[- Role-Play Number -] #1
[- Role-Play Title -] ' To be decided '
[- Next Opponent/s -] Shelton Benjamin, Steve Steve Austin [ 'The One' Tournament Final ]
[- Record -] 03-00-00 
[- RIW Achievements -]
RPer Of The week (1x)


Bill Goldberg fulfilled his promise and overcame his biggest challenge in Raw Impact Wrestling so far. In a 2 on 1 Handicap Match against Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair, Bill Goldberg was able to survive the number’s game and even a tazer shot by Shelton Benjamin, to hit 2 jackhammers on Ric Flair and pick up the pinfall victory. This week, Goldberg aims to make his big impact in Raw Impact Wrestling in the final of ‘The One’ Tournament. Goldberg, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Shelton Benjamin will be locked into a Triple Threat battle for the right to be ‘The One’. Goldberg has won his first 3 matches, now Goldberg wants to make it 4 and prove he has arrived in RIW. Other big news for Goldberg, Paul Heyman will return at Vendetta… No doubt about it, Goldberg wants a piece of Paul Heyman and he wants it now! Can Goldberg prove that he is not just DA MAN… But he is THE ONE too?! Can Goldberg make Vendetta the most successful night of his career so far?! And who will be next? Shelton Benjamin? Ric Flair? OR PAUL HEYMAN?! You better watch ‘Vendetta’ to see what happens!

The scene opens and Goldberg is sitting in his office. All we can see is the back of his bald-head and the TV screen in front of him. Goldberg is watching a tape… It’s a tape from last week’s Defiance. On defiance, Goldberg defeated Ric Flair and Shelton Benjamin in a Handicap Match and survived a tazer shot. Da Man pauses the tape and turns round on his chair to face the camera.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Haha… Did you enjoy Defiance, Shelton? Quite an experience, ehh? Yeah… you’re not gonna’ forget that for a long time. And neither will I! Wanna see it one more time?

Goldberg begins to roll the tape, Flair walks into the first jackhammer… Goldberg grins as he sees it, watching Flair’s body dropped to the mat with such great velocity. Goldberg pauses the video and begins to speak to the camera.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Quite a bang your pal suffered there, Benjamin? Did he get a concussion?! Haha… Oh yeah, he did. I heard the ambulance come Shelton… Yeah, I heard it comin’ all the way down the street… You don’t know how self-satisfied I felt. It felt real good to see Flair carried away… You know what makes me feel even happier now, Shelton? It’s knowin’ you’re goin’ to the same damn place!!! Haha…

Goldberg laughs to himself, he then begins rolling the video again… Shelton comes out from underneath the ring. We can see him holding the tazer in his hand and bang, he shoots Bill Goldberg in the ankle. Goldberg jumps around for a while…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You thought you had me, ehh? You believed I was down and out… Assumed you’d beaten Bill Goldberg! ASSUME NOTHING SHELTON! I told you before the damn match… There a damn thing gonna’ stop me this time! Not Ric Flair… Not you, Shelton… AND NOT EVEN A DAMN TAZER! 2 grown men… and a damn gun… and yeah, I still won the match! Everything I said… I backed it up… and I proved there IS NOTHING that’s gonna’ stand in way!

Goldberg picks up a magazine and it has a picture of a wheelchair on it… Goldberg has a grin on his face, what’s he doing with the magazine?

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You made a big mistake countin’ on a cripple, Benjamin. Flair… he’s just a washed-up has-been… I finished his damn career. I sent him to the hospital… and Benjamin, you’re headin’ the same way. My career’s goin’ up Benjamin… but yours, it’s hangin’ on a knife-edge… Your fate lies in my hands… You’re just a little toy for my amusement… and I enjoy messin’ with ya’. Yeah, it gives me real pleasure… haha.

Goldberg drops the magazine and he switches the TV back on, we see Goldberg hobbling around the ring… and then, he somehow manages to throw Shelton out of it. Goldberg pauses before the second jackhammer to Ric Flair and begins to speak again…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I could’a finished ya’ there and then, Shelton… But you know me, I like to keep things a little longer… I want to drag your pain out. Last week, you had just a small taste of what awaits you at Vendetta… a little sample of what to expect come Thursday! Yeah, it was just a damn preview TO THE REAL SHOW! You should be real scared… REAL SCARED! Cos what I did last week… That’s NOTHING compared to what I’m gonna’ do to you come Vendetta. Make sure you’re at your best Benjamin… cos that way… YOU’LL LAST A LIL’ LONGER! Haha…

Goldberg pauses, he looks at the television and then, continues.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: There’s only 1 thing you gotta’ think about… it’s real simple for you pal. You gotta’ think about SURVIVAL… and how you’re gonna’ do it? Some might say it ain’t gonna’ be easy… Personally, I say it’s IMPOSSIBLE… Cos you’ve got it comin’! As for me Shelton, I got a whole lotta’ things on my mind… Number One… How long am I gonna’ make your punishment last?! Two… How far should I take your beatin’? And three… How’s it all gonna’ end?! I can guarantee one thing Benjamin… YOU AIN’T GONNA’ BE WALKIN’ OUTTA’ VENDETTA!

Goldberg plays the final part of the tape, as Benjamin sails over the rope, Goldberg grabs Flair and gives him a second jackhammer. This time it’s gotta’ be over, 1… 2… 3! Goldberg has overcome the number’s game and a tazer shot to beat Benjamin and Flair in a Handicap Match. Goldberg is seen celebrating on screen, as the tape comes to an end. Goldberg turns to the camera, as the screen goes black.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: That’s how it’s all gonna’ end Benjamin… one jackhammer and IT’S OVER BENJAMIN! Flair couldn’t survive… YOU WON’T SURVIVE! You know why you won’t survive… IT’S COS YOU’RE NEXT BENJAMIN… YOU’RE… NEXT!

Goldberg signals for the end and then, he continues.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Unlike last week, I ain’t gonna’ save you… I’m gonna’ FINISH YOU! I’m gonna’ rip… and tear ya’… into little pieces! Haha… I’m gonna’ SMASH you AND AUSTIN all around the ring… I’m gonna’ destroy both your asses!

Goldberg laughs and rubs his chin, his eyes then begin to widen as he turns back to the screen… his voice gets a little more serious and louder.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: It ends this Thursday Night, Benjamin… I’m not just talkin’ about our rivalry… I’m talkin’ about YOUR HOPES… YOUR DREAMS… YOUR CAREER…And maybe, just maybe… YOUR LIFE may come to an end PREMATURELY! Haha… and who’s gonna’ bring it to an end, huh? ME! BILL… GOLDBERG!

Goldberg points to his T-shirt, it says Goldberg on the front of it, he has a grin written all over his face.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I am DA MAN… DA POWERHOUSE… and you, Shelton… As I proved last week… YOU’RE MY BITCH SHELTON… Your ass, it belongs to me! There ain’t nothin’ special about you… You’re just another number… Your number 4 Shelton! YOU’RE MY NEXT VICTIM! Ain’t that just great for ya, huh? Haha… Well, it WILL be for ME!

Goldberg switches the TV off, he begins to put jacket on… He’s off somewhere.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I think it’s about time you dealt with the truth, Benjamin… It’s about time you looked in the mirror… and took a good, long hard look at yourself. Then… you take a good… long… hard look… at Bill Goldberg… and ask yourself… What makes yourself different from the rest? Lemme’ answer that question for ya Shelton… NOTHING! You’re just another hotshot wannabe… another punk that’s too big for their boots… You’re another deluded fool, Benjamin! Yeah… you heard that right… A DAMN FOOL… You picked the wrong fight… the wrong opponent… THE WRONG TIME… Cos in just 5 days, everything you had… IT’S GONNA’ DISAPPEAR! Gone! I’m gonna’ end your career this Thursday Night… Vendetta… Consider yourself… FINISHED!

Goldberg begins reaching down into his bag, he’s trying to pull something it out… It’s black but we only get a tiny glimpse of it as he puts it on his lap.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Wanna see my new T-shirt Benjamin?! You can call it an “educational message”… Haha… Somethin’ you’re gonna’ learn real soon.

Goldberg holds up the new T-shirt, it says “BELIEVE THE HYPE”… Haha, what a smart new T-shirt by Goldberg… and yes, I’m sure Benjamin’s getting the message loud and clear.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Believe the hype Benjamin… BELIEVE… THE HYPE! Cos it’s about time you faced up to it… COS IT’S YOUR REALITY… Ohh yeah! Face facts Shelton… YOU’RE NOT IN MY LEAGUE… AND YOU NEVER WILL BE! Haha…

Bill Goldberg adjusts jacket and he heads out… but he has sent his message to Shelton Benjamin and he’s made his intentions for him loud and clear. Vendetta is going to be one hell of an encounter… Shelton Benjamin and Stone Cold Steve Austin… Is there any way that they can stop Bill Goldberg from becoming ‘The One’ at Vendetta?

[ - Victims -] Paul London, Mike Sanders, Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin