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DISCLAIMER - In this column we will give our HONEST opinions. If you are easily offended then this column is not for you. If you are easily offended I suggest clicking the the little 'x' in the upper right hand corner. If not, enjoy the column.

Coreys Corner

 Since when did PWA allow homosexuals to take part in federation activities? Oh well I guess we can let Drew slide. I mean he has been my co-host for a while. Nevermind the fact that he hits on me constantly and once told me he wants to guzzle my cum. But, he's still my co-host and I have to live with it. Well, looks like you're back for the 2nd week of BFH. I hear we are well liked once again. Of course who doesn't love us. I draw all of the ladies in and of course my huge fan club. Then Drew draws in all the homosexuals, like Sid. Anyway let's get down to the show. Drew's boyfriend gets mad when he has to do BFH.

Drews Corner

 "Ladies Ladies Ladies! Drew and Corey are in the HIZOUSE! What is up my party people!? You've guessed right its that time of week when no punches will be pulled and Corey comes out of the Drag Queen Strip bar to do this show. Consider last week to have been a present in us cutting you some slack but this week prepare for the worst. Before we start I suggest you get your scott stiener chain mail on and get your box of tissues ready cause when Im done with you all tonight your gunna need em.

PWA - Believe The Hype?

Drew: See In life Certain things earn Hype. Bill Goldberg has Hype, The Superbowl gets Hype, Corey gets Hype when he visits his good uncle Michael Jackson, but PWA?! This Hype is nothing more then Hype. Im extremely dissapointed this week. What I think only saw 7 People rp! And those who did rp did a great job and did both of their rps but what about the rest of you? Where the hell is your excuse? This PWA Hype is gunna be short lived if people don't get their asses in gear and really rp.

 Corey:  I remember the old days of PWA. When Drew would post one RP right before the deadline. Don't listen to Drew about RPing habits, his are the worse. Anyway, PWA, I think all the elements that are needed are there. Just some of them aren't clicking. People are rping, just not to maximum. Those that aren't rping, please get the hell out and do not waste our time. PWA certainly has a good owner. Then againa anyone NOT named Hadjir Mashiri in the PWA front office is an improvement. Oh and by the way... my Uncle Mike that Drew mentioned, yeah he used to be Drew's baby sitter. That explains alot doesn't it? Nah, Uncle Mike didn't turn Drew gay. Drew turned Uncle Mike gay!

TV Title Match - Randy Orton vs HBK - Who ya got?

Drew: Well I must say Randy Orton is quite the talent as well as HBK. I really enjoy the Character Randy Orton and I hate Shawn Michales as a person as well as a wrestler. But even that being so I must say Scotty Boy has got this one. It should be a real close one. Randy Orton did a tremendous job this week and I felt it was a shame he didn't win. So Scott is gunna have to put in hard work to take it this one.

Corey: Well, Scott (HBK) definitely has the HBK character. He has a little rust on the RPs though. Randy Orton is also a good RPer. If both men rp to the max, this could be a good one. But, I have to go with Scott if he RPs the way I know he can.


World Title Tournament - Who Moves On?

Drew: Well Soooo far I really like what Im seeing in the title tournement. My predictions are Kurt Angle is gunna take it. Now this is coming from an EXPERT Kurt Angle rper. I've made my whole RPing Ledgend Status with Kurt Angle but perfected it with Raven. I must say though that this Kurt is awesome. He holds true to the OLD Kurt Angle not this watered down thing you see on Smackdown every week. This Kurt is awesome.

Corey: Drew was a RPing legend? Where? Anyway. I agree with Drew on the matter of Angle being good. But in no way shape or form does he win the tournament let alone his match on Smackdown. Bryan (Benoit) if he rps twice, takes his match no doubt. Cena is a good rper, but Bryan is very good, should be interesting. My match. Good luck to Dean (Trips) and Sid (Y2J) FUCK YOU BITCH!

Drew: Sid I don't know what you did wrong this time but I've noticed you've been getting on alot of people's nerves. Might I make a suggestion though? Sid... Have you ever considered suicide? Maybe you should... Youd be doing the world a great service. Ohh do me a favor and take Corey with you. Hes only holding me down plus it will be one less necrophiliac that the world will have to deal with.

Corey: By the way, I am generally not an evil person. But if I hate you, I really hate you. Sid, I know what you're doing and I know you are going to try and do it all week to piss me off and get my focus off the match. But if you ever mention my family again, I'll kill you. Have a nice day.

Drew: Whoa take it easy their Tiger. Which reminds me Sid mentioned something about a three some with your sisters I don't remember exactly but he told me to mention it to you.

   Corey: Drew, remember when I told Mikey to jump in front of a speeding bus?

Drew: Yeah I remember that.

Corey: Why don't you join him?

Drew: Didn't you try this last time and I still came back to do BFH with ya? Face it Corey you stuck with me.

Corey: Maybe I ought to join Mikey...


ShowStealer Of The Week

Drew:  My show stealer of the weeks. Thats right MORE than one corey, My show stealers are All you brainless pricks who didn't rp. Not only did you blow your chances at a decent show but you made yourselves look like complete jackasses.

Corey: Thats a show stealer? Do you need a dictionary?

Drew: Ohh oopps. I was on dissappointments of the week. Alright well sorry about the confusion. I think Im getting contact high... I think someone should call the narcotics squad becuase theres 200 pounds of dope co-hosting the show with me. ANYWAY Show Stealer of the Week... Has got to be the Limp Bizkit performance at the begining of the show... That goes to show you how SAD this show was. Nothing at all really popped out at me. The Highlight reel BLEW sorry but whoever wrote that John Cena stuff sucks... And his rap before the match made me want to cry. I could do a better freestyle then that and I HATE rap more than anything in the world. I think you should take that into advisement.

Corey: Nothing really stuck out this week. The main event was pretty good, most of the RPs came from that match. Of course The Highlight Reel sucked. Sid is Y2J's handler. Anyway... nothing really caught my eye, come on guys... give us something to work with. Ok drew ready?

Drew: Yeah

D-i-s-s-a-p-o-i-n-t-m-e-n-t O-f T-h-e W-e-e-k

Corey: Do you need a dictionary for this? Or can you handle this?

Drew:  Very funny.... Alright well as I started bitching about before. All you morons who didn't rp looked way more stupid than me before confusing Show Stealer for Dissapointment. Point being That this E-fed is going NO where if you dont rp when you sign up. I want you all to applaud yourselves and give yourselves a huge pat on the back for your sad attempts to ruin another efed! As Corey said before my rping habits haven't always been great. But Still I don't rp any more so I can bitch as much as I want and not be a hipocrite . Hey and my rps might have been last minute but each one of them were classic which earned me legend Status.

  Corey: If you were an RPing legend I must have be an RPing God. Because I whooped your ass 6 times. Anyways, dissapointment of the week. Besides so many now shows, the major thing that really has disappointed is, Drew is back to do BFH dammit. How do I get rid of him?

Drew:  Thats the best part corey... YOU CAN'T! You need me to keep this show going.

Corey: Sure I do. Ok, who gave Drew the drugs?

Drew:  You did... Remember I just bought that dime bag.


Match Of The Week

Drew: John Cena vs. Christian vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Brock Lesnar. This match had the BEST turn out. Most rps plus it was really really close. I don't agree with the winners. Christian really should have won over John Cena. I hate rap but I like Cena but this guys rap sucked balls... He reminded me why I really hate rap. And if this guy continues to butcher the name of John Cena. Im gunna have to grab my sniper rifle and Kill the Real Cena just so this moron would get the hint and stop destroying John Cena.

Corey: I agree with Drew, I'm going with the same match. Pretty good turnout for the rps.

Wrestler Of The Week

Drew: Yeah its obvious that Kurt Angle is my wrestler of the week. I was really impressed with his rps. Keep up the good work. This man can do NO wrong for me this week and like I said if he keeps it up the World Title Tournement is in the bag.

Corey: I really liked Kurt Angles rps as well. So I am going to with Kurt Angle as wrestler of the week. No, not Jericho. Jericho can die. Die a painful, horrible death. Then I wan him brought back to life so I can kill him and make him suffer two deaths. Good enough for you?

Drew: Yeah remember everyone... Corey is having some roid rage right now. Sooooo if you want too mess with me I would think twice or I might sick Corey on ya. Trust me you don't want that. Its not the fact hes gunna kill its what he does BEFORE he kills you. Its not a pretty sight.

Corey: Shut the fuck up...

Drew and Corey's Closing Remarks

Drew:  Well another week another BFH. Yeah still not at the top of our games. Trust me BFH could only get MUCH better from here. Be sure you post your feedbacks to BFH on the OOC board and be sure to tell Malone how much you love me and how I deserve my own show so I can ditch Corey. But until then remember this for next time... "You keep on Sucking up those RP boards and BFH will be better than ever!"

Corey: Now, I'm not really the motivational speaker type. But, for christ sakes, FUCKING RP PEOPLE. If you are going to join a damn fed, RP. I know some of you idiots are thinking he only posted one and it was late. Well, you're right. But I was gone most of the week, and don't worry about me. Worry about yourselves. The fed isn't looking too bad. Of course there is room for improvement, but what couldn't be made better. Nothing is perfect. With a few small adjustments PWA will once again be alone the elite of the e-feds. Sid, I hate you. I hope you contract AIDS. Anyways, this is the end to yet another BFH. And remember, we are accepting guest hosts. If you are interested contact me or Malone. Until next week, thanks for getting, BRUTALLY FUCKING HONEST!