There are many great wrestlers in the business, Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and so on and so forth… but it takes a very special wrestler to be a legend. There is only 1 legend, 1 icon of the business that stands above the rest… That man is none other than ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. He’s beaten the very best wrestlers past and present, he’s won the biggest matches at the biggest events… he’s a multi-time World Champion and he’s still proving day-in, day-out that he is the absolute best in the business. Shawn Michaels has beaten every person that’s been put in front of him… No obstacle, no challenge has been too much for Shawn Michaels. The story of the legend must continue the myth will continue in New World Wrestling Alliance. Aitch Bee Kay just signed a brand new contract and he’s here to stay… And with Psycho Sid at his side, Shawn Michaels is bound to be a force to be reckoned with. His first match will be a Tag Team match, as Shawn Michaels will team up with The Rock to take on Randy Orton. Shawn Michaels will want to prove that he’s the best in this business still and this is his stage to do it… Will the legend be shown up or will Shawn Michaels be able to prove why he is still The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main-Event?!


The scene opens inside a radio studio. A short, fat man is sitting with some headphones fiddling with some settings and next to him, Shawn Michaels is sitting with a huge smug grin on his face. He’s dressed in a pair of red flared trousers with HBK written down the side, a leather jacket with silver glitter spread down it… Standing behind Shawn Michaels is the looming, huge figure of Psycho Sid, Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. Shawn is acting all smug and cocky as the on-air sign flicks on and the radio DJ begins to speak.

Radio DJ: Welcome, welcome, welcome, to the latest edition of TNN radio that airs across the whole of Calgary, Alberta. The last song played was Outkast with Hey Ya and coming up is that U2 classic single off their last album, Beautiful Day. With me today is one of the greatest wrestlers alive today, SHAWN MICHAELS!

Shawn Michaels: EXCUSE ME… ONE OF THE BEST WRESTLERS ALIVE?! Do you know who the hell I am? I’m ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels… That’s right, I am The Icon, The Showstopper, The Main-event and hell, I am not just one of the best wrestlers alive… I am not just the best wrestler alive today… I am the best wrestler PERIOD!

Radio DJ: And it’s nice to have you on the show too…

Shawn Michaels: Don’t get smart with me pal, I didn’t come on this show to put up with your bullcrap! You mess me around and I’ll show ya what Big Sid can do to ya!

Radio DJ: Alright, alright… Sorry!


Shawn Michaels: Sit ya’ ass back down Sid… we came here for an interview, not a damn fight!

Radio DJ: Well, you’ve just recently signed a contract with the NWWA and your debut is next Sunday in this very town. How are you feeling?

Shawn Michaels: How’m I feelin’? How does it look like I’m feelin’? I’m feelin’ great… I’m in peak condition… I’m feelin’ as good as Aitch Bee Kay gets… and let me tell you, THAT’S GOOD!

Radio DJ: Who are you most looking forward to working with Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: Well apart from my pal Big Sid, there ain’t nobody The Heartbreak Kid cares about… but The Heartbreak Kid! They can bring on all the punks that they’ve got and Aitch Bee Kay’ll keep knocking ‘em down! Just like I’ve been doing for the whole of my career! 1 after the next…

Radio DJ: So you are confident on a successful career in NWWA?

Shawn Michaels: What do you think this is pal? Jeopardy? Of course I’m confident… I’m Shawn Michaels… I’m The Heartbreak Kid! There ain’t nobody better in this business than yours truly, I have every right to be confident! I’m The Headliner for crying out loud! I’m givin’ ya the best ratings this show’s ever had… and that’s just cos’ Shawn Michaels always steals the show.

Radio DJ: Do you have anything special planned for the NWWA?

Shawn Michaels: Anything special?! I’ve always got somethin’ special up my sleeve… They don’t call me The Showstopper for no reason, do they?

Radio DJ: So why do you need Psycho Sid if you are the best in the business?

Shawn Michaels: Look here goofball, I don’t need no-one else but The Heartbreak Kid… Aitch Bee Kay’s been fightin’ his own battles and winnin’ them from day one. I’ve beaten the biggest and best guys in the business and there ain’t never been no-one good enough to keep me down… Cos’ when this pitbull gets going, you know it’s gonna’ be the worst night of your damn life!

Radio DJ: You didn’t answer my question…

Shawn Michaels: Yadda, Yadda, Yadda… that’s all you ever do! I bet the only reason you came into this business is because your momma’ told ya you had a face for radio! Haha…

Psycho Sid: Haha!

Radio DJ: Very funny Shawn… but seriously, why do you need Sid?

Shawn Michaels: Right. Sid is what I’d like to call… an “insurance policy”. You see, there’s alotta’ guys out there that want a piece of Aitch Bee Kay… Hell, there are a lot of girls that want some of the merchandise… haha! You see, Sid ain’t around to help Shawn Michaels win… Oh no, The Heartbreak Kid can do that all on his own. Big Sid’s got my back to stop the no-good rookie punks from getting’ a shot at somethin’ they can’t compete with… Too many people want a shot at the sheriff but they ain’t gonna get nothin’ but the deputy… They want a shot at Shawn Michaels, then they have to get through Big Sid… And if they get through Sid, AND THAT’S A BIG ‘IF’… if they can get through this beast of a man… then, Aitch Bee Kay will give them a shot at the big time.


Shawn Michaels: That’s the spirit Sid… you gotta’ like the sound of that! Haha!

Radio DJ: This week you have a tough challenge when you team up with The Rock to take on Kurt Angle and Randy Orton…

Shawn Michaels: Hold on a second there mister! Let’s get somethin’ straight… There’s no such thing as a tough challenge when The Heartbreak Kid is involved! You can put some arrogant rookie in my way, you can put me in a match with some crying, whinging whussball like Kurt Angle… but it ain’t gonna’ change the fact that I’m gonna’ knock their heads off with some Sweet Chin Music! This ain’t no tough challenge… it wouldn’t be a challenge for Aitch Bee Kay if I had to win the match on my own… I don’t need the help of some posing Hollywood film-flop like The Rock… I can do this all on my own…. I’ve survived plenty of bigger and tougher obstacles than a couple of punks that fancy a shot at Shawn Michaels.


Shawn Michaels: They’ve got enough to worry about when I get my hands on them… I’m sick and tired of hearing that pathetic baby Kurt Angle whinge about how he was screwed… how he should have won… Make no mistake about it, Shawn Michaels is gonna’ give that meatball a whole lot more to cry about. And as for Randy Orton… The guy who’s just so full of himself. The only thing that boy Orton is full of is air… You see, the difference between Randy Orton and Aitch Bee Kay… what the Heartbreak Kid says, he backs up! When I walk out there and say I am the best wrestler alive… I mean it… and I’ll sure as hell prove it! You’re nothin’ but a rookie Randy… a novice… a novice with a big mouth. And when Aitch Bee Kay shuts your mouth and rest assured, I will shut your mouth… you’ll be picking your teeth off the floor.

Radio DJ: If we could just have a moment back on the show…

Shawn Michaels: Orton, you’re probably thinkin’ the Enn-Dubbya-Dubbya-Ehh is your big stage… you’ve got it all planned out, ain’tcha? Get ready for your reality-check cos it’s comin’… Aitch Bee Kay’s already began to tune up the band… The Showstopper is ready to headline and main-event all over again… and you boys better be prepared to take a quick stop at The Heartbreak Hotel… Don’t worry, it will be quick! Aitch Bee Kay’s gonna be dancin’ all over your faces…

Radio DJ: Well, that’s all we have time for… this is U2 – Beautiful Day!

The show goes off air and Shawn Michaels has introduced himself to the wrestling world once again… NWWA better be ready for a storm as Shawn Michaels and Psycho Sid are coming. The Heartbreak Kid didn’t tell us what he has planned but you know, when HBK is in town… something big is gonna’ go down. Can Shawn Michaels win his Tag Team match teaming with The Rock against Randy Orton and Kurt Angle? And what statement will HBK make next Sunday night?