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Foreword: Goldberg is coming back… it is official! Goldberg signed an RIW contract and is THE RETURN is imminent. His first scheduled match is against John Cena, Billy Kidman and Matt Hardy. Goldberg won 177 straight matches in WCW and now, he’s looking to recreate the same glory… the same dominance in RIW. Can Goldberg repeat the streak? At stake for victory is a place in the World Title Battle Royals going on later that night… If Goldberg can prove he is still the best in the business, there is absolutely nothing stopping him from achieving RIW World Title gold. Goldberg will not consider defeat… Goldberg will not consider failure… Goldberg will only 1 consider one thing… total and utter destruction. So that’s gotta mean that someone is NEXT!

Scene: The scene opens at the foot of what used to be a huge building… it has just been demolished and it lies in just a huge pile of rubble… pulled down for a reason that is not obvious. The cameras pan out and Goldberg walks into shot, Goldberg walks straight towards the camera… he walks with the same purpose and serious look that he used to walk with back in WCW… is this a bad sign for the RIW superstars? Goldberg gets in front of the camera and begins to speak…

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] You see this building, it used to be somethin’ to be proud of… it used to be somethin’ with a lot of potential… it used to exist! Now… it’s destroyed… pulled down… broken apart… all because 1 man decided to pull it down. Does that sound familiar? It probably doesn’t, huh? But don’t worry… it will soon! Oh yeah!

Scene: Goldberg takes a look round, he has a long hard look at the destroyed building and begins to speak back to the camera.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] This building used to house 400 people… there used to be 14 floors… and now, it’s nothing! But you see, even when people used to think it was good… it never was… it was always nothing… and that’s just the way things are. People think they are better than what they actually are… and when they get someone who’s not just good… but UNSTOPPABLE… they get put in their place! PERIOD!

Scene: Goldberg strokes his chin, he is considering what he is saying with great thought, he turns back to the camera and speaks.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] This is what I’ve been doing ever since my career started… putting people in their place… AND DESTROYING ANY LITTLE PUNK THAT STANDS IN MY WAY! Why?! Because I’m Bill Goldberg… and because I can! I am the most dominant, destructive, unstoppable force in the business… and there’s nothin’ more I enjoy doing than tearin’ some sorry piece of crap apart!

Scene: Goldberg laughs.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] This building… it was a good building… but it wasn’t good enough. There’s a lot of real good superstars out there… Matt Hardy, John Cena, Billy Kidman… They’ve got talent! Real talent! But they need to ask themselves one question… and it ain’t whether you can compete with Bill Goldberg! Ohh no! We all know that damn answer! The question is… CAN YOU SURVIVE ME?!

Scene: Goldberg moves closer to the camera so his face gets real close to it… His eye looks deep down into it, just to really show how forceful he is. He takes a step back and picks up a brick… he holds it up to the camera and snaps it in two… YOU HAVE TO RESPECT THE SHEER POWER OF BILL GOLDBERG!

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] The answer is NO! Just like this building… I’m gonna’ end your careers! You people decided to stand in my way… you chose to stand up against Bill Goldberg... then, you must accept your consequence! And that consequence is that… YOU’RE NEXT! Yeah, sounds real good, don’t it? YOU’RE NEXT! Haha…

Scene: Goldberg begins to think about his opponents… Goldberg is obviously considering their merits for his up and coming match.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Billy Kidman… For a cruiserweight, you’ve got some balls! You must have seen me in action… you must have seen what I did to superstars twice your size back in WCW… you must have seen the trail of destruction I left behind! 177 to nothing, you remember that?! I remember that… and it’s gonna’ happen again! The streak started with Hugh Morrus… The streak is gonna’ restart with you Billy Kidman! You can’t stop Bill Goldberg! There ain’t a damn thing gonna’ stand in my way this time… You can give it your best shot Kidman but you’re gonna fall victim to the streak… just like all the others… Except Billy, you will be special… You will have a story to tell when you’re lying in that hospital bed… You will be able to say ‘I… was… first’. Haha… Yeah, YOU’RE FIRST!

Scene: Goldberg pulls out a piece of paper, he looks down at it and reads it… He puts it away and looks up at the camera again.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Matt Hardy… I don’t give a crap what version you are. This is Goldberg… Streak Number 2… and you’re NEXT! Cos when I’m done with Kidman… I’m gonna’ take your ass out for a walk… and it ain’t comin’ back! Just like I did to 177 other people… you will be another victim of Bill Goldberg’s! I’ve already booked your ass into the hospital, along with Kidman and Cena… Forget Mattitude, there’s only thing you have to worry about… and that’s ME! Cos when I’m done with you, you career will be OVER! You’re finished Matt… YOU’RE FINISHED!

Scene: Goldberg begins to laugh, he pulls out this ridiculous cap and put it on top of his head… it says ‘Red Sox’… This is obviously Bill Goldberg’s baseball team. Goldberg grins… as if to say, I’m mocking Cena and I’m enjoying it.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Cena, you make me laugh… You’re just one big joke, aren’t ya? People don’t take ya’ seriously John… I don’t take you seriously! You know what I think John, I think you rap for one reason… you’re scared to admit what you are! And you know what you are, huh? YOU’RE A PUSSY JOHN… A PUSSY THAT RUNS SCARED! RUN JOHN... RUN!

Scene: Goldberg takes off the cap, he chucks it away in disgust… Goldberg obviously doesn’t have a liking for the Red Sox after all… Or it was just something to use against cena. He looks into the camera.

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] I smell your fear Cena… I know you fear Bill Goldberg! I bet all you’re hearing is… Goldberg this, Goldberg that… Goldberg’s unstoppable… You’re damn right I’m unstoppable. You won’t stop me kicking your ass this coming Exile! Your ass belongs to me… This Monday, it won’t just be your last rap… IT WILL BE YOUR LAST MATCH! I am going to destroy you… I’m going to destroy each and every one of my opponents… One after each other, oh yeah!

Scene: Goldberg begins to walk away, he stops and he walks back to the camera… Goldberg looks at it again with great seriousness. Goldberg stares straights at the camera….

[ Bill Goldberg 'DA MAN' ] Believe what they say boys… Believe that I am as good as they say I am. I am that good… I am the most dominant wrestler there has ever been… Take a look in my eyes and see your fates… Do ya see them, huh? I see them! I see them real clear! I see a lot of asses getting’ kicked on Exile… Yeah, I like the sound of that! Take a good look at what you’ve got coming at you… Da Man… Da Powerhouse… This is your reality… This is your end! Yeah, BELIEVE THE HYPE… BELIEVE THE HYPE! Haha… YERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Scene: Goldberg let’s out a huge victory roar, as the scene fades to static… Goldberg has sent his statement to Cena, Matt Hardy and Billy Kidman… Goldberg is returning to action and he’s promising big things… Will Goldberg be as good as before? Will the streak start again? Can Goldberg be the most dominant force in wrestling all over again? Tune into Exile to see what Goldberg does when he RETURNS!