' E n g l i s h - E l e g a n c e '

nSa Roleplay Number: 002 
Opponent(s): Kurt Angle 
Roleplay Title: ' I'm going to teach that git the meaning of integrity ' 
nSa Record : Victories: 000 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000
Regal Record : Victories: 005 Draws: 000 Defeats: 000

Career Regal Achievements: Undefeated ; WWF Recruit Of The Week 1(x)

Defeated List: nSa: None yet; CWF: The Messiah (1x); The Undertaker (1x); Lance Storm (1x); WWF: The Big Show (1x); Chris Benoit (1x)

New Skool All-Stars enters its second week and now, the biggest signing to date will arrive. The undefeated former CWF and WWF superstar William Regal has signed an nSa contract and he’s come for one thing… World Championship gold. So far no man has been able to stop the Englishman, no federation has found an opponent worthy enough to defeat ‘The English Elegance’. William Regal’s first opponent is none other than the ‘Olympic Gold Medallist’ Kurt Angle. This man may be the most difficult and challenging match William Regal has had to date. As well as being the most capable opponent Regal has been booked against, he is also the most hated in William Regal’s eyes. Kurt Angle is an American Hero and proud of his country. Kurt Angle stands for everything that America stands for. Kurt Angle stands for everything William regal despises. William Regal can’t wait to get his hands on Kurt Angle and teach this American some good manners. But will Kurt Angle prove why he won his gold medals or will William Regal give him the lesson he just can’t wait to hand out?


The scene opens inside a large school gym. An old man is sitting on the side of a wrestling ring… there’s a large Pittsburgh logo on the wall of the gym. We’re in the heart of Pennsylvania. The old man is sitting in a grey suit, he has short white hair, an equally matching white shirt and a pair of brown shoes… Old people can never colour co-ordinate! The man adjusts his small spectacles before folding his arms again. The old man is staring at the door waiting for something or someone… There’s a knock on the gym door and a short, stumpy blonde-haired woman opens the heavy wooden gym door. She holds the door open and speaks to the old man.

' School Receptionist ' Lynne: That English man is here to see you.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: About damn time… bring ‘im in!

The door closes and the receptionist disappears… 10 seconds later, William Regal walks into the gym and the old man stands up. He takes the walking stick from his side and makes his way as far as he can to meet Regal. Regal has come in a suit and looks truly dressed for the occasion. The 2 men shake hands…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Good day, nice to meet you.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Yeah, you too. Why did ya ask me to come here?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: You were Kurt Angle’s wrestling trainer in high school, is that correct?

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Sure, I remember Kurt… what a great kid. He had the talent, ya know? I knew he’d go and do big things… he had real determination.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Well, I didn’t come here today to hear you preach about Kurt, I came for…

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: The other thing I remember about Kurt is how much pride he took in everythin’. His trainin’, his matches, spending time with his family and yeah, his country. He’s a true American.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Excuse me, I came for…

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: God bless America!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No don’t bless America… DON’T BLOODY BLESS IT ALL!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Huh?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: You heard me old man! There’s absolutely nothing to be proud of in this worthless place… Nothing at all!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: You listen to me limey…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No, you listen to me you yankee-boy, I’ve had enough of you annoying little men walking around praising your stupid 52-starred flag and your pathetic bloody eagle. And what’s worse, I hate this god awful country. Every single bloody one of you seem to think there’s something to be proud of being an American… PROUD! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR-BLOODY-SELVES!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: I’m a proud American and proud because this country is the best country in the world.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No, it’s not! It’s bloody NOT! This country is the worst of the lot, the absolute pits… You’re all bloody disgraceful. You’re all fat, you all have no manners and respect for anyone, you Americans have brains the size of peanuts and you think that’s something to be proud of? DO YOU!?

Regal walks closer and closer to the trainer pointing at him accusingly and giving him threats and insults about his country.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: This country is the last thing you should be proud of! You could be proud of countries like England that promote good manners, proper respect and correct grammar and speech but no, you mutilate our language by putting z’s in our words… you use words like sure and yeah and ok… I’ve never heard such rude non-conformity. What happened to a simple bloody yes for Christ sake!

Regal continues to get closer and closer, the trainer falls on his legs… he drops his walking stick and scrambles for it.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Your country is just as pathetic as your little lovechild Kurt Angle… I’m going to teach that git the meaning of integrity… You don’t have 3 I’s Kurt, you can’t even open the ones that are bloody attached to your head. How can an American possibly be considered as having integrity? Bad breath, maybe… bad manners, almost certainly… but integrity! But Kurt Angle will get to see what integrity is really like on rage, that little rapscallion will see the epitome of integrity… and I’m not just talking about any dignified English gentleman. I’m referring to I, William Regal.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Whoever you are limey… you’re real stupid I’ll tell ya that.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Stupid! You have the audacity to say I’m stupid when you forgot to take your tablets this morning… and you call me stupid when you think America is the greatest country of them all! And you call me bloody stupid when you have the misguided conception that Kurt Angle will defeat me this week.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: I hope Kurt kicks your sorry ass kid… just like he kicked all those people’s asses to become an Olympic Champ.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Kicks my ass?! You call some victory over a bunch of unknown amateurs a success? What kind of a bloody victory is that?! Kurt Angle can only dream that he is in my league… He will not beat me… He will not beat me if it’s the last bloody thing I do. This isn’t just about my pride… this is about the pride and reputation of our great country of England… we will not be put to shame by some sodding American imbecile that thinks he is something bloody special!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: But Kurt is special… Kurt is unique!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No, he’s bloody not… he’s just like all the rest of you. Worthless… pathetic… stupid and AMERICAN!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: I don’t know what your problem is…

' English Elegance ' William Regal: My problem is people like you… like Kurt Angle… that think the world revolves around your lives and your country. The world revolves around one thing and one thing only… and that is England! We have produced every great man there has ever been… Charles Darwin… William Shakespeare… Winston Churchill and even current day heroes like myself!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: You honestly compare yourself to those guys?

' English Elegance ' William Regal: No… I’m not in the same category as those great men. But I soon will be! After I give your boy Kurt and this country of America a lesson in manners, I will make my way one step further up the ladder of greatness… I shall rise to the top of this industry and I shall cast a great shadow upon it. For this country of America will be under the shroud of English superiority… we will rule this country once again! I will rule this country once again!

Regal moves over towards the trainer, he grabs the old man by his shirt and pulls him up to his feet disrespectfully… He rolls him into the ring. Regal picks up the old man’s walking stick and climbs into the ring, the old man doesn’t have enough strength to get to his feet without support. He crawls towards the ropes but Regal moves too fast. Regal places the walking stick on the throat of Kurt Angle’s former High-school trainer.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: I’m going to punish Kurt Angle for all of his past grievances… for all of his country’s mistakes in the past… and for every other bit of hatred I have for him and America. Kurt will not just regret the day he was born… he will regret the day he was born in this despicable place. Kurt will fall foul to me… he will be the victim of the most devastating right hand in sports entertainment… Kurt will be defeated by the ‘power of the punch’!

Regal takes the walking stick away from the trainer’s throat… and offers it to the old man who is still on his back on the floor.

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Let me help you to your feet…

The old man takes a hold of the stick and pulls himself up on it.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Thanks…

Regal keeps hold of the stick until the man has struggled to an upright position. The old man tries to take the stick from Regal but Regal doesn’t let go… Regal looks into the eyes of the old man, the old man tries to pull the walking stick from Regal’s right hand.

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: Give it here!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Don’t you Americans have any manners!

' Kurt's High-School Trainer ' Bob: PLEASE!

' English Elegance ' William Regal: Too bloody late!

SMACK! REGAL’S LEFT HAND JUST CLOCKED THE OLD MAN IN THE JAW… AND REGAL HAD THE BRASS KNUCKS ON! THE POWER OF THE PUNCH JUST KNOCKED OUT KURT ANGLE’S FORMER TRAINER! Will Kurt Angle fall victim to this vicious blow or can the Olympic Gold Medallist survive the undefeated streak of William Regal? His former trainer feel victim to William Regal… will Kurt Angle be the next one to be taken out on Rage?


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