[- Role-Play Number -] #1
[- Role-Play Title -] ' You ain’t the toughest s.o.b around any more. I am! '
[- Next Opponent/s -] Chris Jericho, Steve Austin [King Of The Ring]
[- Record -] 05-00-00 
[- Achievements -]
RPer Of The week (1x), Winner of 'The One' Tournament















173 straight victories in WCW.. Goldberg was the man! No man could touch Bill Goldberg.. Opponents came, failed and packed their bags and went home. They gave it their all but they were no match for Da Man… Da Powerhouse! Goldberg was simply unstoppable.. Goldberg was the most dominant man in wrestling history and WCW fell to its knees in awe at his sheer power and strength like no man before him. WCW came to an end.. and Goldberg disappeared into exile. After a short and undefeated run in a few smaller federations, Goldberg signed a contract with the company he had opposed for so long. The WWF! Goldberg had helped Eric Bischoff’s Nitro to defeat Vince McMahon’s RAW for 87 consecutive weeks. Now, the man that could once have put an end to the WWF, has joined their ranks. But Goldberg, he doesn’t care about who he works for.. Goldberg is out for 1 thing, to prove he is the absolute best wrestler in the business. Goldberg is coming to the WWF… To singlehandly maim and then, take out every single wrestler on the WWF roster. To win the King Of The Ring Tournament. And to become the next WWF Champion! The fans just cannot wait to see Bill Goldberg in action. Can anyone stop him? Can anyone survive his path of destruction? Can anyone prevent Goldberg from being the King Of The Ring?

The scene opens inside a small bar just out of town.. It isn’t a big place but it’s nicely looked after. Oak tables, oak bar.. Everything is well polish. The glasses are clean and the atmosphere is quiet. Only a few people are in bar but then, it is the middle of the day and most people are at work. The relaxing suburban air is cut by the sound of a screeching car.. A really tall, muscular man gets out of a very smart, fast brown Chevrolet. The man is wearing a woollen hat.. he turns and my god, it’s Bill Goldberg! Bill walks into the bar and orders a drink.

'Barman' Mike: Wut can I get’cha, sir?

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I’m lookin’ for a couple’a chicks.. you seen any hanging round?

'Barman' Mike: The nearest place like that is a couple’a miles away.. I heard Sherry is pretty hot, ya know.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: No, no.. listen. You didn’t understand me, did ya? A couple of women.. I’m supposed to meet them here.

'Barman' Mike: Oh.. of course. Sorry.. I think a couple of girls came in about a half hour ago. Think thurr over there!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Thanks.

'Barman' Mike: Wait.. ain’t ya gonna’ order no drink?

Goldberg turns back on his heel, his face a bit more serious at the pushy attitude of the barman. The barman backs off a little bit seeing that he riled this clearly huge man. The barman tries to cover his tracks..

'Barman' Mike: Uhh.. c’mon, have a Bud, man.. chill out.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I’ll tell ya if… and when.. I wanna chill out, ok? This ain’t none of your god damn business… IS IT?! IS IT, HUH?!

'Barman' Mike: I’m sorry man! Didn’t mean to piss ya off!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Yeah, you will be sorry! Real sorry! *Goldberg smirks and pauses, then, he continues* And anyway, beer.. that’s a “wifebeater’s” drink, ain’t it? Haha…

The barman looks a little puzzled by the comment but Goldberg knows exactly what he meant by it. Goldberg looks round at the camera crew following him, they walk behind him as he goes over the table. There are a couple of women, one is in her early thirties.. the other probably in her late forties early fifties.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Hey.

'Beaten Wife' Melinda: Ooh… You must be Bill.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: *Goldberg nods* Yeah. That’s me.

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: And you’re late… We’ve been here forever and we’re doing you a favour coming here.

Goldberg is a bit angered by her attitude but she’s a woman, so Goldberg doesn’t react. He just takes a seat down by them, takes a breath to control that bit of rage flowing through him.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I guess ya don’t know why I called ya here, do ya?

'Beaten Wife' Melinda: Well, no. We were just told that some guy called Bill, that being you, wanted to talk to us about our marriages.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Yeah, that’s right… That’s exactly what I wanted to talk to ya about.

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: Well, shoot… I haven’t got all day!

Goldberg gives the woman a piercing stare… She really does have a terrible attitude but Bill doesn’t make any reaction to her. He just does as she says.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Now, let’s get somethin’ straight here… I had it on good authority, that your husbands…

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: Ex-husband!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: And ex-husbands… used to beat ya’ around. That correct?

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: Yeah, the sonuvabitch… He beat me around for 14 years. Jack was lovely for 10 years, bit of a temper but never laid a finger on me. Then, we got hitched and he smacked me around. I loved him… but I couldn’t take no more, so I divorced the bastard. Best move I ever made.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Yeah, sounds like it. How would you describe someone like that? A man that beats his own wife around?

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: He’s worthless… just truly pathetic!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Yeah… pathetic… that sounds about right. Hahaha…

'Beaten Wife' Melinda: It’s not funny! I love my Dick… He’s a great guy! He just doesn’t know what he’s doing sometimes… He always apologises but sometimes, he flips and he hits me! We’ve tried to sort it out…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: So… you’re still with this punk then, ehh?

'Beaten Wife' Melinda: I could never leave him. Even though he does it, I still love him…

Melinda begins to cry, what a pathetic sorry woman. Goldberg puts his hands on her shoulder to comfort her whilst she sobs.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: That’s pretty stupid, huh? There are thousands’a better guys out there… Wifebeaters, they’re just the lowest form of scum!

' Beaten Divorcee' Shirley: Damn right! My boyfriend, he treats me just right… wouldn’t even dream of hitting me. And if he did, he’d be out the door so damn quick, trust me!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I know a guy… He thinks he’s a “real” man. He calls himself *mocking Austin by shaking his head from side to side as he says it* the “toughest s.o.b” around. He ain’t a real man… He smacks his wife around. He drinks beer. He’s wrong in the head… Got a real screw loose. He really is ‘pathetic’. And someone’s gonna do somethin’ about it… Thanks for your time ladies.

Goldberg walks off to the other side of the bar, he takes a seat on his own and the camera crew gathers round.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Austin, take a long, hard look in the mirror… You’re pathetic. Does it make ya feel good? Does it make ya feel real tough? Toughest s.o.b… don’t make me laugh. Any punk can knock around a woman… It’s about time you got a taste of your OWN medicine!

Goldberg leans closer to the camera.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Why don’t ya pick a fight on someone your own size? Your own sex? Why don’t ya just pick a fight with me? I dare ya! Go on… I dare ya! You see, this Sunday night… the only person that’s gonna get knocked around… is YOU! You know how the old phrase goes, ehh Steve? What goes around… comes around. Oh yeah and boy, is it gonna come round on Saturday night. You’re gonna get what’s coming to ya’… and hell, maybe a whole lot more!

Goldberg looks down and shakes his head, clearly thinking about what kind of a person Austin is. He looks back up…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I hate people like you, Austin. You make me sick! This Saturday night, you’re gonna get everythin’ that’s comin’ to ya’… I’m gonna smash you. I’m gonna spear you. I’m gonna destroy your puny little ass! I’m gonna slap you around like the bitch that you are. And it ain’t nothin’ more than you deserve! Yeah, Austin… this is payback. For all the times you beat your wife around. And guess what? PAYBACK’S A BITCH! Well, you will MY BITCH anyway! Hahaha…

Goldberg laughs.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: It ain’t a coincidence that we got a match, is it Austin? You see… things happen for a reason. This match was meant to happen… It’s your destiny. You see, you ain’t the toughest s.o.b around any more. I am! You didn’t win 173 straight matches… You’ve never had a streak close to mine! You see Austin, you’re tough… you’re strong… but you’re not… BILL... GOLDBERG! You’re not in my league! You’ve kicked a lot of asses, you’ve taken a lot of names… but you’re not invincible. You’re not indestructible. But unfortunately for you Stevie boy, I am! You ain’t got a hope in hell’s chance against me… Your fate… It’s inevitable. YOU'RE GOING DOWN… It’s that simple!

Goldberg stops and then, speaks again. He rubs his chin for a second as he thinks of what to say next.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Stone Cold Steve Austin… The man that fears nothing! The only reason you don’t fear me, Steve… is because you’re too damn stupid to realise what awaits you. You didn’t pay attention to the tapes, did ya? You didn’t listen to what people have said about me. Huh? It ain’t just hype, Steve. It’s… all…true. Every single word of it. I am your WORST NIGHTMARE! And you… You are my next VICTIM! And there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it…

Goldberg snaps his fingers and snarls, just like he is ready for action.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I hope you like pain, Steve… Cos there’s a hell of a lot of it coming your way! The match… it ain’t gonna last long. It’s gonna be short… sweet… and for you, DAMN PAINFUL! Haha…

Goldberg laughs and then, he composes himself and continues.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Your career… it’s gonna end this Saturday night! Forget about victory… worry about 1 thing. SURVIVAL! Cos if I have my way, you ain’t gonna’ be walkin’ out of that ring. I’m gonna’ tear you apart… I’m gonna’ FINISH YOU! Consider your career… OVER!

Goldberg stands up and begins to walk away, he stops at the door and turns round… he looks into the camera and begins to speak again.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: One more thing, Austin… I forgot to tell ya’.

Goldberg walks towards the camera… He gets really close, right in front of it so you can see his facial contortions up close.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: YOU’RE NEXT!

Goldberg flicks his eyebrows… and then, he backs off grinning. Goldberg turns and walks out of the bar as the scene fades to static. Goldberg has given a stern warning to Stone Cold Steve Austin… He’s told him that he’s next and by god, you don’t bet against it. Goldberg is undefeated in so many matches and making his debut in WWF, he may just add another name to the list. Is Austin next? Goldberg says so… can he back his words up? Tune into King Of The Ring to find out.

[ - Victims -] Paul London, Mike Sanders, Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin (x2), Steve Austin, Taz