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The American nation has become the most hated country on the whole of earth. A once well-respected nation is now despised for its attitudes, its actions and for everything it stands for. Many Americans regard that they are just hated by Islam… For attacking Afghanistan, waging war on Iraq and supporting Israel over the Palestine situation. But it is not just the Muslim countries that hate America… France hates America, Germany hates America and even its biggest ally Great Britain hates America! Enough is enough… something has to be done about America. Its people’s arrogance will be tolerated no longer… Its actions will not go unpunished… The voices of its opponents will not be ignored! The stand against America has begun… 2 men from different countries, different backgrounds, have come together… United by the same aim. That aim is to defeat America… To punish its arrogance… To destroy its ego… To defeat its best fighters and to prove that their countries are superior to America. Renee Dupree, along with his manager William Regal, have come to take on America’s finest wrestlers… and they vow that they will be victorious. The highly talented French superstar has promised outright victory… and no American will stand in his way. With the help of the outspoken British technician William Regal, could Renee Dupree finally make his breakthrough to the big time? Dupree’s first match in the Championship Wrestling Federation will be against Kurt Angle… possibly the most proud American you could meet. France versus America… but which country shall prevail? Can Dupree conquer an Olympic Gold Medallist? Tune into Desire to find out!

The scene opens at the place where many Great American war heroes have been buried. These brave men risked their lives for the cause of their country and died for it. These great men should be commended for their actions. Renee Dupree and William Regal have come to this special monument to see a part of America’s important history. Dupree and Regal, with Fifi on a lead held by Dupree, make their way towards the place where the Unknown Fighter was laid to rest. A camera crew follow behind. Dupree and Regal survey the monument for a few moment and then, they turn to address the camera.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Zis is the place where many brave Americans died. They fought for their country… and zey died with great honour and pride.

'English Elegance' William Regal: These men died so valiantly… Dying for their country and its cause.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: But zeir is a big question about their deaths… Did they die for their country or did they die because of AMERICAN STUPIDITY?!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Innocent American men… with families… and children… were sent to their deaths. But why? Was it for a good cause? Or was it because of American stupidity? American arrogance? AMERICAN GREED?!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: You filthy, snivelling Americans… You have NO HONOUR AT ALL! YOU MAKE ME SICK! You claim to have ze best armies… ze best navy… ze best air force… but you are all so STUPIDE! So… SELF-EESH!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Take for example, Vietnam… Was it YOUR business to fight there?! Did you HAVE to interfere? Or did you STICK YOUR BLEEDING OAR where it wasn’t needed! Your own people… MURDERED… KILLED… DECEIVED! Each and every one of you SELFISH AMERICANS… would stab your own blood in the back… IF IT BENEFITTED YOU! Shameless… pathetic… GREED!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Zis man ‘ere… Should ‘e be remembered for dying for ‘is country? Or should ‘e be remembered for being another victim of SELF-EESH AMERICA?!

'English Elegance' William Regal: America seems to think that the business of other countries… IS THEIR BUSINESS! You are the United States of America… Not the BLEEDING “United NATIONS of America”! We do not belong to you… and YOU DO NOT OWN US!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: And you do not make decisions for US!

Dupree and Regal look at each other, both of them clearly full of hatred for America. Regal looks down in horror… The dog is taking a piss again and doing it on the memorial of the Unknown Fighter!

'English Elegance' William Regal: RENEE… THAT BLOODY DOG! IT’S… IT’S…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: STOP FIFI… STOP! BAD DOG!

Dupree kneels down to the dog… and strokes it, then whispers into its ear.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Good leettle doggie… Hehe… I knew zat water would go straight through you!

Renee Dupree… what a disrespectful sonuvabitch! Not only allowing his dog to empty its bladder on the grave of a great American fighter but WANTING IT TO.

'English Elegance' William Regal: That animal should be put down, Renee… The animal has a problem! I’ve never seen a dog need to… you know… so much!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It eez ze travelling, leettle Fifi cannot ‘elp it… Can you mon petit amoureux?

'English Elegance' William Regal: I’ve heard of marking territory… but that pooch marked MY BLOODY CARPET! There’s a huge stain right in the middle of my Axminster! I’ve got to redo the whole of my lounge…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Oh but Fifi eez worth it…


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: You cannot be serieuse…

'English Elegance' William Regal: I am bloody serious! If I see another puddle of water on my kitchen lino, I swear I’ll make him… I’ll make him… LICK IT UP!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: ‘EY!’EY! You will do no such theeng! Fifi is my luckee charm…

'English Elegance' William Regal: And right now… he is the bane of my flipping life!

Regal takes a couple of seconds to compose himself, still in utter shock and anger at the outrageous actions of the dog. Total disrespect. Regal would never agree to such a disgraceful, ungentlemanly thing. Dupree despises America so much… that well, anything against it goes.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: So… where were we?

'English Elegance' William Regal: I believe we are discussing the selfish nature of Americans…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ahh yes, zat is right! You see, Kurt Angle… ‘e typifies ze kind of self-eesh greed of America! Take… take… take… You Americans live off ze dole! A hard day’s work… You people have never seen one! Everything eez given to you…

'English Elegance' William Regal: Everyone congratulated Kurt Angle for winning his gold medal… Well done Kurt! Bravo! However… what kind of an accomplishment is it to be given a gift-wrapped gold medal? Defeating a couple of mediocre fighters…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Zat is difference between 1996… and this Sunday Night! It’s you and me, Kurt… I don’t just have ze talent… I have ze looks of a champion… Ze heart of a champion… and ze brains of the champion.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Do you remember Kurt’s 3 I’s, Renee?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Haha… Yes. Ee-tensity… Ee-ntegrity… Ee-ntelligence.

'English Elegance' William Regal: I have never heard such cods-wallop!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: What ‘as feesh got to do with zis?

'English Elegance' William Regal: CODSWALLOP! A load of BLOODY RUBBISH!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ahh… ok. It EEZ a load of rubb-eesh! I mean, ee-ntegrity… ‘Ow can an American have ee-ntergrity?! IT EEZ… NONSENSE! Your country is quite simply… A DEEZGRACE!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Haha… Indeed.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: And as for ee-telligence! HA! I ‘ave seen trained cheemps with more brain cells!

'English Elegance' William Regal: If Angle had any brain cells… he’d cover up his devastating loss of hair with something a lot more admirable… like a wig… or toupee! Real gentlemen wear wigs.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ehh?

William Regal nods his head in agreement with what he has just said… Renee looks a little bemused at Regal’s endorsement of “rugs on heads”. Then, Dupree just skips it and continues.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: And this ee-ntensity you speak of, Kurt… Zere is no way you are more intense than ME! I am far superior athlete… I am fitter… I am smarter… I have more ‘air. Hehe… Yes, it eez quite obvious that you are not in MY LEAGUE! And what eez more… I am French… and you are… hahaha… SCUM!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Your night has come, Renee… This is it! Everything you have worked so hard for… Every obstacle you have climbed over… It is for this opportunity! Your big chance! The chance to prove… you are the best!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Underestimate me at your peril, American… I may be young but I am not naïve! I am not stupide! I am not… AMERICAN! I am going to prove ze world wrong… I am going to beat America at eets own game. I will be… LE CHAMPION… DU MONDE!

'English Elegance' William Regal: And there is not a bloody thing you Americans can do about it!!!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Like the great Napoleon once said… N'importe quel homme courageux peut combattre mais seulement la grande volonté réussissent.

Dupree sniggers.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Any brave man can fight but only the great will succeed.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Didn’t Napoleon lose?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: SILENCE, S’IL VOUS PLAIT!

Regal takes a step back from Dupree, clearly not liking the thunder being stolen from him.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ze great will succeed on Desire… I will fulfil… my… dest-ee-nee! I will become… ze first… Cee Double Eww Eff… World Champion! And America will fall to the superiority of FRANCE! VIVE LA FRANCE!!! VIVE LA… FRANCE!

Dupree’s patriotism comes to an end… Regal and Dupree head back to their car. Dupree has stated his intention is to lead his country to the World Championship. Dupree walks around to the passenger door and is about to put Fifi into the front of the car.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Hold on a second there! You’re not making me go in the bloody back again… I am offended! I have to sit in the back of the car… and that bloody dog sits in the front! IT’S A BLOODY OUTRAGE! I’M YOUR MANAGER!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Zere is a reason for eet, William… calm down. Trust me, it eez better if you sit in ze back!

'English Elegance' William Regal: No bloody way! I refuse to play second fiddle to that rotten creature!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: But…


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ok… Ok… sit in ze front if you insist…

Dupree puts the dog into the back of the car and walks round to the driver’s door. Regal takes a bit of time composing himself and sits down… REGAL LEAPS OUT OF THE SEAT AND BACK OUT OF THE OPEN CAR DOOR!


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I did try to warn you, William…


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Well, zere is mine… haha.

Regal’s face has gone bright red as Dupree tries to control his laughter. The scene fades to static with William Regal entirely humiliated again. The question remains… Can Dupree defeat the accomplished Kurt Angle? And could the unthinkable happen?

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