|| Roleplay #: 1 ||
|| Record: 00 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kane vs. Chris Jericho ||
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|| Sacrificed: Jericho?; None Yet; Coming Soon ||

A dark cloud is looming over to the PWA… a new darkness… a new evil. A NEW BEGINNING! The doors of the PWA have opened, after its closure 2 months ago… but will the PWA ever be the same?! With a new start, comes a roster… a new breed of superstar… and coming to the PWA, is a new definition to the word… EVIL! The Big Red Monster Kane has just signed a PWA contract… and at his side is his ruthless, psychotic father… PAUL BEARER! Last time these 2 were united, there was uncontrollable destruction… unrelenting terror… and more pain and suffering was inflicting on the other superstars than at any previous point. But this time, things are different… because Paul bearer has not only promised to bring Kane back to the top of the industry like before… but he has promised that there will be even more terror, even more destruction, even more suffering… and the PWA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! And Kane’s first opponent or should I say, Kane’s first victim will be… CHRIS JERICHO… and what unfortunate fate will Chris Jericho receive… at the hand of The Big Red Monster on Reload?

The scene opens inside a dark room… the only light is a small flickering candle… and in the background from the small camera, we see a large mirror… HEARKEN! The door creaks open and a small, fat, shadowy figure walks in… eventually, the light from the candle exposes his plump cheeks… and we can see the face of Paul Bearer. He has a shocked look on his face and he walks towards the mirror… he points at the mirror… but he never looks at the camera, he just speaks to the mirror…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh, yes… you didn’t expect to see me, DID YOU? But I’m back… Paul Bearer is back in this industry… Paul Bearer is back in the PWA! But why? Why has Paul Bearer returned? What am I doing here? Ohh, so many questions… but only 1 answer!

Paul Bearer pretends to think, as if he doesn’t know the answer… but a sick grin appears on his face, he looks down for a second and then, he stares back into the mirror.


Paul Bearer turns to the doorway, as we can see in the mirror… the door slowly opens and there’s a clear creaking sound… there’s plenty of silence for it to be heard against. The excitement is clearly visible on the face of Paul Bearer.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh, who can it be?! Who is it?!

The door is heard closing and slowly, a tall, dark shadow walks towards the light and then, we see that it is… WE SEE IT’S KANE. AND PAUL BEARER IS ECSTATIC!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] HE’S HERE! IT’S HIM! IT’S KANE! My son has returned…MY BEAUTIFUL SON! And we are reunited once again… no-one ever thought it would happen… no-one thought that father and son could be together ONCE AGAIN. But ohh yes, it HAS happened… Kane and Paul Bearer are one ONCE AGAIN! Ohh yes, OHH YES! WE’RE BACK TOGETHER!

Kane continues to stand into the shadow… and we can only barely see that it’s him in the light of the flickering candle… but it is Kane… KANE IS HERE!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Step into the light my son… IT IS TIME FOR THE WORLD TO SEE YOU ONCE AGAIN! IT IS TIME FOR THE WORLD TO SEE US TOGETHER AGAIN! You shall be held back no more my Kane… for once you step into the light, you will not be locked into the shadows again.

Kane follows the words of his father and slowly moves into the light… His father puts his arm around the waist of Kane, then they both stand in front of the mirror.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] It is the new beginning… the new start… ohh, it is the time for us to unite together and begin our domination of the PWA. It is time for my Kane to become rise to the top once again… they doubt you can become dominant like before, they doubt you are still the monster you used to be… THEY DOUBT YOU KANE!

Bearer looks at his son and the mask looks back at him…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The monster will return!!! My Kane shall be the force he was once before… My little child of darkness shall become the most powerful man in this business… and it all rests in MY hands.

Bearer laughs and hugs Kane tighter…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] I will make Kane the monster he was before… evil shall run through his body once again… his desire for revenge will be return… and the pain and suffering shall be inflicted without remorse… My Kane will begin his reign of terror… My Kane shall restart his era of destruction… Ohh and my Kane will take the path to glory one more time and we will dominate the PWA together. OHH YES!

Bearer moves away from Kane, leaving Kane in the middle of the mirror and Bearer takes his place at the edge of the mirror, he begins speaking and pointing at Kane… as his head flashes from Kane to the mirror and back, in sheer excitement at the words he is uttering.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] My son has always been the strongest, most powerful wrestler to ever step foot inside a wrestling ring… My Kane has always been the star! And now, it is time for him to shine… it is Kane’s moment of GLORY! But whilst my Kane shall rise to the top of this business… the rest will pay the ultimate price… the competition will be taken out 1 by 1… the opposition shall be DESTROYED! And ohh yes, Kane’s wrath will be felt across the whole of the PWA…

Suddenly, Kane grabs his father by the throat and throws him into the mirror… the mirror smashes in to shards of glass and Kane holds his father up his throat. Kane flicks his hair back and then, he drops his father…

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] HAHAHAHA!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh, my Kane… such awesome power… they shall all fear you once again! Ohh yes! You will strike terror into the hearts of your opponents… you will make them fear the name of KANE! The Big Red Monster shall be the most feared athlete in PWA… OHH YES!

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] I WILL GET MY REVENGE!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh yes you shall! You will get the retribution you deserve… For so long were you held back… mocked… laughed at… My Kane was the victim of his own misfortunes… and he was forced to SUFFER! He couldn’t help how he looked… he couldn’t hide the scars on his face… The face of this child was burnt… but rather than help my poor child, rather than help my Kane… you all turned YOUR BACKS! You left my Kane in the gutter and for that REVENGE IS JUSTIFIED!

Bearer’s face gets very serious and angry, as he turns to the camera for the first time…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] You want to see the kind of destruction my Kane will cause?! Ohh, soon you will see… you will ALL see the suffering that my Kane will inflict! Such anguish, such pain, SUCH TERROR! My Kane will not be held back… my Kane will not be defeated… my Kane will not be stopped! My Kane relented on me, he allowed me to get free… but there will be NO ESCAPE… there will be NO REMORSE! My Kane will be unstoppable, WE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] But who… just who will be Kane’s first victim? Who’s fate shall rest in the hands of my little child of darkness?

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] CHRIS… JERICHO!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh, Chris Jericho… he dares to laugh at you Kane… he dares to mock you! But we will have the last laugh Kane… ohh yes, we shall! His destiny has already been decided… he will suffer… he will feel the same pain you’ve felt all through your life… He shall feel a small bit of the revenge you want to exact! HE WILL BURN IN HELL!

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] BURRRRRNNNNNN!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] But this isn’t about me… this isn’t what I want to do to Jericho… this is about Kane… this is about this 7-foot tall, 330 pound monster… it all depends on what kane wants to do to Jericho. Ohh, what do you want to do to him Kane? What have you decided? What is going on behind that mask?

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] What is Chris Jericho’s destiny?!

[ ' The Monster' Kane ] HE WILL BE MY FIRST SACRIFICE!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] OHH YES! He will be the first victim… Kane’s first sacrifice… but only the first… the first on Kane’s path of terror… the first on Kane’s road to glory… the first on our way to TOTAL DOMINATION!

Paul Bearer blows out the candle… but the camera still rolls… Paul Bearer walks up to the camera and whispers.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The PWA made a mistake signing my Kane… and now, VENGEANCE SHALL BE OURS!

We can't see Kane and Paul Bearer walk off but we hear the sound of the door creaking open and then, shutting... as the scene fades to static. But will Kane reap havoc in the PWA? Will he make Chris Jericho his sacrifice? Will vengeance be there's? Only time will tell...