[- Role-Play Number -] #2
[- Role-Play Title -] ' Big talk, it don't mean jack! '
[- Next Opponent/s -] Taz
[- Career Wins -] 04-00-00
[- Record -] 00-00-00 
[- Achievements -]
-WCW- None Yet -RIW- RPer Of The week (1x), Winner Of 'The One' Tournament


Ask yourself that question… Who is the most dominant wrestler to have ever existed? Was it Ric Flair and his 16-World Titles? Was it The Phenom, The Undertaker? Or is it the most feared man to have ever entered into a wrestling ring? Is it the man won 173 straight matches? Is it the man that ruled WCW once before? The mere mention of his name sends a shiver down the spine of his opponents. The sight of THE MAN, THE POWERHOUSE sends fear through the hearts of all… some stand in awe of him… BUT EVERYONE RESPECTS HIM… And now, he shall return… The exile is over1 He’s coming back… Coming back to WCW… The man that everyone wants to see! The unstoppable force… BILL… GOLDBERG! Goldberg is coming to WCW… the whole world waits in excitement… anticipation… and the question already has to be asked… WHO’S FIRST?! Goldberg’s first opponent will be Taz… Does Taz know what he’s about to put himself through? Does Taz know the fate that awaits him? Is Taz making a grave mistake? GOLDBERG IS COMING… AND TAZ MAY AS WELL FORGET VICTORY… AND FOCUS ON SURVIVAL!

The scene opens in what looks to be one of the districts of some downtown gangster place in Los Angeles, California… It’s a dangerous place, guys riding up and down streets in cars, looking for someone to rob, or if you’re a potential rival, you get taken out. This is not the place to hang around and if you’re a white man, you’re a dead man. A car screeches into shot and brakes quickly… it’s a flash new white Corvette. The door opens and we see a big black trainer come out, then the body of a huge mammoth of a man… he turns to the shot of camera and that familiar bald-headed pent of Bill Goldberg is seen. Goldberg leans up against the car… a car on the other side pulls up. A group of black riders spot Goldberg… The passenger stands up through the sunroof… and they begin talking loudly so Goldberg can here.

'Passenger' Mack: CJ, look wha’ we got ‘ere… a motherfuckin’ whitey?

'Driver' CJ: A dead whiteboy…

'Passenger' Mack: Yeah… I think chu’ are right CJ.

Bill Goldberg doesn’t move, he just grins and stares at the driver.

'Driver' CJ: What tha’ fuck chu’ starin’ at, punk?

Goldberg doesn’t reply… The driver gets out the car and walks towards Goldberg, the passenger jumps out the other side and begins to follow his pal. Goldberg just continues as he is, not responding to the taunts.

'Driver' CJ: You hearin’ me, whitey? I’m fuckin’ talking to chu’!

'Passenger' Mack: Yeah, he’s fuckin’ talkin’ to you shitface…

'Driver' CJ: You got a fuckin’ voice… OI! You wanna’ fuckin’ go?!

Goldberg stirs and begins to stand up… Goldberg looks at them right in the eye. The 2 black dudes stop for a second…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: So… was that a challenge you just gave me, ehh?

'Driver' CJ: Who tha’ fuck do you think you are? Anotha’ fuckin’ white big shot…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Haha… You couldn’t be more wrong pal… you couldn’t be more wrong!

'Driver' CJ: You better carry yo’ white ass outta’ here before me and my boy here fuck you up, ok?

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: I’m not goin’ nowhere… The question is, ARE YA READY?!

'Passenger' Mack: CJ, I don’t like dis shit man… somethin’ stinks.

'Driver' CJ: Shut da’ fuck up man… I’M READY WHEN YOU’RE READY!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: *flicks eyebrows* Let’s go

The driver smacks Goldberg in the face, Goldberg’s face is turned to the side, he looks back… The driver smacks Goldberg in the gt, Goldberg just takes it and then, he grins. Goldberg clobbers the driver in the jaw and the kid is just knocked straight down.

'Passenger' Mack: Shit man… SHIT!

Goldberg picks the driver up by the throat, the driver looks scared as Goldberg just gorilla slams him onto the bonnet of the gangster’s car.

'Passenger' Mack: Don’t fuckin’ move punk or I’ll blast yer white brains out…

Goldberg turns round and sees the passenger from the car pointing a gun right at him.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: That ain’t a smart move…

Goldberg walks towards him.

'Passenger' Mack: DON’T FUCKIN’ MOVE MAN!

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You’re scared… I know it! You ain’t got the balls to pull the trigger…

'Passenger' Mack: I will…

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Prove it… What’s takin’ ya so long? It’s now or never…

'Passenger' Mack: Last chance whitey, don’t move!

Goldberg stops moving, he rubs his chin… The kid is shaking, his hand is rattling on the trigger. Goldberg snaps… SPEAR! BANG! The gun fires but it’s just the gun hitting the floor as the kid drops it… Goldberg just speared the hell out of the kid.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: YEEEAAAAHHHH!

Goldberg tosses the shooter into the trees… and throws the passenger over the front of the car. The driver is lying in front of the car holding his head. Goldberg has shown his strength in the hood but he’s also shown that he’s scared of nothing. Goldberg jumps into the car… he doesn’t drive off but instead, he looks at the camera and begins to speak.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: There ain’t nothin’ that scares me Taz… Big talk, it don’t mean jack. That’s the thing with punks like you Taz… You’re all mouth! You talk a good game… You pick off some easy victims but when it comes down to it… when it really matters… you can’t back it up.

Goldberg looks over at the carnage he has caused, he grins smugly and turns back to the camera and begins to speak again.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: You can talk the trash to me… it ain’t gonna’ make a damn difference. You ain’t gonna be given the chance to back it up. Taz… I’m gonna’ destroy your puny lil’ ass tomorrow night. I’m gonna’ smash you to pieces… Oh yeah.

Goldberg pauses and continues.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Look me in the eye, Taz… do ya see your fate? Huh? You’re a thug, Taz… You’re a real hard case. There’s 1 thing you ain’t… You’re not me… You’re not Bill… Goldberg! You heard of the streak, Taz? 173 matches, Taz… You know how many I won? 173! Yeah… I owned Dubbya Cee Dubbya once… and I’m gonna own it again. And just like Hugh Morrus the first time… YOU’RE FIRST! The streak… it starts with you. Yeah, you feel special, ehh? Don’tcha? Haha..

Goldberg grins again and then, continues.

'Da Powerhouse' Goldberg: Watch the tapes Taz… Look at the clips real close. What I did back then… that’s nothing compared to what I’m gonna’ do this time. I’m better than ever Taz… Everyone thinks I’m gonna’ win, Taz. Everyone says… you don’t stand a chance against Bill Goldberg. Believe the hype Taz… believe the hype! Cos tomorrow night… I’m gonna’ show ya what I’m all about… You’re the first victim, Taz. And you know what I do to my victims… I make them my bitches. And tomorrow night, you will officially be… MY… BITCH! Oh yeah… haha.

Goldberg starts the engine from the car, he’s sent a message to Taz that he’s ready and feeling better than ever. This could spell real danger for Taz… If Goldberg is as dominant as he was in WCW before, Taz will not last long. Make sure you don’t miss this match… could there be an upset? Or will survival just be impossible for Taz?

[ - Victims -] -WCW- None yet -RIW- Paul London, Mike Sanders, Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin (x2), Stone Cold