Drew's Comment: " I don't need Corey, I can do it all ON MY OWN! "


Drew: Hello! Its Drew and since I've got some extra free time this week since Im not gunna be rping for Rebellion for reasons that will be discussed here tonight; Malone came to me and asked me to do a PWA Special Broadcast... Called "The Drew Interview with a Vampire...." Okay well he's not exactly a vampire but he's a damn "Bloody Toe Rag" He is the PWA Owner Malone...!

Malone: Good evening everyone... This special presentation is this week's replacement for Brutally Fuckin' Honest since Corey has disappeared off the place of the earth... maybe Sid sent him a virus... maybe he got kidnapped by Drew's gran... who knows, maybe even Corey doesn't know where he is but he's not around. So tonight, I'm here to be grilled about everything that's been going in PWA since we opened 5 weeks ago, especially the recent stuff and of course, Rebellion and what's to come, now HIT YOUR QUESTIONS...

Drew: What's a gran? Ya know forget it... Your lucky I don't understand Brit or else I might do somethin I might regret! On to the first question..

Question 1

Drew: Now I was shocked when I heard the PWA was back under different ownership and a different meaning... I was wondering Malone. Why? Why were you born? I'm joking! I think.. but the real question is What made you open this so far successful Federation?

Malone: Interestingly, it was not my idea but I'll take credit for it, haha! Shep came to me and said, do you wanna run a fed with me? I said... yeah, I'd love to... He said, how about the Pro Wrestling Alliance? And I thought... BLING BLING, I'm onto a winner here! Not only could I reinvent the past of PWA but also, I could bring with me my new e-fed friends and Shep could bring his... and that's exactly what Pro Wrestling alliance is. It's an up-to-date version of the old one. It has a fair share of the old talent and a lot of the best, new dedicated guys around. I'd been wanting to run an e-fed for a while and after the failure of PW for various reasons, PWA looked like a fantastic chance to hit the big time...

Question 2

Drew: Well I must say you can't argue with success. By the way What in the Blue HELL is a Shep? I mean I realize he's one of the Co-owners but has anyone ever spoken to him and how are we supposed to know he really exists huh?

Malone: Shep aka Tyson Taylor. He's PWA's Rob Van Dam! Obviously, he left for many reasons but I've never shut a fed cause my co-owner left... my co-owner quit in WWR so I ran it alone. In aWa, (the most successful fed I've had to date) I ran it basically alone after I became staff. Hadj was a lazy ass and Richy was a busy man so often duties feel just to me but I don't mind, I love being an owner and running an e-fed, I think it's what I do best in the e-fed world and most of the time, I enjoy it most...

Question 3

Drew: Hey... What are the chances of me becoming a Co-Owner Here too huh?! Sike! Don't get your panties in a bunch guy's cause Im not really interested... So Malone this week there was some drama over this next question but we will get into Later... But for The Rpers in the federation whom aren't sure how they should rp The Question is What exactly do you look for in rps?

Malone: I look for a lot of things in role-plays; I'm not the kind of person who'd pick a role player to win just because he plays a character better than his opponent. It's never that simple. You have to take into account creativity, effort and the amount of time the role-play took, how enjoyable the role-play was, if the character is funny, how funny was the role-play, did the role player maximizes the potential of their character, if the character is serious and dark, how did they create the feeling of him being dark and evil. You have to read a role-play from start to finish.. Obviously the words of the wrestler in question are most important but u also have to take into account style, scene, the way other characters are played and the quality of the role-play on the whole. I look for a heck of a lot of things and I am possibly the biggest role-play critic out but on the whole, I judge by what I see and the guy who does the best at all the things I look at will succeed, the 1 who doesn't will be the one that unfortunately has to lose. And that's in a nutshell (a really big nutshell) how I judge!

Question 4

Drew: Malone something tells me that you don't know a lot about having big nuts unless they are in your mouth but moving right along. How come you decided to name the first PPV Rebellion?

Malone: Basically, I thought the idea of having Regal, as commissioner would be perfect to have the first pay-per-view in England. When I was looking for logos for the PPV, I saw it and I thought. Wehay! Good idea Malone...

Question 5

Drew: Wehay? I guess that's British or something. Alright Now this week we had a bit of a conflict... Care to tell us in a normal sized nutshell what happened?

Malone: Basically, Pat and yourself thought that you deserved to win your match on Smackdown, which turned out as a draw. I was accused of doing it for storyline and protecting Cena and Jericho, which is not true! I judged by role-plays and role-plays alone. After explaining myself to yourself and Pat. You listened and understood what I was saying, whilst Pat verbally insulted me because his overrated ego couldn't take the fact that I didn't believe he deserved to win. In the end, Pat left PWA and after his scathing attack on me and the whole of the PWA, I banned him for life...

Question 6

Drew: Alright now that everyone is all filled in, I have Pat's final statements to the PWA which he is not able to post on the Boards SO you can read them in this weeks BFH as soon as I find a replacement Co-Host. But the real question Malone is... How the hell could you have liked Pat's rp over Mine?!?

Malone: I think I preferred his Spanky character a bit more and in some parts, it was a better read... it was minimal difference really, both were funny and character was good but still, that's what I thought. I'd class both you role-plays as solid role-plays, neither were spectacular but neither were in any way crap at all. There is a difference between you and Pat. As much of an idiot as you are, you are not a complete twat who absolutely loves himself and thinks he is something better than he actually he is. Pat needs to get a grip and I'm not afraid to say any different...

Drew: Well actually I do love myself and do think Im better than I actually am but that's another story. I wanted to keep my tag title shot... Which I decided that the only reason I joined as a Tag Wrestler was to tag with someone else instead of control the team by myself...

Question 7

Drew: So do you have anything really Special Planned for this Pay-Per-View?

Malone: I did have something special planned; Steve McBride was producing animations promos to go before some of my PPV matches. He made 1 but due to a comment by an unnamed member of PWA, I lost the animations I wanted. I've told this member how I annoyed I was and as great as I think he is, he should learn to keep his opinions to himself sometimes for the benefit of others... As for other thing, I can promise some great twists and turns and expect some controversy. I already have controversial endings to the main-event depending on who I decide wins... Expect the Pay-per-View results to be a real blockbuster, feuds will come to a head I promise and expect anything...

Question 8

Drew: Controversy and Wrestling go Hand in Hand. I can hardly wait... Now next month is by WWE standards The Royal Rumble What will PWA be doing for this occasion?

Malone: We are having a Royal Rumble and the winner will go to Wrestlemania! It will probably be very similar to the PWA Royal Rumble before but for 2 things, 1) No-one will have to post 5 role plays 2) Drew will not be winning it in any shape or form...oh and an added #3) Malone won't be screwed over in the title match...

Drew: Tch. There goes your chances of having me return for the Rumble which I WAS considering...

Closing Remarks

Drew: Malone any final words?

Malone: Final words? You mean, this is it? I'd barely started rambling... Yeah, I'd like to wish everyone luck at rebellion and encourage everyone to post 2 role-plays and make this event the best in the PWA so far. We will be going on a 9-10 day winter break after Rebellion but everyone MUST stick by the fed, and me you'll see how good an owner I can be this Sunday. As long as people keep role-playing, PWA will not just stay open, it will rise to the top of the e-fed world. As long as everyone shows me 100% loyalty, I will give them 110% back like I always do. Thank you for your time and please somebody... KILL DREW, I can't bare him much longer...

Drew: Malone you Bloody Brit this wasn't too bad a show

Malone: I told u I'm good, You never listen

Drew: Yeah Sooo what are the chances that This Column becomes a weekly thing? I mean Come on I think these people don't get enough "Drew" for their great amount of rping?

Malone: If you were to have this show, I think u should drop your co-role in BFH and let someone else play along with Corey! But yeah; you'd be welcome to break off and become his column rival. It'd piss him off and that'd be fun!

Drew: Nah sorry bro But BFH is where its at! I figured Id give the people what they want... More Drew! But I can see that's not gunna happen! So Ladies and Gents Who knows we maybe get to see another one of these specials sooner then you think! Beg Malone on the OOC board and give feedback! The more the better! Im Drew and a Special Thanks to my Guest Malone! I'll see you on B-F-H. Goodnight Everyone!

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