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-|[ *Prologue*

Only 1 man revolutionised the wrestling industry! And that man is Hulk Hogan! Hulk Hogan took the wrestling business from a smalltime company, to the milliondollar enterprise it has become today. Hulk Hogan has become a ‘wrestling legend’ and is loved by all… and now, Hulkamania is about to run wild 1 more time in the WWF! However, this just might be Hulk Hogan’s last run in the WWF, in wrestling and his last run for the WWF Championship. And this time Hulk Hogan is desperate to win it… not just for himself… but for all his loyal Hulkamaniacs. His first opponent is a legend in his own right… Shawn Michaels is an icon of WWF history… and 2 of the biggest superstars ever to grace a WWF ring, will step into it once again and face each other for the first time. Will it be the new legend that proves that he’s taking wrestling to a whole new level? Or will Hulk Hogan prove that he cannot just compete with this new breed of superstars… but he can’t beat them? Tune into this week’s ‘Smackdown’ to see who is the biggest legend of them all!

The greatest of all time! Well, that’s what Hulk Hogan is setting out to prove he is on this week’s Smackdown… Hulk Hogan takes on possibly the biggest legend in comparison to himself, for the first time, at a WWF brand show, this Thursday Night. It’s going to be an epic, Shawn Michaels… The Showstoppa… The Heartbreak Kid… Versus ‘The Immortal Legend’… Hulk Hogan! But for now, Hulk is not thinking about himself and his match… he’s thinking about another key part of his life… his hulkamaniacs. Hulk has taken a trip to one of his fan club meetings… and there are about 100 obsessed Hulkamaniacs, who’ve made the journey to see their idol. They meet up every year and they have what has now become a reunion.

The scene opens inside a large hall, there are balloons and tables covered in white cloths, with plates of food and jugs of orange juice and water, all around the outside of the hall. In the centre are a mass of people, aged from teenagers to young adults to middle-aged men. There are even a few old people that have made the trip to see Hulk Hogan. There is a hubbub of noise, as the collection of fans talk excitedly about Hulk’s arrival… A boy from outside runs in through the door excitedly and holds the edge of the door, as if he’s not planning on staying more than a few seconds.

['Young Kid' Jimmy:] He’s here… he’s here!

There are a few shrieks of excitement, as the kid runs back out of the hall… some of the others make their way out through the doors too, a few others stay in the room, trying to get a good position for when he does come in. They are clearly just as excited as the Hulkamaniacs that have gone out to greet him. About 15 seconds later, a mass of people squeeze through the door and in the middle of the squash is the 6 foot 5 tall Hulk Hogan, who’s clearly overwhelmed by all the attention he’s getting.

['Teenager' Mike:] I made you a T-shirt Hulk… it says ‘Hulk’s Still The Best’ and on the back it says ‘Brother’.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well, thanks lil’ dude… that’s much appreciated!

['Middle-Aged Woman' Angie:] Will you sign your name on my stomach?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Later lady, later…

Hulk Hogan squeezes his way out of the crowd and makes his way onto small podium that has been erected, on that podium is a microphone and Hulk doesn’t hesitate to use it…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Thank you, thank you! This is unbelievable Maniacs, I never expected a welcome like this…

The Hulkamaniacs applaud their hero, followed up chants of ‘you deserve it Hulk’. Hulk continues to be overwhelmed by it all and shakes his head…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I never thought a 100 of my biggest fans could make as much noise as this… but thank you brothers! You know… I’ve been in this business for a long time. 30 years more or less… but still, every time I wake up in the morning, every time I walk out of my front door, every time I come to work, all that’s on my mind is… who’s ass can I kick next BROTHER! I’ve spent the last 30 years in a wrestling and I’ll be damned if HULK HOGAN doesn’t continue going BROTHER! The only thing that’s gonna stop me wrestling, is when I don’t want to no more… and right now, that’s not gonna happen BROTHER!

The fans go absolutely crazy at Hulk Hogan’s announcement… they love the fact that Hulk’s career wuill continue and he’ll still be wrestling for their entertainment for the good, near future. Hulk takes a small pause to sample the applause and then, comes back to where he’s going.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Hulk Hogan’s not gonna’ retire! Hulk Hogan’s not gonna’ give up! Hulk Hogan’s gonna’ kick some more ass than he’s ever kicked in his career DUDE!

These insane, obsessed Hulkamaniacs go absolutely crazy at that… they love Hulk Hogan talking in the 3rd person and talking about what he’s going to do to his opponent, as the cheers die down, the tone of Hulk Hogan’s voice becomes a little more serious.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Well Maniacs, I might not want to retire but at some point, I’m gonna’ hafto’… so this might just be my last run… Hulk Hogan’s last go in the WWF! But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t gonna’ be the greatest of them all BROTHER! If Hulk Hogan’s gonna’ go bow of this industry, I’m gonna’ make sure that I’m at the top of it DUDE! There’s gonna’ be 1 last title run… 1 last run at the biggest and baddest superstars in this business… and 1 last run with my HULKAMANIACS BROTHER!

Hulk swings his arms and points all round the room at his 100 jumping, screaming, adoring fans, who seem to just go crazy at anything he says… just as long as it comes out of Hulk Hogan’s mouth. Hulk’s smile has come back on his face and he nods, half in agreement with the cheering fans and half in appreciation.

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] This week Maniacs, Hulk Hogan has a match with Shawn Michaels… teh first match between us EVER. And if I win this match DUDE, I get one step closer to my ultimate goal… OUR ULTIMATE GOAL! The Smackdown World Title BROTHER! That’s what I want… that’s what I plan to achieve… that’s what I’m gonna’ get… for me and for all you Hulkamaniacs out there!

Hulk Hogan begins laughing, he obviously has a funny image in his mind, after what he’s just said…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] You know Maniacs, I was watching that ‘Shawn Michaels – From The Vault’ DVD the other day… I mean, it’s probably the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard DUDE! But there was something I found funny and you people might remember it… the Shawn Michaels, ‘I’ve Lost My Smile’ speech. Shawn, you call losing your smile an excuse for getting your ass-kicked, do you BROTHER? Well, let me tell ya somethin’ DUDE, you can come down to the ring and smile all ya’ want because I’m gonna’ wipe that smile off’a your face and kick your sorry excuse all round Los Angeles, BROTHER!

The group of Hulkamanics go crazy again because they absolutely love to hear Hulk Hogan mocking an opponent and telling them how he’s going to kick their ass. This is vintage Hulk Hogan stuff…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] I also see Shawn, you claim to be a religious man… you claim to be a ‘Believer’. And you seem to be able to quote verse and chapter from the bible DUDE. But to quote a word from Hulk Hogan himself, YOU BETTER START TAKING YOUR VITAMINS AND SAYING YOUR PRAYERS JACK COS’ HULAMANIA’S GONNA’ BE RUNNIN’ WILD ALL OVER LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA BROTHER!

The fans go wild once again but they go nuts, as they see Hulk Hogan’s hand go up and his finger starting shaking…

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] What’cha gonna’ do Shawn? What’cha gonna do? What’cha gonna do when these


Hulk Hogan gets down from the podium and the fans all come over and hug him, pat him on the back and say things to him but it’s in such a jumble that no-one can understand… the loud woman from before manages to get Hulk’s attention again.

['Middle-Aged Woman' Angie:] Can you sign my stomach now?

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] Sure lady… if you really want me to…

Hulk then bends down and writes Hulk Hogan in bold letters on her stomach, just underneath her belly button, the woman shakes with happiness and nearly bursts into tears.

['Middle-Aged Woman' Angie:] Thank you Hulk, that means so much to me… I can’t believe it!

['The Immortal' Hulk Hogan:] That’s no problem DUDE… it’ll wash off in a few days anyway…

['Middle-Aged Woman' Angie:] Wash off? I don’t think so Hulk… this is a permanent marker!

Hulk Hogan stares at her, as if she is a complete loony but she is… she like all of the other 99 people in that room, are obsessed Hulkamanics and they adore spending time with their idol. And all these Hulkamaniacs can’t wait to see Shawn Michaels versus Hulk Hogan… but will Hulkamania be runnin’ wild in Los Angeles, California this Thursday?

-|[ *Epilogue*

Hulk Hogan versus Shawn Michaels. The first match EVER between these 2 legends of the wrestling business. And how fitting that it takes place in the WWF… the place where these 2 great icons made their names. But which of these 2 legends will come out on top? Which of these 2 legends will prove that they are the greatest of all time? Will Shawn Michaels dance all over Hulk Hogan’s chin or will Hulk Hogan finally stop the show? Tune into ‘Smackdown’ to find out!

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