Is he coming? That’s the question on the lips of every RIW fan! Is Da Man about to return to the ring? Everyone wants to know the answer but only 1 man holds the answer to the question… and that’s Goldberg? Is Goldberg coming back to professional wrestling? Is Goldberg going to make his return in the World Wrestling All-stars? The rumours are already rife about Goldberg’s instantaneous return and they’re growing… but are they true? Everyone is talking about it… everyone is talking about the return of Bill Goldberg… the man that won 177 straight matches in WCW… Is he going to return? And if he does return, will he be as good as he was before? Can Goldberg be the unstoppable force once again? Will there be another streak in RIW? It all depends if Goldberg returns or not… and only Goldberg knows the answer! Will Da Powerhouse return to wrestling?


Word is getting round about Goldberg’s possible and yet imminent return but nobody knows if Goldberg is really coming… the scene opens in McDonalds. 2 young kids in caps are sitting munching away at a couple of big macs… but it’s not what they’re eating that’s important, it’s not where they are that’s it important… it’s what they’re talking about… it’s what everyone’s talking about!

Kid 1: He can’t possibly be coming back Mark… his career was over back in Dubbya Cee Dubbya. Goldberg won everything there was to be to won… he beat everyone there was to beat… what’s the point of coming back?! He won’t come back Mark…

Kid 2: I read it on Wrestling Observer… it said that Goldberg’s about to sign a multi-million dollar contract with Arr Eye Dubbya. He’s coming back…

Kid 1: I don’t believe you…

Kid 2: I’m just going by what everyone is saying… And I bet he’s still as good as he was back in Dubbya Cee Dubbya.

Kid 1: He was the best Mark! Trust me… if Goldberg comes back, he will be unstoppable!

The scene flicks out and changes to 2 people riding on a bus, these boys are slightly older… one is sitting in black clothes, the other has a RIW shirt on and jeans… once again, Goldberg is the ONLY topic of conversation!

Man 1: Do you remember the first win in Goldberg’s streak? Can you remember how he destroyed Hugh Morrus?

Man 2: Hell yeah… and that was just like 1 of 177! I can’t wait for him to return…

Man 1: If he returns… I mean, he could come back… he might not.

Man 2: Yeah but if he does come back, he’s gonna kick more ass then he did back in Dubbya Cee Dubbya.

Man 1: I’d put money on another streak…

Man 2: A streak to end all streaks…

The scene flashes off and fades to yet another scene, this time there’s some older guy on the phone… he seems to be listening in and talking quite seriously but there’s only 1 thing this conversation’s about… and that’s Bill Goldberg!

Guy On Phone: Yeah, I don’t believe this shit either! I went straight out and got front row tickets… I can’t wait to see that guy again, he was fuckin’ awesome.. he literally tore everyone apart!

The man on the phone pauses to hear what the man on the other end says…

Guy On Phone: Ohh you’re damn right he’ll do it all over again! He’s going to destroy the whole of Are Eye Dubbya… I can’t wait to see BILL GOLDBERG!

The scene flicks over and GOLDBERG IS SITTING IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN… MY GOD, IT’S BILL GOLDBERG… DA MAN… DA POWERHOUSE… Can this be true?! We haven’t seen Goldberg in years… and he’s here, he’s alive… he’s breathing and hell, he looks better than ever!!! Could this mean a return for Bill Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg: Ohh yeah… you didn’t expect to see me, did ya?! Haha… You didn’t think you’d ever see me again! You thought I was gone… finished… OVER! You thought wrong… it’s not over… IT’S JUST BEGINNING!

Goldberg rubs his chin, he has a smug grin on his face… he looks at the camera and he begins to get real confident in what he’s saying.

Bill Goldberg: SO! I bet you wanna’ know 1 question, don’t ya? You wanna know if Goldberg’s coming to Are Eye Dubbya?! You wanna know if ‘THE RETURN’ is imminent?! Haha…

Goldberg isn’t ready to reveal the answer… he seems to be enjoying the tension of delaying the inevitable answer.

Bill Goldberg: It’s the question on everyone’s lip… everyone wants to know about Bill Goldberg… Everyone wants to know if Goldberg’s coming!

The tension continues but Goldberg’s grin has slowly faded from his face… he’s beginning to get serious.

Bill Goldberg: You bet your ass I’m coming… Yeah, that’s right! I’M BACK! And wrestling as you know it is officially… OVER!

Goldberg grins.

Bill Goldberg: I’ve seen all these so-called superstars… Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Rob Van Dam, Triple H… I’m real impressed boys! Real impressed! You’ve all got a lot of talent… it’s just a damn shame your lives are coming to a premature… and very painful end! TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THIS… TAKE A GOOD… LONG… HARD LOOK… AT BILL GOLDBERG! Take a look deep into my eyes… DO YOU SEE IT?! DO YOU SEE YOUR FATE?! You should see it boys… I AM YOUR FATE… I’M COMING… AND YEAH, BELIEVE IT… YOU’RE ALL NEXT! Haha…

Goldberg laughs… Goldberg has said it! The whole of RIW is next… and that must be a promise. Goldberg shifts in his seat and begins to talk…

Bill Goldberg: I’ve been told that my first match is against Kidman, Matt Hardy and Cena… It sounds damn good to me. Bill Goldberg’s just warming up… I need some damn meat to get the streak started… and let me tell you somethin’ kids… that’s all you are but DAMN MEAT! You see… Bill Goldberg’s back for 1 thing… GOLD! Yeah, read my lips real good… there’s not a damn thing gonna’ stand in my way… 1 by 1… I’m taking each and every obstacle out… Kidman… Hardy… Cena… I don’t give a damn who else, the streak’s gonna’ run straight through you… STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WHOLE FEDERATION… There’s only 1 place Bill Goldberg’s going… and that’s to the top of this business again! ARE EYE DUBBYA… you’re soon gonna’ belong to Bill Goldberg… I’m gonna’ own each and every ass that steps into that ring!

Goldberg rubs his fist, he’s getting all anxious, tensed up and ready for action.

Bill Goldberg: It starts with three… it starts with Kidman, Hardy and Cena… Yeah, you can give me some pathetic half-assed cruiserweight… a washed-up Tag Team reject… and a rapping failure… but they’re just nothing but a number… And that’s number one… number two… and yeah, NUMBER THREE! You don’t believe it do ya?! You don’t believe the hype… then, let’s roll the video!

Goldberg spins round on his chair, he presses the remote… the camera zooms in on the screen… a vignette begins… BAM! SPEAR! 4 or 5 different people getting speared by Goldberg… We then see 5 or 6 similar jackhammers… 1… 2… 3! We see Goldberg posing with the Dubbya Cee Dubbya Title… The camera pans out and Goldberg is sitting there laughing!

Bill Goldberg: I hope you liked that… Haha. I hope you enjoyed watching what I did to those punks back in Dubbya Cee Dubbya! Well, if you think that was what I did there… Then, just wait and see what’s in store for you here… I’ve got some very special plans for you! That clip… that was nothing to what’s coming… Bill Goldberg’s coming… the most unstoppable and dominating force there’s ever been in this industry… I’m Da Man… I’m Da Powerhouse… I’m the best in the business! And unlike all those pussies that keep running their mouths about how great they are… Bill Goldberg always back what he says up… You heard the talk… You heard it, didn’t ya?! That’s not just hype… That’s the truth… BELIEVE THE HYPE! BELIEVE IT! Haha…

The scene pans out with Goldberg laughing and looking very smug about what’s gonna happen to Matt Hardy, John Cena and Billy Kidman… but what’s gonna’ happen? Will Goldberg be as good as he used to be? Will he be as good as he says he was? Just what will happen when Bill Goldberg returns to the ring?! One thing is promised… there’s gonna be a hell of a lot of people that are going to get their asses kicked. BELIEVE THAT!