There are many great wrestlers in the business, Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and so on and so forth… but it takes a very special wrestler to be a legend. There is only 1 legend, 1 icon of the business that stands above the rest… That man is none other than ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. He’s beaten the very best wrestlers past and present, he’s won the biggest matches at the biggest events… he’s a multi-time World Champion and he’s still proving day-in, day-out that he is the absolute best in the business. Shawn Michaels has beaten every person that’s been put in front of him… No obstacle, no challenge has been too much for Shawn Michaels. The story of the legend must continue the myth will continue in New World Wrestling Alliance. Aitch Bee Kay just signed a brand new contract and he’s here to stay… And with Psycho Sid at his side, Shawn Michaels is bound to be a force to be reckoned with. His first match will be a Tag Team match, as Shawn Michaels will team up with The Rock to take on Randy Orton. Shawn Michaels will want to prove that he’s the best in this business still and this is his stage to do it… Will the legend be shown up or will Shawn Michaels be able to prove why he is still The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main-Event?!


The scene opens in what looks to be like some kind of wooden cellar… it seems to be stuck underground for some reason. The camera pans round and 2 men seem to be sat struggling on 2 wooden chairs. Both men are bound to the chairs with masking tape, they have masking tape over their mouths… we zoom in and we can see the first man is Eric Angle, THAT’S KURT ANGLE’S DAMN BROTHER! The camera switches and zooms in on the other… and hell, that’s Bob Orton… Randy Orton’s own father. The flesh and blood of 2 NWWA superstars have been tied up and kidnapped… The camera spins round and staring at it is the grinning face of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. Shawn is dressed up in some dazzling, glittery white jacket… he’s chomping away on some gum not concerned with having any manners… he has a cocky, smug look on his face and you have to wonder what the hell he is up to with Bob Orton and Kurt Angle.

Shawn Michaels: I bet you’re all wonderin’… WHAT IN THE HIGH HEAVEN IS AITCH BEE KAY DOING?! Well, that’s a damn good question… just what’s going through the brain of ‘The Heartbreak Kid’?

Shawn walks round a bit, the camera stays focussed on him… we can now see Eric Angle and Bob Orton struggling about in the chairs behind them trying to desperately escape for this predicament.

Shawn Michaels: You see, I’ve been listenin’ to all that crap comin’ out of Orton and Angle’s mouth… I’ve heard what they’ve said about The Heartbreak Kid. I heard how ya disrespected yours truly… and I didn’t like it! In fact, it was a damn disrespectful for a legend like me!

Shawn thinks for a second, obviously talking about getting disrespected is one of the things that has annoyed himself a little bit so he takes a couple of seconds to compose himself.

Shawn Michaels: There’s only 1 reason that Aitch Bee Kay gets disrespected… and that’s pure jealousy! I understand why you’d be jealous… hell, I’d be jealous of me! You look at the merchandise and you want to have it… You look at The Heartbreak Kid and you’d like to be as good as I am. You look at good ol’ Aitch Bee Kay and wonder what the hell it’d be like to be me. Fact is Orton… There’s only one Heartbreak Kid! You can try and be like Shawn Michaels… you can try and talk like Shawn Michaels… you can try and act like me… BUT YOU CAN’T BE ME… There is only 1 icon… 1 showstopper… 1 main-event… and that’s yours truly!

Shawn’s face turns serious… the cocky grin is wiped off his face and he begins pointing and ranting at the screen, you can see his dislike for the actions of Orton and Angle written all over his face.

Shawn Michaels: YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH ME PAL… YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS WITH THE HEARTBREAK KID… YOU THINK YOU CAN TAKE ME, THEN COME GET SOME… COS’ I’M IN NO MOOD TO TAKE YOUR CRAP ORTON… I’m the best there’s ever been in this business and there ain’t a damn person who can prove otherwise. You want to prove you’re better than me, then you come prove it… and I promise, no… I guarantee… you’ll be dancin’ to the sweet chin music before you can count to 1, 2, 3!

Shawn straightens himself up after his outburst… and begins to act cocky all over again.

Shawn Michaels: And you know what’s funny… my pal Big Sid can’t wait to beat the high heaven out of somebody… he just can’t wait to tear something apart, can ya Sid?!


Shawn Michaels: You want some meat Sid, there’s plenty of it right over here… look at these pair of meatballs, have ya ever seen anything more pathetic?!

Shawn laughs…

Shawn Michaels: Oh yeah, I forgot about Kurt and Randy… they’re just as pathetic, haha…

Psycho Sid: HAHAHA!

Shawn Michaels: Show them what you can do BIG MAN!

Sid walks over to another wooden chair and throws it straight into a wall, it smashes into the wall… Sid screams out loud, showing the rage that runs through his body!

Shawn Michaels: Would ya look at that?! That’s what’s gonna happen when ya mess with Big Sid… That’s what’s gonna happen when ya get in Sid’s way… that’s what’s gonna happen to you pair of goofballs come Sunday when The Heartbreak Kid takes you both out!

Psycho Sid is going mad… he grabs the chair that Eric Angle is tied to and raises it into the air, above his head… Sid is scaring the shit out of a freakin’ out Eric Angle.

Shawn Michaels: You see your brother Angle, you see what Shawn Michaels can do to ya… I’ve got ya in the palm of my hand… I’ve got you right where I want ya. That’s what you can do when you’re the best in the business… when you’re THE ICON of this industry! You don’t know what ya got yourself into pal… you got yourself a damn freight train full of steam… and there ain’t nobody out there that can stop it!

Shawn begins to get really cocky and into what he’s saying… pointing, exaggerating and overacting just like the Aitch Bee Kay we truly know.

Shawn Michaels: There’s only one stop on this train Orton… There’s only one stop Angle. And that stop’s the Heartbreak Hotel! And you know what happens when ya take a ride there… you ain’t comin’ back!

Eric Angle is still struggling as Psycho Sid is still holding him above his head on the chair… but Shawn hasn’t finished.

Shawn Michaels: I hope you’re lacing your dancing boots up boys… I hope you’ve tied them up real tight! Cos Sunday night, your feet are gonna’ be hurtin, your head’s gonna be bleeding, you’re not gonna’ know where the hell ya are… but you will still be going to the ball, you will still get to dance to the music… you will be havin’ the worst night of your damn lives… Sunday Night, Aitch Bee Kay’s gonna be in town… the headliner, the icon, the showstopper, the main-event… the very best this business has ever had… and both Kurt Angle and that piece of rookie crap Randy Orton are gonna’ get their heads knocked off…

Shawn Michaels: You can put that worthless piece of crap down now Sid…

Sid looks disappointed.. he puts him down with a bit of frustration… the chair creaks and wobbles as he’s put down…

Shawn Michaels: Ohh and there’s 1 more thing Orton… this ain’t about The Rock and Kurt Angle… this is about me and you PAL… THIS IS PERSONAL… and when you get personal with Aitch Bee Kay, then I get personal with you!

SMACK! Shawn Michaels slaps his foot into Bob Orton’s jaw… SWEET CHIN MUSIC… SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Bob Orton’s chair is topped over backwards and he’s totally knocked out… Aitch Bee Kay dances in front of the camera, just to piss Orton off… Shawn Michaels has antagonised Randy Orton, he’s got personal with his family… he’s kicked Randy’s father in the face… My god, what will Orton do about this?! Shawn Michaels must have got under Orton’s skin… but what will happen on the first ever NWWA main-event? It’s The Rock and Shawn Michaels versus Kurt Angle and Randy Orton… who will walk out victorious? Will Aitch Bee Kay make Orton and Angle dance to the Sweet Chin Music? Tune into Nitro to find out!