' E n g l i s h - E l e g a n c e '

nSa Roleplay Number: 006 
Opponent(s): Taz 
Roleplay Title: ' A new frontier for the wrestling world… a new beginning of English dominance ' 
nSa Record : Victories: 002 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000
Regal Record : Victories: 007 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000

Career Regal Achievements: Undefeated ; WWF Recruit Of The Week 1(x), nSa Ranking (5)

Defeated List: nSa: Kurt Angle (2x); Raven (1x); Scott Hall (1x); Taz (1x); Rhino (1x); Steven Richards (1x); D'Lo Brown (1x); The Godfather (1x); CWF: The Messiah (1x); The Undertaker (1x); Lance Storm (1x); WWF: The Big Show (1x); Chris Benoit (1x)

William Regal has done everything he said he was going to do… he promised to be in the main-event at Under The Influence… he earned the title shot that he wanted… he even won the battle royal to advance to the World Championship Match… Or did he? Lance Storm and William Regal both hit the floor at the same time, so is this a draw? Either way, it didn’t matter… Regal and Storm both will set foot inside the Elimination Chamber at Under The Influence and face off against Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. We’re just 2 weeks away from that hellacious event, where 1 man will be crowned the nSa first ever World Champion. This week, on the last Rage before the pay-per-view, William Regal will face off against Taz in a ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ match. Taz’s filthy manners have continued to annoy regal to such an extent that he has asked for a special stipulation. Taz was eliminated from the huge Battle Royal won by Regal and Storm by the Manbeast Rhino, who took out 3 people almost simultaneously. Taz will be looking for a better performance this week, whilst Regal will be looking to continue his undefeated streak in nSa. Regal is literally 1 step away from the world championship and if he continues in his current vein of form, he’ll be heading for glory. Can Taz stop Regal? Can anybody stop the English Elegance?


The scene opens in a hospital, where The Duchess is lying upon one of the beds inside a closed-off unit. Regal is perched on the chair next to her. The Duchess has suffered a minor illness and has been brought in for an operation… this means that Regal’s plans have been disrupted, while he has to look after The Duchess.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: How unfortunate that you were befallen by an in growing toenail at such an unwelcome time?

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: It is quite untimely to say the least but one cannot do anything about these injuries, they occur at the most terrible of times.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Correct. I only wish that I were able to prepare like usual. It is so much more suitable for me to relax in tranquillity and then, train lightly every day. These hospitals are so stressful and direly uninteresting.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I apologise sincerely for such an unwanted inconvenience.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: It is quite alright ma’am… it is not your fault. I shall have to find an alternative method to focus on my match.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: William, I am sure that a gentleman of your statue shall still be able to defeat that vulgar little man Taz.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I shall ma’am… it shall not be a problem. I shall dispose of him like a used tampon!


' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am sorry your Highness that I had to refer to my victory in such rude and disgusting terms but I will defeat Taz with ease this coming Rage.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Quite.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Blimey! How long is that doctor going to take?! Typical American inefficiency! I have not known such impromptu tardiness…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I expect they think punctuality has something to do with grammar…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am afraid Americans fail to grasp either concept… Correct English seems to have avoided the education of such foolish buggers as Taz!

Regal stands up and walks over to the curtain… He opens it and looks out, a young nurse walks by and Regal grabs her attention, he is clearly fed up of waiting for some service in the hospital.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Excuse me young lady, The Duchess Of Queensbury has been waiting over half an hour for some attention… and quite frankly, I am disgusted by this kind of malfunction in your health service. We would never get this kind of pathetic service back home.

' Unresponsive ' Nurse: I’m sure the doctor will like be there in a minute, ok? Just sit tight and I’ll send him over in a bit…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: IN A BIT?! I demand her majesty’s treatment at once… if we are forced to pay for health care here, we at least expect some kind of speedy assessment. WE WOULD NEVER BLOODY GET THIS IN ENGLAND!

' Unresponsive ' Nurse: Ok, ok… I’ll send him to ya straight away, that alright with ya?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: That is perfect… now, go at once… The Duchess is waiting!

The nurse walks off shaking her head at Regal’s impatient demands, Regal has his hands on his hips, as he waits for the doctor to come along and see to the Duchess. He walks back inside the curtain and begins speaking to The Duchess again.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: They are supposed to be here very soon ma’am but I would not count on it… The words American and inefficiency appear in the same sentence far too often.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: At least, one can rely on an Englishman…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Absolutely. I will deal with that rotten toerag Taz with great and swift efficiency. I cannot afford to waste my time on insignificant weasels, when I should be preparing to my utmost for my impending World Title victory at Under The Influence.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Yes, you are right… you should make sure you have the absolute best preparation for that match. It will be quite an ordeal for you.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: It will require a lot of hard work but it shall all be worth it in the end… you only get out what you put in… I shall put my all into the Elimination Chamber and I will reap the rewards, mark my words! My one aim is to walk into ‘Under the Influence’ with one goal in my mind, that being the nSa World Championship and I will achieve my aim… I shall walk out of the pay-per-view as the nSa World Champion. The nSa shall be led into the future with 1 man at its helm… 1 man as the figurehead of its company and that shall be I… William Regal. The soon to be most successful man in wrestling history.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: You shall become an icon of the world… and what’s more, you shall represent our great country with honour, pride and dignity.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: A new frontier for the wrestling world… a new beginning of English dominance. It shall be like our great empire once again…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: An empire that will not be broken apart but shall be held together by the strongest force known to man…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: The power of the punch?

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Correct.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: The single most crippling manoeuvre known to man… no man has ever survived a blast with my trusty fist.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: No man shall ever survive it William…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Taz will not withstand the pain… he will be just another poor git that has been struck down by the power of the punch!

The Duchess yelps in pain and holds her foot, she is clearly suffering and the doctor has still not arrived…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: This is quite inadequate, I think I will go and give the doctor a peace of my mind…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: No William, I can wait a while longer… I am certain the doctor will come very soon.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Quite honestly, a lady of your stature should not be made to wait like this, it is a disgusting show of American disrespect… I have a good mind to… WHERE THE BLOODY HELL HAVE YOU BEEN YOU?! THE DUCHESS HAS BEEN WAITING FOR SODDING FOREVER!

The doctor has just come into the room and Regal has blown his nut as usual, his rant obviously flowed over as he saw the doctor walk into the room.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: It’s not flipping good enough, you should have been here at least half an hour ago… The Duchess is in absolute anguish, how dare you leave royalty without treatment for such a ridiculous period of time?

' Busy Doctor ' John: It’s real busy out there…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I don’t care how bloody busy it is! The Duchess is a priority case under any circumstance and she demands nothing less than immediate attention… so see to her at once! GO ON… BLOODY GET ON WITH IT YOU FILTHY TURNIP!

' Busy Doctor ' John: Turnip?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Twerp… toad… tit… just get the bloody hell on with it!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Calm down William… you do not want to get yourself into a state before your match with Taz.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am saving all my anger and frustration for Taz! His manners are disgraceful and I will clean them up… His mouth is full of vulgar, blasphemous words… he shall not utter another single curse again! I will wash his mouth until it is squeaky clean… and for crying out loud doctor, will you stop looking at me and see to The Duchess?

' Busy Doctor ' John: Can ya just keep the noise down? You’re disturbing the patients…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: DON’T PATRONISE ME YOU IGNORANT BUFFOON! I will cause all the ruckus I want unless you treat The Duchess to the kind of health provisions we just paid for.

' Busy Doctor ' John: Does this guy ever shut up?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I will bloody shut up when somebody makes me shut up… Taz will not shut me up, none of my opponents at Under the Influence will shut me up… I will bloody keep talking all I want you disrespectful maggot!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: William, will you please be quiet?!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: As you wish your Majesty… I shall not utter another word.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Thank you.

The doctor starts attending to The Duchess, Regal sits back in the chair and folds his arms… He begins tapping his hand on his knee in boredom, clearly he despises having to be silent. Regal begins looking for thing to fiddle with…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I have just had the most marvellous thought ma’am…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: What may that be William?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I have just foreseen how beautiful the World Title shall look around my waist… For the first time, my victory actually seems real. I am so close now that I don’t just think about winning the World Championship… I prophesise it. It seems I am destined to win… just like it is Taz’s fate to be utterly besmirched by The English Elegance.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: The time is very close William… You are almost there.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I only have to take 1 more step forward… 1 big, last leap and I shall take what’s duly mine… what I have worked so hard to achieve… The undefeated streak shall continue on Rage and it shall continue until I am World Champion and beyond that too! An unstoppable reign of dominance is coming… a streak far superior to what Goldberg was able to achieve in WCW. A streak that no American could ever repeat… A streak that only an Englishman could have.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: A streak that only YOU could have William.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No, no ma’am… it is a streak that I will have your Majesty! I shall continue my undefeated streak and I shall succeed at Rage and at Under the Influence… World Title gold is beckoning and no man… no object… no obstacle shall stand in front of my path to glory!!!

William Regal thinks he is heading for World Championship victory… he has forecasted a devastatingly fast victory over Taz and he has envisaged his victory at Under the Influence… Regal must step inside the Elimination Chamber with 5 other men, is this his chance to complete what he set out to achieve? Is this Regal’s chance to become the nSa World Champion?!


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