' E n g l i s h - E l e g a n c e '

nSa Roleplay Number: 009 
Opponent(s): Lance Storm, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Shawn Michaels and Triple H 
Roleplay Title: ' A victory over America ' 
nSa Record : Victories: 003 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000
Regal Record : Victories: 008 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000

Career Regal Achievements: Undefeated ; WWF Recruit Of The Week 1(x), nSa Ranking (3) and (5), World Championship finalist (1x)

Defeated List: nSa: Kurt Angle (2x); Raven (1x); Scott Hall (1x); Taz (1x); Rhino (1x); Steven Richards (1x); D'Lo Brown (1x); The Godfather (1x); Taz (1x); CWF: The Messiah (1x); The Undertaker (1x); Lance Storm (1x); WWF: The Big Show (1x); Chris Benoit (1x)

4 miles of chain… 700 tonnes of steel… This is the reality for 6 nSa superstars. 6 men will step inside a world of hurt… Men will bleed… Bodies will be broken… Lives will be torn apart… souls will be destroyed… everything will be given all for 1 thing… the nSa World Championship! 1 man will step inside the Elimination Chamber to his fulfil his mission… to fulfil his undying desire for success… for gold… for the nSa World Championship. 1 man will risk his life for his own pride and for the pride of his country. Nothing less than success will be acceptable, nothing less than World Title gold will be tolerated. William Regal came to America to teach Americans some good manners and now, he aims to dominate the country he so despises every aspect of. Regal wants to stand above America… stand above the whole of the wrestling industry at the pinnacle of its being. Regal wants World Championship gold… and not 1 man will stand in his way. It doesn’t matter whether it is Booker T… Lance Storm… Rob Van Dam… Triple H... or Shawn Michaels… William Regal’s path to glory has been set out. He has climbed every mountain… toppled every challenge… defeated and removed every obstacle that has stood in his way. 6 men stand in front of his challenge for World Championship gold… Regal must survive the Elimination Chamber… Regal must withstand the pain… Regal must take out all of his opponents and continue the winning streak he has had. Will Regal be able to fulfil his destiny? Will he survive the Elimination Chamber? Will William Regal lead his country to glory and become the first ever nSa World Champion?


The scene opens in the lounge of The Duchess of Queensbury’s hotel room. Regal and The Duchess have just watched the whole of Superbowl XXXVIII. The New England Patriots defeated the South Carolina Panthers with 9 seconds to go live in the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Regal decided to find a more upmarket hotel and moved out of Houston, Texas. This was Regal’s first superbowl but he could have gone to watch it live in the stadium.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: What a waste of bloody time that was! I cannot believe I spent 4 hours of my busy life watching such meaningless drivel. WHAT WAS THE BLOODY POINT OF IT?! IT WAS NONSENSICAL!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I have absolutely no idea… I understand the offside rule in football better than whatever we just watched William… and the offside rule is hard!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I have never seen such so many overgrown babies… Fancy running round for 3 hours in protective clothing, are they scared of getting a little injury? There is no way I would compete tonight in such paraphernalia… I would be laughed at and scorned if I did that!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: What I disliked most about that horrific event was that half-time display… it was wretchedly rude and vulgar!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I agree, I was about to call the parents of some of those cheerleaders and tell them about the sick profanity they were up to… dancing in flipping short skirts in public! Swinging their legs around as if they were in a brothel… and that strumpet Janet Jackson is an absolute disgrace! She has about as much dignity left as her brother… I cannot comprehend why she would wear clothing that does not prevent that accident she had… It’s not bloody difficult to buy a bra!

Regal switches off the television, the fact that the closing scenes of the superbowl are being repeated 100 times is not impressing him… his match for Under The Influence is tomorrow, the Elimination Chamber, is Regal ready for it?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I cannot believe that the superbowl is billed to be the biggest thing on television all bloody year! IT’S SHEER INSANITY… WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE STUPID AMERICANS?!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: They are incorrect for one… the greatest event in sports entertainment shall happen tonight William.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: : Indeed it shall. One is ready to fulfil the destiny that he has been set! I shall indeed participate in the greatest sport event this moronic bloody country has ever witnessed! The Elimination Chamber! I shall succeed where the Panthers did not succeed… I shall walk out with World Championship gold around my waist!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: After watching that superbowl, these Americans need a respectable champion… a champion with honour and dignity who will show them the correct way… good manners, good etiquette, respect for all things great and honourable… a champion that shall lead this country away from this disgraceful shown tonight and into the beautiful age of decent and acceptable behaviour!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I shall do that your Highness… I shall win this World Champion… I will do it for all things good in this world… and I shall do it for our great country of England and for our Queen!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: The Queen will be so proud of you… She has longed for a worthy gentleman to represent our country overseas!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I will do more than represent Duchess… I shall dominate this country… I will dominate it like it has not been dominated since the 17th century! It is about bloody time the English came back here and gave these filthy inhabitants a good old fashioned British beating!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I agree entirely…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: If it wasn’t for us, they would not even bloody be here!!! AND WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS THAT NOISE?!


A group of drunken men have just walked into the hotel, they have clearly been to the game down the road in Houston, Texas, they are cheering the name of the winning team. Regal is not impressed by what’s going on, he has stood up and is staring over in the direction of the American football supporters.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: What is all the hullabaloo William?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: BLOODY AMERICAN FOOTBALL SUPPORTERS… I will go to the manager and demand the removal of these flipping clots!

Regal storms over to the reception desk, the manager is sitting at the desk doing the accounts.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Excuse me, would it be possible for you to escort these drunken buffoons out of the hotel? The Duchess of Queensbury and I are enjoying a time of quiet relaxation and we have been disturbed…

' Manager ' Of Hotel: I’m afraid I can’t… they’ve got as much right to be here as anybody else.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: You will bloody remove those rapscallions or I shall do it!

' Manager ' Of Hotel: There’s nothin’ I can do man…

Regal storms over to the trouble-makers and pushes right into the centre of them… Regal wants peace and quiet at any cost, the drunken guys are taken aback by regal’s sudden intervention.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am trying to relax here you incompetent ninkenpoops… will you please go and celebrate elsewhere?!


' English Elegance ' William Regal: The Duchess cannot deal with loud noises and impromptu disturbances… it causes her terrible distress and I would much appreciate it if you left quietly and with due haste.


' English Elegance ' William Regal: IF YOU UTTER A BLOODY WORD AGAIN YOU IGNORAMUS, I WILL KNOCK YOUR TEETH OUT! Now, are you going to bloody leave or not?!

' Other Man 1 ' Phil: Are we leaving?

' Other Man 2 ' Mark: Dunno… do you think we’re leaving Phil?

' Other Man 1 ' Phil: Dunno Mark… do ya wanna leave?

' Other Man 2 ' Mark: Dunno… do ya wanna leave?

' Other Man 1 ' Phil: Dunno.


' English Elegance ' William Regal: Right! I have had enough of this ridiculous display of defiance!

Regal grabs the small man and shoves him up against the wall by his throat… Regal is about to blow a gasket about this man’s behaviour, the poor drunk guy is in for a right rollocking.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT YOU IGNORANT SOD?! I’m William Regal! A well-respected and dignified English gentleman! You come into this hotel, ranting about your worthless Patriots and your pathetic superbowl… we all know that the superbowl is an absolute BLOODY non-event in comparison to this year’s Under the Influence… where I, William Regal, shall become the first ever nSa World Champion you little bastard!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Leave him alone William!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Now, you listen to me you intolerable maggot… Your disrespectful behaviour is unacceptable! You shall be punished immediately… just like I will punish my opponents in the Elimination Chamber.


' English Elegance ' William Regal: Shut up you bloody git! I will not tolerate such insubordination! You go back to your room, you watch my match tonight… you watch the Elimination chamber. Forget the bloody Patriots, you shall chant the name of William regal… MY NAME WILL BE CHANTED IN GLORY! I have defeated every opponent, every challenge put in my way… and now, I shall overcome the Elimination Chamber! Everyone will realise that there is only 1 true champion… not those pathetic New England Patriots… but the most brilliant man to ever grace his presence in Houston, Texas! The man that is about to dominate this business… the man that is about to take part in the biggest sports event of all time… and win it! All my opponents will feel the power of the punch… even YOU will!

Regal pulls his hand back and smacks the helpless drunk man in the temple. His friends come charging in to help…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: DO YOU WANT A BLOODY FIGHT YOU BLOODY TOERAGS?!

The friends stop as Regal holds his fist in position to clock them… the brass knuckles are clearly visible.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I thought not… You are more sensible than you look!

Regal walks back to the sofas and sits down next to The Duchess… the Duchess is not happy by what Regal just did.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I cannot believe you just brutalised that poor chap…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: He had it coming… Just like Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rob Van Dam and Lance Storm have it coming. I shall defeat them all tonight… it is what is meant to be… I SHALL GIVE THEM A BLOODY GOOD BEATING… NOTHING MORE THAN THOSE ARROGANT TOADS DESERVE! Tonight, it will not just be a victory for William regal… a victory for England… a victory for all that is good and righteous… IT WILL BE A VICTORY OVER AMERICA!

The scene fades to static with William Regal enviaging his World Title victory... He really does have gold in his eyes… the one thing he wants more than anything is to be the nSa World Champion. Can William Regal achieve glory this Monday night or will the undefeated streak finally come to an end?


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