… Goldberg throws the sheets off the bed, he pushes all the stuff off the dressing table… he storms into the bathroom, swings the door open… Heyman has gone, he’s taken a hike… probably been tipped off about Goldberg coming! Goldberg stops in the middle of the room and starts talking, just in case Heyman has found somewhere to hide in the room…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Heyman… I hope you’re listenin’ real carefully… When I find you… AND I WILL FIND YOU… I’m gonna’ make your damn life a living hell! You may have got away this time… You won’t be so damn lucky next time, I promise! I will destroy your ass and I don’t give a crap what the consequence is… You mess with me, you pick a fight with the wrong guy… I’m not a forgiving type… I won’t forget what you did Paul… It’ll be on my mind the whole time I’m kickin’ your ass! I will get my revenge Heyman… Oh yeah! You’re next… and trust me, that’s not a good thing… not a good thing at all.

Goldberg keeps talking… he’s not leaving. If Heyman is in the room, he’s gonna keep the fear hight.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Paul… You fear me, don’tcha? Is that why ya did it? Is that’s why you took me out, ehh?! That’s why you screwed Bill Goldberg, huh? You couldn’t stop me… so you screwed me over. YOU’RE PATHETIC! You couldn’t stop me… so you fired me… Yeah, nice move, ehh? Now, I’m back… and all hell’s gonna’ break loose! You see, I’m not going nowhere! And I ain’t gonna’ be stopped by some half-assed punk like you Heyman… I’m gonna’ take you out and then, I’m gonna’ take over your own federation. One by one, I will take them out… Paul London… Brock Lesnar… Eddie… Guerrero… They’re all gonna’ be my victims… And It’s just a matter of time, haha… But you Paul… When you show your ugly face, I’m gonna’ destroy your ass… You will never mess with me again! You will live in fear of not just the man… but the name… GOLDBERG! YEAH! I’m comin’ to get’cha Paul… I’m coming for you… Your federation… And your precious World Title… Yeah… read my lips Heyman… PAYBACK’S A BITCH! Haha… You’re gonna’ be my bitch Heyman… yeah, MY BITCH!

Goldberg backs towards the hotel room door… Goldberg is leaving the building and he gave Heyman a message whether he heard it or not… Goldberg wants Paul Heyman… He’s gonna’ take out Paul London, then anyone else who steps in his way… He wants to ruin Paul Heyman… destroy his body… take over his federation and hold Heyman’s beloved RIW World Championship… Goldberg is a man on a mission!

[ - Victims -] Paul London?