|| Roleplay #: 1 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: William Regal vs. Chris Benoit ||
|| WWF Achievements:|| None Yet As Regal ; Hardcore Title As Hulk Hogan;
|| Learnt Some Manners: The Big Show; Chris Benoit?; Coming Soon ||

Royalty arrived in America and the WWF… and it was a stylish and elegant entrance, to say the least. William Regal was booked into a match that was not just an unwelcome debut… but it was an impossible challenge! William Regal was booked against the 7-foot tall; 500-pound Big Show… and ‘The English Elegance’ overcame the odds and defeated the giant. The big, fat monster was brought to the ground by the ‘power of the punch’… and he was taught some manners and respect by William Regal. But as one fight was won, a new battle begins… and this time, William Regal’s conquest turns to Canada… and more importantly, ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit. After a vicious exchange of words on Smackdown, which later broke into fighting… these 2 men will sort out their issues inside the square circle. Chris Benoit versus William Regal… Over The Edge… All the scores will be settled and the better man will prevail. But which is better, Britain or Canada? William Regal or Chris Benoit? One thing is for sure, William Regal intends on making a name in the WWF at all costs… and teaching any walk of life some respect and some manners… this time, it is Chris Benoit’s turn to be educated!

The scene opens at the dinner table, inside another huge hall… it is ridiculous big with stone walls all round the outside and huge red curtains covering the massive bay windows. There’s nothing in the room, apart from 1 huge table which is covered from end-to-end by a huge white table cloth. On the table, there are loads of silver plates and stuff, all fit for royalty… There would be room round this table for at least 40 but at the table, there are 2 people… and at 1 end of the table sits the Duchess Of Queensbury. At the other end of the table, there’s William Regal… whilst the Duchess’ 2 servants frantically run round to get the food ready, to appease her majesty… whilst The Duchess and Will regal engage in idle chit-chat.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Ma’am, I was just wondering… what do you think of America so far? I mean, we have barely had any time here at all… but I would have thought that you might have had some first impressions your highness…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Well William, to be quite frank with you… I’m bitterly disappointed. I had great aspirations for this adventure but to say it has been lacklustre would be an understatement in the least…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I’m sorry to say that I share your sentiments entirely ma’am… I’ve been disgusted by the ghastly behaviour of some of these people… and the appearance of these Americans is utterly despicable!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I know William! I mean, I’m all for casualwear… but all these women walking round in short skirts and I think they call them ‘bikinis’ William. If my mother had caught me wearing such clothing, I would have been disowned… I mean, they’re practically NUDE William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I wasn’t referring to the clothing or lack of clothing they wear your highness… although, I can’t agree with you more Duchess.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What were you referring to you in your previous statement, William?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I was merely suggesting that the Americans are overweight ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Like The Big Show?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] No, he’s just an obese, vulgar human-being ma’am… I’m talking about the everyday American… they’re fat, they eat things called fast food… they’re just filthy, horrible people!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What is ‘Fast Food’ William?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s awful food ma’am… The food of peasants! And the Americans love it…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Well, I do not wish you to divulge any more information about such horrible food William… I do not want to ruin my appetite for this exquisite cuisine that is being prepared tonight.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I shall say no more about it ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] However, I would like to congratulate you on your tremendous performance against The Big Show last week… it was a jolly good show William.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Why thank you ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I did not expect you to overcome such a giant but William, you surprise me even more day by day… you are a marvellous fighter and I must say, excellent company too.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] The pleasure is all mine… it’s not often a man gets to be in the presence of such a charming, wonderful lady as yourself.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] That’s very flattering William… and you are far too modest. Watching your victory over The Big Show was quite simply, DELIGHTFUL!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I cannot thank you enough for the compliments, your highness…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And it was a most deserved victory.

[ ' Servant 1 ' Charles ] Yeah… riiiiight!

By this point, both servants have re-entered the room with a silver trolley… they must have overheard the conversation that had preceded the comment of 1 of the servants. Once again, the faces of The Duchess and William Regal turn to complete shock… they cannot believe what the servant just dared to say.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I BEG YOUR PARDON!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!

[ ' Servant 1 ' Charles ] Well, there’s no way you’d have won that match if you hadn’t cheated…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Cheated… Did you cheat William?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Of course not your majesty… don’t be so absurd!

[ ' Servant 1 ' Charles ] So you didn’t hit The Big Show with the brass knuckles then?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] OF COURSE I BLOODY DIDN’T! That was the power of the punch you little GIT! And I’ll tell you something you pair of sods; I’ll show you the power of my punch first hand if you dare to disrespect me again!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] How dare you try and disgrace William?! He’s an honest, respectable gentleman; he’d never stoop so low as to cheat… we English do NOT cheat!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Exactly your highness! These pair of toe rags should learn to honour someone with such dignified standing as myself!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] SUCH IMPERTINENCE! This is your final warning Charles…

With that, the second servant steps in and he begins to serve up the food… he first steps over to the Duchess.

[ ' Servant 2 ' Wilfred ] And here is your poached salmon and caviar, as requested ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It smells quite delicious Wilfred…

[ ' Servant 2 ' Wilfred ] And it tastes even more wonderful ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I hope it does Wilfred…

The servant then carries over a second silver platter over to William Regal. Regal licks his lips in anticipation; the servant places it in front of Regal and then, removes the lid… William Regal nearly falls off his seat in surprise.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] What the bloody hell do you call this?!

[ ' Servant 2 ' Wilfred ] I’m afraid the entrecote steak you ordered got burnt and was inedible… and the only thing we could find for your meal was…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] A BLOODY BEEFBURGER!

[ ' Servant 2 ' Wilfred ] I’m so sorry Mr Regal...

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s not bloody good enough… I’m supposed to be maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet during my wrestling career. I can’t possibly digest such inferior food as this. It’s… it’s… A SHAMBLES! Now, take this filth from my eyes and prepare me something worthy to eat…

[ ' Servant 2 ' Wilfred ] Yes, sire…

The 2 servants disappear into the back, as William Regal shakes his head in disgust… The Duchess has began eating her food and is nibbling politely at her poached salmon.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I don’t know why you employ those rapscallions… they’re more trouble than they’re worth Duchess.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I’m sorry that they have caused you so many problems…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Well, I suppose it could be worse, they could be American!

The Duchess continues to eat and Regal watches on enviously… she has a lovely food, he has nothing.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] How is your meal, ma’am?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Quite delicious William… it’s such a shame your food was ruined. It came at such awful timing... but I shall enjoy my meal all the same.

William Regal bats his eyes in utter jealousy at the fact that she has all this posh food and he has nothing… The Duchess swallows her food and as soon as her mouth is empty she speaks… obviously she wants to keep her etiquette to a high standard.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Didn’t you get into a small ruckus with somebody after your match William?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I was attacked ma’am… by some rotten scoundrel by the name of Chris Benoit.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I’ve heard that name before… What did he look like?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Are you sure you wish me tell you? I don’t want to evoke any more disgusting images in your mind your highness…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Please tell me William… I managed to cope with a photo of The Big Show, I’m sure I can deal with a description of Chris Benoit.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Well, he’s not as hideously ugly as The Big Show but he’s a frightfully uncouth young man.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Ohh dear, does he have no manners either?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I’m afraid not Duchess…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What is wrong with these Americans? Are they all as discourteous as the next?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Chris Benoit is Canadian ma’am and he is just as rotten as those Americans.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What does he look like?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] He’s quite a small chap, for a wrestler anyway… he has short mousy brown hair… and he always wears exactly the same wrestling attire… blue trousers.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Does he not wash them?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I doubt he knows what washing detergent is…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Such filthy animals!!! I couldn’t possibly wear the same outfit, 2 days in succession.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And he wears the same trousers every night of the week…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] DISGUSTING!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] But his most distinguishing feature is the fact that he has absolutely no teeth!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] No teeth!?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] He’s a gap-toothed, vulgar little Canadian and I’m sorry that such an insignificant little man as Chris Benoit may BESMIRCH your presence.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Why does he have no teeth, William?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Because he’s a horrific creature! He doesn’t use a toothbrush… he doesn’t have any toothpaste… I once shared a room with him for 3 nights and all he brought with him was a pair of sunglasses… No clean clothes… No cleaning products… Nothing!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Would you like to finish the rest of my salmon William? I have lost the will to complete it.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I will clear that salmon up for you ma’am, just like I will clear up the filth that walks these streets… These Americans will learn some manners, they will clean up their acts and they will learn to walk around with some dignity and etiquette! But what’s more, they shall learn to respect me, William Regal. For I, have come to the WWF… to educate people in the correct way… and to prove that the correct way is the only way to do it!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And that of course, is the ENGLISH way…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] There couldn’t possibly be a better way to do it… for our country is the greatest of them all.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And you, William Regal, will prove that, won’t you?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I shall, ma’am! I will prove it for you… and for our beautiful country.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] God Save The Queen, William!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] God Save The Queen, Duchess!

The scene fades to an end, as William Regal walks over to the Duchess and takes her silver platter from her... He then takes it back to his seat and begins to eat it. But will William Regal do as he promised? Will he clear up the filth that walks these streets? Will he educate them in the manners that he thinks Americans need? Can William Regal defeat Chris Benoit at Over The Edge? Many questions hang over William Regal's future but he is determined to come up with the answers... Tune into Over The Edge to see if William Regal can walk out victorious.