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"Hogan Vs Warrior : Rematch Of The Ages"

-|[ *Prologue*

Hulk Hogan lost his opening match to Shawn Michaels, he gave it his all that night… he entertained the crowd… he hulked up in front of 30000 screaming Hulkamaniacs but still, Shawn Michaels, the new legend of this business, has just too much for Hulk Hogan on that night… But this Thursday is another Smackdown and another chance for Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan needs to get his career back on the road… he needs to get a victory under his belt… he needs to get a title around his waist. And this Thursday, that’s exactly the opportunity Hulk Hogan has… a chance to win and a chance to become a champion once again. And yet again, Hulk Hogan faces a legend of WWF history but this time, he’s an old enemy… a bitter rival of the past… a man that he has great respect for… and a man that Hulk Hogan cannot wait to face yet again! These 2 men have done it all in the business… and this Thursday, they’ll fight it out for the Hardcore Championship… but which of these 2 legends will come on top this time?

The scene opens inside what looks like an internet café…Hulk Hogan is sitting behind a computer desk and he looks to be very angry… he’s prodding the computer screen and tapping the keys of the keyboard… Hulk runs his hands off his bald head and is clearly frustrated, as he calls for some assistance.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Hey kid, come over here… this thing ain’t workin’ dude!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] What seems to be the problem Mr Hogan?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] It’s not doin’ anything brotha’, I push all the buttons and nothing happens… I don’t understand these stupid computers anyway!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] It’s real simple Mr Hogan, you have to turn it on at the base unit… not the monitor.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Base units… Monitors… what are you talkin’ about?

The kid looks a little annoyed but Hogan doesn’t have a clue what the nerd is talking about… the kid bends down and switches on the computer. It then bursts into life… Hogan looks happy.

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Are you ok now?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] No, stay there dude. You can show me how to get on this internet thing…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Ok, no problem Mr Hogan

The computer loads up and Hogan sits there staring at the screen…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] So, is this the internet?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] No, this is the desktop of your computer… to get on the internet, you click on the ‘internet explorer’ icon, it’s blue!

Hogan slowly pushes the mouse cursor onto the internet explorer, after a couple of attempts at clicking, a page opens…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] What’s this? Is this the world wide web dude?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Yes, it is… welcome to the internet Mr Hogan!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well, I thought it might’a bin a bit more interesting than this brotha’… considering so many people spend hours and hour staring at a screen all the time! And what’s this ‘dogpile’ about?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Dogpile is an internet search engine, where people try and locate sites for finding data. Basically, on this site, if there’s something you are looking for, it’ll find websites that match what you’re looking for…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Ok, now… I want to find a website about the Ultimate Warrior… *shouts at screen * Ultimate Warrior! Go find, Ultimate Warrior!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] No, you have to type ‘Ultimate warrior’ into the gap provided and then, press enter…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well, why didn’t ya tell me that dude?! I’m not a mind reader!

The geek shakes his head, as if he can’t believe his ears… hulk Hogan may be a wrestling but he’s worse than a novice at computers…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] So, is this the first time you’ve used a computer?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Yes it is… I don’t understand all this technical crap… plus, I’ve been to busy in the WWF, to have time to sit in front of a screen all day…

Hulk Hogan slowly types in U L T I M A T E W A R R I O R into the empty bar and presses enter… the page disappears for a second.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] What’s it doing? The page has disappeared brotha’!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Wait a second, it’s loading the pages you’ve searched for…

A matter of a second later and the search engine has located lots and lots of sites about The Ultimate Warrior.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] This thing’s real fast dude… all I usually hear is people complaining about slow computers, slow connections, it seems real fast to me brotha’.

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] That’s because we’re on a high-speed 24-bit, 248k, DSL connection that connects with a browser that is 100% compatible with that connection and this computer…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Ok, cut the jargon JACK! And break it down in real English…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Yes, this computer is fast.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] And that’s all you were trying to tell me with all that mumbo jumbo you just blurted out brotha’. Right, where do I go to see a site about The Ultimate Warrior?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] This sounds like a good site… obsessedwithwrestling.com, that should have everything you need to know.

The site loads up and there are lots of links everywhere, the computer geek steps into help…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Ok, this link here is all about The Ultimate Warrior…

The pages open and Hulk reads the following text from the screen:

The Ultimate Warrior became a wrestling legend in the late 1980’s, after epics encounters with superstars like Yokozuna and Hulk Hogan. The latter was his opponent for the highlight of The Ultimate Warrior’s career, a victory at Wrestlemania VI, where The Ultimate Warrior took the WWF Title from Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan seems a little amused by the text, rather than annoyed, he turns to the little clever kid next to him.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Kid, it seems that The Ultimate Warrior’s victory over me was his greatest of all time. Wrestlemania VI, that brings back some real memories dude. It was one hell of a battle brotha’ cos’ we both want the win real bad. But ya’ see kid, this wasn’tr just aboput the WWF Title, this was about beating each other, this was about pride. Both Hulk Hogan… and The Ultimate Warrior… wanted to win that match. Our rivalry had gone on for months and sooner or later, we were gonna’ get our hands on each others and I just couldn’t wait dude! But that night brotha’, The Ultimate Warrior had my number… The Ultimate Warrior beat me for the WWF Title… and more importantly, The Ultimate Warrior was the better man!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Yes but that was 1 match Hulk… this Thursday Night may go down a little differently.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Oh it will go down differently if I have my way brotha’… you see, it’s been well over 13 years since The Ultimate warrior beat me… and we’ve both got a lot older. But unlike the Warrior, I haven’t aged a bit! I’m still Hulk Hogan, I still get up every morning and take my vitamins and say my prayers and I still have the largest arms in the world dude. But the key thing is, I’ve still got the same energy, the same desire, the same hunger to win that I had when I first came into this business brotha’ and that’s all I need to take into my match this Thursday Night, to beat The Ultimate Warrior this Thursday night.

Hulk Hogan looks at the screen again and starts clicking on the Hulk Hogan link, he wants to take a look at his biography. The computer has frozen and it’s doing nothing…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Is it loading again, dude?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] No, it’s frozen…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Frozen?

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] It’s stopped working… let me fix it.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] computer’s the biggest piece of crap on God’s Green Earth. It’s supposed to be high-speed, high-tech and efficient or somethin' but you press a button and the whole thing’s gonna’ explode dude. It’s pathetic brotha’, damn pathetic.

The computer geek presses control + alt + delete and removes the ad page that has stopped the rest of the computer from working, the Hulk Hogan biography opens up. Hogan begins reading again…

Hulk Hogan is probably the biggest icon in WWF history. He held the WWF Title on numerous occasions, as well as famous victories over Andre The Giant and Yokozuna. Hulk Hogan has become a fan’s favourite, not just for his work in the ring but for the entertainment he provides. His gimmick of Hulkamania has become renowned worldwide and loved by so many.

Hulk Hogan laughs at this again, a lot more than he did at the Warrior’s biography… he turns to the kid again.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] The Ultimate Warrior might be able to beat Hulk Hogan but there’s no way in hell that he and his stupid Warriors can compete with Hulkamania brotha’! There are more Hulkamaniacs than Warriors… the Hulkamaniacs give me more support than the Warriors give him… in fact, Hulkamania kicks the ass of those pathetic Warriors brotha’. But this Sunday, Hulkamania’s gonna be runnin’ wild all over The Ultimate Warrior and all of his Warriors too… but this time, not only will Hulkamania defeat the Warriors… Hulk Hogan will beat The Ultimate Warrior.

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] And win the Hardcore Championship…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] This isn’t about titles… This is about winning a rivalry… This is about beating The Ultimate Warrior brotha’! Hulk Hogan promised his Hulkamaniacs gold on the path to glory… Hulk Hogan promised the most successful run of all time… well, Hulk Hogan’s gonna’ give his Hulkamaniacs another promise… there’s no way that Hulk Hogan’s not gonna’ kick the Ultimate Warrior’s ass this Thursday night dude! And then, I’m gonna’ defend that Hardcore Title 24/7 and prove that I’m still the best in this industry brotha’!

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] 24/7… you have to defend a wrestling belt, 24/7?!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] That’s right brotha’… and Hulk Hogan can’t wait to try and do it dude! I’ve been in this business 30 years… I’ve wrestled since I was a kid, to the man I am today… if I can’t defend a title belt 24/7, Hulk Hogan shouldn’t be in the World Wrestling Federation brotha’! Hulk Hogan’s still at the peak of his career, Hulk Hogan’s still in the shape of his life and Hulk Hogan’s gonna’ beat The Ultimate Warrior on Smackdown.

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] I think you probably will beat The Ultimate Warrior but you’re not the same man you were 20 years…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well let me tell ya somethin’ brotha’… Hulk Hogan’s still at his best dude! And The Ultimate Warrior doesn’t know what’s coming to him… I can’t wait to get my hands on him, I can’t wait to face him one-on-one once again… and I can’t wait to kick his sorry excuse of an ass!

Hulk Hogan stands up and towers over this small nerdy kid with glasses…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] The Ultimate Warrior has to ask himself one question… a question he hasn’t himself for 13 years! A question that he’s never forgotten to this day! What’cha gonna’ do Warrior?

What’cha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild all over you BROTHA’!

The kid has now crapped himself, after Hulk Hogan waved a finger in his face and began doing the what’cha gonna do thing. Hogan laughs and pats the nerdy kid on the back…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] Ok, shut the computer down for me please Hulk…

Hulk Hogan goes to press the off button on the base unit and the kid goes nuts…

['Young Kid' Computer Geek:] NO! NO! NO! You hafta’ shut down on the start menu… HERE!

Hulk Hogan struggles with the mouse and tries to shut the computer down, as the scene fades to static… but will Hulk Hogan be able to shut down the dreams of The Ultimate Warrior. The rematch has been 14 years in the making but which legend will walk out on top and as the first WWF Hardcore Champion?

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