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Foreword: They thought he was gone forever. They believed he had disappeared for good. Everyone thought it was the end for Bill Goldberg. It’s not the end… it’s just the beginning! Thursday 8th April 2004… it will all begin again… They dared to underestimate da man. “They” made the biggest mistake of their lives… and long shall they regret it. He’s coming back… The return is imminent! And for 1 man, his destiny will come sooner rather than later… his fate lies in the hands of Bill Goldberg. Goldberg wants revenge… Goldberg wants blood… Goldberg wants Paul Heyman and he’s not going anywhere until he gets some. Heyman may be on the run from Brock Lesnar but it’s 1 thing running from a monster like Brock Lesnar… And another to run from Bill Goldberg. The most unstoppable force in wrestling history is coming… Bill Goldberg is coming to RIW… And there is only 1 man that Goldberg wants and that’s PAUL… HEYMAN!

Scene: A car speeds into shot and it screams to a halt, as the driver slams on the brakes… There’s a pause for a few seconds and then the car door calmly opens. A large leg is stuck out of the car and then, the man from the car rises to his feet… The man must be over 6-foot tall and he’s built like a “brick shit house”. From behind, we can see the bald head of the man, attached to the broad shoulders covered by a leather jacket… He turns round and my god, it’s Bill Goldberg! Goldberg flinches… his face is not just serious, it’s vengeful and scorned… Goldberg slams his car door shut and doesn’t even bother locking the car… would anyone in their right mind consider stealing a car from Bill Goldberg? Goldberg heads towards the building he has come to, he pushes the door open with force… and heads up the stairs…

[ Security Guard 'Dave' ] Excuse me… this is authorised access only… You can’t go up there.

Scene: Goldberg turns around on the steps… he turns very slowly and looks the security guard.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You wanna’ say that again?!

[ Security Guard 'Dave' ] Err… you’re not supposed to go up there… You need permission.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I have permission… You see, there’s only 1 set of rules I run by…. MY RULES! And I do what the hell I want… when I want to do it… and anyone who wants to stand in my way, I’LL TAKE THEM OUT! SO… You gonna’ stop me and make my day… or are ya gonna’ be just another pussy, huh?!

[ Security Guard 'Dave' ] I can’t let you go up there…

Scene: Goldberg laughs to himself and smirks and then, walks down the steps.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Big mistake pal!

Scene: Goldberg grabs the security guard by the throat, the security guard tries to wriggle free… Goldberg grins, raises his eyebrows and then, he raises the security guard above his head… He can’t drop him from there… Goldberg walks over to a glass table and then, he drops the guard from above his head onto his right shoulder and GORILLA SLAM… MILITARY PRESS INTO GORILLA SLAM THROUGH THE TABLE… Bare witness to the awesome power of Bill Goldberg! Goldberg wipes some sweat from his forehead and then, he grins and laughs… Goldberg just enjoyed destroying the innocent security guard… he was just doing his damn job and Goldberg didn’t give a damn about it… He’s a man possessed.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Hahaha…

Scene: Goldberg turns and walks up the steps, leaving the carnage behind him… he turns right into a corridor… A middle-aged woman… probably a secretary… is walking down the other side of the corridor carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You don’t happen to know where Clive Steele’s office is, do ya?!

[ Shirley 'Secretary' ] It’s the big glass room at the end of this corridor… are you supposed to be here?

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Haha…

[ Shirley 'Secretary' ] This is authorised access only… I will have to ask you to leave.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] That’s not gonna’ happen, is it?

[ Shirley 'Secretary' ] Fine… if you want to be that way… I will have to get security to escort you from the building.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Yeah, you go get security, lady… haha!

Scene: Goldberg laughs and cockily takes a biscuit from the tray and eats it… The woman is horrified; she puts the tray down and goes off to get the destroyed security. Goldberg walks the rest of the way down the corridor and he comes to the big glass room… He pauses for a second and strokes his chin, he hears a voice coming from the room. Goldberg grins, he knows the man he’s looking for is inside… Goldberg shoves the door and walks inside.

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] The deal is off, I’m not going to change my mind… Hold on! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?! YOU CAN’T JUST WALK IN HERE LIKE THAT! GET OUT… I’M IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN…

Scene: Goldberg tears the phone away from the man and grabs the small, fat podgy guy from his seat by the throat… he tosses him against the wall and pins him against it.

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] W..WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You know what I want, don’tcha?

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] I don’t even know who the hell you are!!!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Funny guy, huh? Real funny!

Scene: The PA looks scared… Goldberg thinks for a second.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You are kiddin’ me, right? You better not be messin’ with me? I’m in no mood for no crap!

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] I’m not lying… I don’t have a clue who you are man!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I’m Bill Goldberg… remember?! Does the name ring a bell?

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] Oh, you’re the guy who called asking where Paul Heyman is?

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Oh yeah! That’s right… SO… where is he, ehh?!

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] I don’t know!

Scene: Goldberg laughs to himself… He tightens his grip round the throat of the PA until he squeals and wriggles in pain a bit more.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Wrong answer! Try again…

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] He never told me where he went… I promise…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You’re not that smart, are ya?!

Scene: Goldberg grabs the PA by his tie… he pushes all the things off his desk and throws the PA guy into the side of the desk, he grabs him by the tie and holds him up against the desk from behind by the tie, choking the man out so he can barely breathe.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I ain’t goin’ nowhere without an answer… You either tell me and I put an end to this… Or I can make your life a livin’ hell for the rest of the day… Either is good for me!

Scene: Goldberg tightens the tie again, just to force an answer…

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] OK… OK…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Seeing sense, ehh?!

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] If I tell you where he is, I will have no job left… my career will be ruined!!!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Yeah… and if you don’t tell me where he is, you can consider your LIFE OVER! Oh yeah!!!

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] I can’t believe I’m doing this… He’s staying in the Hotel Armada in Kingston, Jamaica.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Haha… Funny how I always get want I want, ehh?! Thanks for your time…

Scene: Goldberg turns and is about to leave… his business is finished.

[ Clive Steele 'Heyman's PA' ] You’re going to leave… just like that… not even going to help me up!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I’m sorry…

Scene: Goldberg goes back over to the PA and helps him to his feet… The PA brushes himself off and adjusts his tie. Goldberg turns away and begins to grin, the PA walks over to his door to shut it and GOLDBERG TURNS BACK… SPEAR! SPEAR! GOLDBERG JUST SNAPPED AGAIN! GOLDBERG IS A CRAZED ANIMAL… WHAT IS GOING ON IN HIS HEAD?! Goldberg gets back up, he looks over his victim… he doesn’t smirk, he just adjusts his leather jacket casually…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Yeah… I’m really sorry! Haha…

Scene: Goldberg turns away again and turns back 1 more time… The PA man is trying to get up to his feet with the help of his desk…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] 1 more thing… You can give Heyman a personal message… *flicks eyebrows* Tell him that he’s got a message from Bill Goldberg… Yeah, and that’s YOU’RE NEXT! Haha… Oh yeah… Heyman’s next!

Scene: Goldberg laughs to himself before casually walking away down the corridor as the scene fades to static… Goldberg is coming back to RIW for Paul Heyman, he just speared the hell out of his PA and he’s off to find Heyman who’s on vacation… Goldberg is a crazed animal… He got screwed out of RIW by Heyman… His career looked like it was over and now, he’s back… he’s back for blood… He wants Paul Heyman… He’s out to take out anyone that stands in his way and he could snap at any point!