D-Von Vs Scott Hall
WINNER: To Be Decided

Chris Benoit Vs AJ Styles

Vs Shawn Michaels
Vs John Cena


Whoever Didn't Roleplay

Fear in me so deep it gets the best of me,
In the fear I fall, here it comes face to face with me,
Here I stand hold back so no one can see,
I feel these wounds, step down, step down,
step down.

(am I) Breaking Down
Can I break away
Push me away, make me fall,
Just to see, another side of me,
Push me away, you can see,
what I see, the other side of me.

Fall back on me, and I’ll be the strength I need,
to save me now, just come face to face with me,
stay in place you'll be the first to see, me heal these wounds,
step down, step down, step down, down

I’m not breaking, down
can I break away
push me away, make me fall,
just to see another side of me,
push me away you can see,
what I see, the other side of me


Fall, can I break away
push me away, make me fall,
just to see another side of me,
push me away you can see,
what I see, the other side of me

No one can see anything on the other side of me
I walk, I crawl, loosing everything and waiting for the downfall
No one can see everything on the other side of me
I walk, I crawl loosing everything on the downfall.
Downfall, Fall.

[ THE AWA LOGO APPEARS!! We then come to the arena, the crowd goes nuts, fans start cheering, fireworks blasts everywhere, the fans are holding signs!!! Last week, Triple H kept up his undefeated streak with a 6th victory in aWa over Booker T… but he had a stunner for his troubles. Triple revealed Kane to be the masked man last week but Kane was irate about this! Was Kane framed? Did Triple H do this all to put Kane into trouble? Does Triple H even know what’s going on? And will there be hell for him to pay when Kane gets his hands on him? Triple H has a lot on his mind… not only does he have the Big Red Machine after him… But Randy Orton is not going to back down from a match at Summerslam. Orton defeated Bolea inside a steel cage last week and Evolution seemed to be on top of the world… but finally, is there dissension in the ranks?

‘It’s Time To Play The Game’… Triple H’s music hits and it seems he’s coming out at the start of Downfall to answer his critics. He comes down to the ring in a white short, black trousers, a pair of black sunglasses and the aWa World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. He climbs in and cockily walks around the ring, before removing his shades. He looks around and gives his belt 1 stroke with his hand… before he slowly raises the microphone to his mouth.


Triple H: You people fail to grasp the concept of what it means to be a champion! Of what it means to be the aWa World Champion! Of what it means to be the ABSOLUTE best in this industry! Every night, I step into this ring and I beat every single person that’s been put in front of me! It doesn’t matter who they are… how big they are… whatever they like to call themselves… because at the end of the day, when you step into this ring… when you step into MY WORLD… YOU WILL BE BEATEN, just like the 1 before you and the 1 before that.

The crowd jeer wildly but Triple H just rubs his chin, seemingly thinking he’s so much better than everyone else and clearly revelling in the moment where he tells the world that he’s the best.

Triple H: Kane. I know you’re not here yet or I’d have invited you down here, so I could tell you this to your face… Kane. I don’t understand what’s going on behind that mask of yours… I don’t understand why you’ve done what you’ve done… But I do understand why you keep coming back for more. You see Kane, I know for a fact that you are jealous of me… not just because I hold something YOU WANT… not just because I beat you at Overload… but because I am Triple H… because I’m THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND I AM… THAT… DAMN…

The Evolution music hits and here come Ric Flair and Randy Orton… Triple H at first looks a little annoyed but the 2 guys come down with big smiles and Triple H rins back, they step in and they give a round of hugs to each other, before Flair takes the microphone from the Game.

Ric Flair: You know somethin’, champ? You are the best! I’ve seen many wrestlers in my time… I’ve wrestled many people but there’s no-one, absolutely no-one… that could ever compare to you. Even when I was in my prime, when I was a 16-time World Champion, WOOOO! I was never… and I MEAN NEVER… AS GOOD AS YOU! YOU’RE THE MAN TRIPS, YOU’RE THE MAN! WOOOO!

Triple H: I’m glad you came out here guys, I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while… Now, Randy, I don’t quite understand why you tore up that petition last week, so I guess we’re gonna have to have a match…

By god, Triple H has agreed to face Randy Orton at Summerslam! The crowd cheer and Randy nods along, Triple H stares at the younger member of Evolution with some deep thought, before raising his microphone up.

Triple H: Randy, I have a lot of respect for you… you’ve beaten legends like Hulk Hogan, giants like Nathan Jones and you also have a way with women, which makes even me and Ric proud. Haha! And Randy, I would have never brought you into Evolution, unless I thought you were up for the job and Randy, YOU ARE UP TO THE JOB!

Ric Flair begins applauding what Triple H has said… Orton goes to take the microphone but Triple H pulls it back.

Triple H: I’ve not finished yet! Now, Randy, I don’t see why you want to face me at Summerslam… I mean, you probably are my biggest competition around here right now. BUT! We are friends, we are teammates, we are PARTNERS!

Orton shakes his head at triple H, as if he’s backing down from the match.

Triple H: NO Randy, we will be having a match at Summerslam, don’t you worry about that? It’s just you have to understand… that right now… I am THE best in this business! I AM THE TOP DOG ROUND HERE AND I’M NOT GOING TO GIVE IT UP FOR ANYBODY… even you, Randy! But Randy, I don’t just beat people in this ring… I END CAREERS! I FINISH PEOPLE OFF BEFORE THEY GET STARTED! And Randy, you are the future of this business… I don’t want you to get hurt… I don’t want to beat you… infact, I don’t want to have to finish you, before you are ready to become… a World Champ like me and Ric before you!

Orton is angry at Triple H’s stark warning and he snatches the microphone from the champ and says loudly into it…

Randy Orton: Are you saying that I’m not ready to beat you, huh?

Orton and Triple H then go eyeball-to-eyeball… Flair goes crazy next to them, shaking his hands in the air, stamping on the floor and telling them to move away from each other. Randy looks angry but triple just stares coolly and cockily into orton’s eyes…

Triple H: Randy, Randy, Randy. I’m not saying you’re not ready… I wasn’t saying that at all… I’m just telling you that I’m STILL the best in this industry… I’m STILL the World Champ round here… and if I STILL have my way, like I ALWAYS do round here… THERE’S JUST NO WAY YOU WILL BEAT ME AT SUMMERSLAM!

OH MY GOD! Triple H has come to terms that he will be facing Randy Orton at Summerslam... but now, can they co-exist? Is Evolution at it final straw? Triple H said that he will hold nothing back against Orton and he won't go easy on him... and triple H also said that Orton isn't ready to beat him. Can Orton prove The Game wrong?


Vince McMahon is sitting in his office and he suddenly jumps to his feet as Funaki jumps in and starts making a lot of noise, screaming English sentences in some kind of mumbo jumbo.




Funaki: He’s here… he’s here… I can’t believe what I see, it’s… it’s… HIM!

Mr McMahon: What the HELL are you talking about?!

Funaki: MICK FOLEY… HE HERE… TONIGHT! He Here… In Downfall!

You can hear the sound of the crowd cheering, as Mr McMahon’s face turns to utter shock, followed by anger and he’s screws his face.

Mr McMahon: Thanks for telling me Funaki… That’s very interesting. Very interesting indeed. NOW, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY OFFICE, BEFORE I FIRE YOUR ASS AND TURN IT INTO SUSHI!

Funaki jumps at Vince McMahon’s bawling and he then leaves the office, as Mr McMahon’s face gets even more screwed up… he places his hands together and puts them under his chin, as the scene fades.



To Be Decided