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Foreword: Goldberg is coming back… it is official! Goldberg signed an RIW contract and is THE RETURN is imminent. His first scheduled match is against John Cena, Billy Kidman and Matt Hardy. Goldberg won 173 straight matches in WCW and now, he’s looking to recreate the same glory… the same dominance in RIW. Can Goldberg repeat the streak? At stake for victory is a place in the World Title Battle Royals going on later that night… If Goldberg can prove he is still the best in the business, there is absolutely nothing stopping him from achieving RIW World Title gold. Goldberg will not consider defeat… Goldberg will not consider failure… Goldberg will only 1 consider one thing… total and utter destruction. So that’s gotta mean that someone is NEXT!

Scene: The scene opens in what looks to be a hospital ward… Sitting on the edge of the bed in the face of familiar face… Bill Goldberg! Bill’s wearing a cocky, smug grin on his face… as well as a T-shirt with a ‘You’re Next’ Goldberg logo and a pair of jogging bottoms. The camera zooms in to Goldberg’s face… we’re just 1 day away from Goldberg’s RIW debut against Billy Kidman, John Cena and Matt Hardy… Da Man looks ready… let’s hear what he has to say.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I guess you’re thinkin’ I’ve come here for a check-up, ehh? Oh no, you’re wrong! Unfortunately for my opponents, I’m in great condition… Take a look for yourself… Yeah, take a good.. long.. hard look. This is your fate… You’re lookin’ at Bill Goldberg… You’re lookin’ at the man that’s gonna tear your body into little pieces. I’m gonna’ rip… and tear… and destroy your sorry asses… and yeah, I’ll enjoy it! Oh yeah! I will enjoy it!

Scene: Goldberg laughs a disgustingly hideous laugh… he looks into the camera again and begins to speak clearly and confidently.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You’re lookin’ at the man that has beaten every man that has ever been put in front of me… no-one has ever been able to stop Bill Goldberg! 173 times people came and took a shot at me… 173 times they came and took on Bill Goldberg… and 173 times I jackhammered their puny asses to the mat and pinned them, 1… 2… 3! Oh yeah, the very best Dubbya Cee Dubbya had to offer, came to get a piece of me… They couldn’t beat me… They couldn’t stop me… The streak just kept going and going and going… I was unstoppable…

Scene: Goldberg laughs.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Cena, you keep sayin’ that I can’t see you… I can see you John! I can see you real clear… and I hope you can see me too. I hope you’ve taken a look in my eyes… look deep into them Cena, do you see yourself? Do ya?! You should do… Cos YOU’RE NEXT! You’re next Cena! Haha… and trust me, when I say ‘you’re next’, I mean it! You ARE next… there ain’t no damn way around it. You step into the ring with me… You step into the ring with Goldberg… You can kiss your damn ass goodbye!

Scene: Goldberg waves to the camera, as if he is waving Cena’s ass goodbye… Goldberg has said that Cena’s next.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Kidman, there ain’t no way some midget is gonna’ beat Bill Goldberg! It ain’t gonna happen! I’ve beaten bigger and better people than you… and I didn’t even break sweat. I know you’re sweating now Kidman, I can see the fear running through your body Billy… Yeah, you fear Bill Goldberg! Fear me Kidman! Fear me! You’ve seen what I did in the past… You’ve seen how I took out the very best Dubbya Cee Dubbya has to offer… Yeah, I bet you’ve been watching my clips real hard… looking for a weakness… looking for a flaw with Bill Goldberg! Sorry to disappoint Kidman… there is no flaw! There’s no way you can beat me… and I will take you out! I respect your bravery Kidman… You do have some balls! You’re just stupid! Not just stupid to think you can beat me… Cos that ain’t gonna happen! You’re just plain old stupid to even get in a ring with me! You may be small… you may have some balls… You may even be the first to get taken out by Bill Goldberg… Yeah, YOU’RE FIRST! But you’re just the same as all the other punks that want a piece of Goldberg… YOU’RE STILL MY BITCH KIDMAN! MY… BITCH!

Scene: Goldberg grins, he looks down and he takes a couple of seconds, he looks up and the grin has been wiped from his face… his eyes pierce the screen in a demonic fashion. His stare is almost burning a hole through the camera. Goldberg twitches, just to show there’s life… and then, he speaks again.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Matt Hardy… I’ve met a lot of deluded punks in my time… I’ve met a lot of people who think they’re so damn good… and then, there’s people like you Matt! People with their head stuck too far up their own ass. It’s time for your reality check Matt… Time for your wake-up call! Time for you to find out how good you really are… We’ll see what you’re made of when you try and beat Bill Goldberg… You know what I think, huh? I think you’re all mouth! I don’t believe a damn word of this mattitude crap…

Scene: Goldberg rubs his chin… Goldberg thinks about what he’s going to say next and then, he says it.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Your Matt facts are real pathetic… but I got a fact for ya Matt. 173 matches… you know what it took to end the streak? I had to get shot by a damn tazer gun… a tazer gun! You think you can beat me with your bare hands, huh? You think you can end the streak?! The streak is starting again… it’s just beginning! You’re about to join the list Matt… You're just gonna be another number on my list!

Scene: Goldberg stands up, Goldberg walks towards the camera, he pulls it away from the cameraman and he holds it up to his face… Goldberg’s face is put right in front of the camera!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I wanna make sure you can hear me loud and clear… This is your last warning! I’m coming… Yeah, it’s just 24 hours until I take someone out again! 24 hours until Bill Goldberg returns to the ring! 24 hours to make a choice… If you’re feelin’ smart, you can take the high road outta' here… That’s a real smart move! I don’t think you boys are smart… I reckon you’re all gonna turn up. I’m HOPIN’ you’re all turn up… You better turn up! You see, you’re my warm-ups… You’re just some meat put in front of me to get me started… You’re nothing! I will make you feel worthless… I will make you regret the day you were born… You will regret the day you came face-to-face with Goldberg… You will regret it!

Scene: Goldberg pushes the camera back but he stands right in front of it. Goldberg’s face is as stern and serious as ever.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Our little Fourway dance… it’s gonna’ be real fun! Well, fun for me anyway! I will enjoy takin’ you out… and ask yourself that question one last time… I dare ya! Ask it! Is Goldberg as good as he used to be?! You know what, I could do what all the other punks do and tell you I’m the best in the business… I ain’t gonna do that! I’m gonna turn up tomorrow… and I’m gonna’ prove exactly how good I am. Yeah… no-one will beat Bill Goldberg… NO-ONE! So believe the hype… BELIEVE IT! Cos tomorrow night… Hardy, Cena, Kidman… You’re gonna be my next victims… The next punks to fall victim to the streak… MY streak! And these 3 beds here… they’re yours… Oh yeah, your careers… you can consider them OVER! Cos when you face me… I will end you! YOU’RE ALL FINISHED! Haha..

Scene: Goldberg laughs again…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You better turn up boys… You better be there! I’m countin’ on it! I’m beggin’ ya… please turn up… haha! Cos I’ll be there… I’ll be there to beat your asses into the ground… Oh yeah, you can count on that… Goldberg’s coming to RIW tomorrow… Yeah, that’s right… Tomorrow… Cena... Kidman... Matt Hardy... Oh,IT’S ON! YERRRRRRRRR!

Scene: Goldberg let’s out a huge victory roar, as the scene fades to static… Goldberg has sent his statement to Cena, Matt Hardy and Billy Kidman… Goldberg is returning to action and he’s promising big things… Will Goldberg be as good as before? Will the streak start again? Can Goldberg be the most dominant force in wrestling all over again? Tune into Exile to see what Goldberg does when he RETURNS!