' E n g l i s h - E l e g a n c e '

nSa Roleplay Number: 005 
Opponent(s): Taz 
Roleplay Title: ' I shall defeat him and wash his vulgar mouth out with soap ' 
nSa Record : Victories: 002 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000
Regal Record : Victories: 007 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000

Career Regal Achievements: Undefeated ; WWF Recruit Of The Week 1(x), nSa Ranking (5)

Defeated List: nSa: Kurt Angle (2x); Raven (1x); Scott Hall (1x); Taz (1x); Rhino (1x); Steven Richards (1x); D'Lo Brown (1x); The Godfather (1x); CWF: The Messiah (1x); The Undertaker (1x); Lance Storm (1x); WWF: The Big Show (1x); Chris Benoit (1x)

William Regal has done everything he said he was going to do… he promised to be in the main-event at Under The Influence… he earned the title shot that he wanted… he even won the battle royal to advance to the World Championship Match… Or did he? Lance Storm and William Regal both hit the floor at the same time, so is this a draw? Either way, it didn’t matter… Regal and Storm both will set foot inside the Elimination Chamber at Under The Influence and face off against Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. We’re just 2 weeks away from that hellacious event, where 1 man will be crowned the nSa first ever World Champion. This week, on the last Rage before the pay-per-view, William Regal will face off against Taz in a ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ match. Taz’s filthy manners have continued to annoy regal to such an extent that he has asked for a special stipulation. Taz was eliminated from the huge Battle Royal won by Regal and Storm by the Manbeast Rhino, who took out 3 people almost simultaneously. Taz will be looking for a better performance this week, whilst Regal will be looking to continue his undefeated streak in nSa. Regal is literally 1 step away from the world championship and if he continues in his current vein of form, he’ll be heading for glory. Can Taz stop Regal? Can anybody stop the English Elegance?


When you get so close to something you want, you can’t give it up… it’s like an addiction. You don’t just become focussed on 1 thing… you don’t just have 1 thing on your mind… your whole life revolves around that thing. For William Regal, this object of desire is the nSa World Championship. This week may not be the World Title match… This match may be of no relevance to the World Championship but right now, no mistakes will be tolerated! Regal wants 1 thing and that’s World Championship gold… and no-one and nothing will stand in his way. Regal may see Taz as just a warm-up match for the big event at Under The Influence but Regal is as serious and focussed as ever. Regal has a special lesson planned for Taz and nothing less than a victory will be acceptable… the undefeated streak must go on and hopefully, it will continue after Under the Influence!

The scene opens at the breakfast table of The Duchess Of Queensbury’s mansion… Regal and The Duchess have just scoffed their way through a series of beautifully made croissants. They are both now reading the morning newspapers, The Duchess is flitting through the serious headlines on the front page, whilst William Regal goes straight to the back page and is madly looking for something that is clearly not there… he begins to get agitated and speaks to The Duchess.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: It's a damn insult!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: What is William?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I defeated 9 of the very best superstars the nSa has to offer… I earned myself a World Championship match at Under the Influence and still, there is not a bloody mention about my enormous success.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Is it not on the back page?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I can’t find it bloody anywhere! I’m flipping undefeated… not a single person has managed to beat me and yet, I continue to be ignored by the public. It’s all about this ridiculous superbowl thing… who in their right mind actually cares about American ‘Football’! It’s not even bloody football… it’s just cheap imitation rugby with a load of weak men all pansied up in pads and helmets.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: It doesn’t sound like much of a man’s game…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: It’s a wimp’s game your Highness… a wimp’s game! And yet, I show the courage and intestinal fortitude that these pathetic human beings fail to show and I am given absolutely no credit at all. It is an absolute outrage… and a bloody disgrace!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: It is an travesty… you are quite right William.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am almost as incensed by this act of neglect, as I am disgusted by that foul mouth of Taz, Duchess. I have never heard such a grotesque little man spill out so many obscene words in 1 sentence… it is not just blasphemy… it is pure FILTH!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: And what does Taz aim to prove by swearing?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I suppose it makes him feel like he is a big man Duchess…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: He is a mere midget!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Correct. However, I was not referring to Taz’s size as such… but indeed, he is quite the dwarf to say the least. I was referring to his discourteous attitude… He has absolute no respect for the etiquette and feelings of others. His manners are non-existent… and the fact that he chews gum when he speaks is just plain old RUDE!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I like the idea of this match of yours…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I believe you are referring to the ‘wash your mouth out with soap’ match?

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: I am indeed… another incredible idea of yours William. You have the brains, as well as the brawn.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Thank you your Highness, your compliments have pleased me greatly. And I agree with you completely, this match of mine is an absolutely brilliant idea. Not only will I be able to have a good practice match before the Elimination Chamber, I will be able to give Taz the lesson he has needed for such a long time. For too long has that mouth of his been allowed to spill out the absolute garbage I continue to hear from it… I shall close his flipping trap shut, once and for bloody all!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: At least if he does open it, he will not be able to utter any more of those foul curses… A mouth full of soap sounds like a tremendous idea.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: His mouth will be cleaned with soap… He will not be able to stop me. Not after I knock his teeth down his throat anyway!

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Pardon?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: The Power Of The Punch your Majesty… it shall devastate him in a way that he has never felt before.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: William, I have always wondered why your knuckles always seem to shine when you hit somebody with that move…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I like to keep my knuckles in good condition ma’am…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: They always appear to be… gold.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I think you must be mistaken your Majesty.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: You’re right William; I should probably invest in a pair of bifocals.

Regal begins tearing off the backpage of the newspaper, The Duchess watches as Regal shreds into small pieces. He stands up and drops the shards of paper into the rubbish bin, before returning to his seat.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: What are you doing William?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I am making space for the headlines after Under the Influence…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: And what headlines might they be?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: They shall be regarding my impending victory at Under the Influence… The night where I, William Regal, shall fulfil my potential and become the nSa World Champion. I shall lead our great country and this miserable god awful country into the future… the future of this very wrestling industry! I will dominate this business like it has never been dominated before…

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: Super. I look forward to the day you are able to walk around as not just the nSa World Champion… but an English hero!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: That day is almost upon us ma’am. One must begin to prepare for the match that shall decide whether my path is destined to end in glory… I have worked so hard and I have come so far… Now, I must seize the last opportunity I have and win the World Championship.

' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury: You must, William.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I realise that the task may not be easy but I have been given many challenges along this road… I have overcome every single difficulty I have faced. Taz shall be another problem I must contend with this week… Then, the Elimination Chamber shall be the last issue that I am confronted with. It is a task I shall face… and a task I will defeat… 6 men will walk into that Chamber but only I shall survive… only I will stand tall and strong at the end of the brutal battle… only I shall hold the World Championship that I deserve. For the rest, they will have nothing but bloody faces, sore necks and broken jaws…

Regal punches his fist into his hand, signalling that the Power Of The Punch will definitely be used inside the chamber. Regal is focussed on the Elimination Chamber but he isn’t forgetting about dealing with Taz.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: This week, I will make a martyr out of Taz… I will send a warning to all of my opponents at Under the Influence. They will see that I may be a well-respected, dignified and honourable gentleman but in the ring, I am nothing but a born fighter and a true champion. Taz will get a lesson in manners and I shall defeat him and wash his vulgar mouth out with soap… and it is nothing more than that miserable toad deserves. I have heard nothing but vile comments and sodding rude words for that little git… and for that, he shall learn some respect. Some respect for the place where he lives… and some bloody respect for me! I shall defeat him… and I shall show the world that I am not just a force to be reckoned with… I am a force that cannot be stopped!

William Regal has sent out his message to Taz, he promises to wash Taz’s mouth out with soap… Regal is showing nothing but sheer determination and focus on winning the World Title. Whether it is dealing with Taz or preparing for the Elimination Chamber, William Regal has 1 thing in mind and that’s World Championship gold… but what will Regal achieve on this coming Rage against Taz? Will Regal’s plans backfire or will he get to wash Taz’s mouth clean?


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