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The American nation has become the most hated country on the whole of earth. A once well-respected nation is now despised for its attitudes, its actions and for everything it stands for. Many Americans regard that they are just hated by Islam… For attacking Afghanistan, waging war on Iraq and supporting Israel over the Palestine situation. But it is not just the Muslim countries that hate America… France hates America, Germany hates America and even its biggest ally Great Britain hates America! Enough is enough… something has to be done about America. Its people’s arrogance will be tolerated no longer… Its actions will not go unpunished… The voices of its opponents will not be ignored! The stand against America has begun… 2 men from different countries, different backgrounds, have come together… United by the same aim. That aim is to defeat America… To punish its arrogance… To destroy its ego… To defeat its best fighters and to prove that their countries are superior to America. Renee Dupree, along with his manager William Regal, have come to take on America’s finest wrestlers… and they vow that they will be victorious. The highly talented French superstar has promised outright victory… and no American will stand in his way. With the help of the outspoken British technician William Regal, could Renee Dupree finally make his breakthrough to the big time? Dupree’s first match in the Championship Wrestling Federation will be against Kurt Angle… possibly the most proud American you could meet. France versus America… but which country shall prevail? Can Dupree conquer an Olympic Gold Medallist? Tune into Desire to find out!

The scene begins in the city of New York. We are at the place where the World Trade Centre used to stand. The 2 towers crashed to the earth on September 11th 2001 after 3 hijacked planes were flown into them. The towers burst into flame and crashed to the floor, causing extensive damage and loss of life. This was an act of terrorism, blamed on an anti-american group named Al-Qaeda. This act of atrocity is not supported by other anti-americans but the hatred for America is. 2 of these anti-americans, namely the Briton William Regal and his young French prodigy, Renee Dupree are at the site of this incident. Dupree, with his dog Fifi at his side, stands looking at the site of this accident. Dupree and Regal turn to face the cameras and begin to speak.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: September 11th 2001. One of ze greatest tragedies in the ‘istory of the world. Many innocent Americans died… but who waz to blame?

'English Elegance' William Regal: A very interesting question, Renee… Many Americans blamed Al Qaeda. The most despicable set of terrorists this world has ever seen!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Some blamed Iraq… hehehe, no-no-no, it eez not their fault!

'English Elegance' William Regal: They were entirely innocent!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It is always somebody else’s fault, America… It eez never your OWN! IT IS YOUR FAULT, AMERICAN. BLAME YOURSELVES!

'English Elegance' William Regal: That is the problem with all you bloody Americans… You are inconceivably stupid! Every single one of you! You’re too narrow-minded to open up your flipping eyes and see the big picture. You worthless Americans think its your business to POKE YOUR NOSE IN where it isn’t bloody wanted! WE DON’T NEED YOUR HELP, AMERICA… WE NEED YOU TO BUTT OUT!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: You interfere in Iraq… IT EEZ NOT YOUR BEEZNESS! You get involved in Eez-rael! NOT… YOUR… BEEZNESS! And then, this happens… and YOU BLAME US! But it eez all your fault!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Your stupidity… your arrogance… It is your biggest failure! From George Bush to every average Charlie in America… YOU ALL… DISGUST ME!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It eez one failure after another… Zee American intelligence… If there eez such a thing, hahaha… Failed to stop zis terrorist attack! Then… there was Vietnam. A French colony! Répugnants Américains! IT EEZ NOT YOUR BEEZNESS… and then, you lose us our colonies zere! Another American failure.

'English Elegance' William Regal: It is just 1 after the next, isn’t it?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It seems even the Americans fail in ze bedrooms…

'English Elegance' William Regal: Pardon?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: ‘ow do I put zis? They can’t… ehh… get eet… UP?

'English Elegance' William Regal: You mean… they can’t get their… you know what… to… erm, stand to attention.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Exactement!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Well, I don’t think such crude matters are relevant, Renee…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Oh but zey are… Impotence is 1 of ze biggest problems for men in America. You are stupide… you are failures… and you cannot even satisfy your women. Haha…

'English Elegance' William Regal: Let’s not discuss something this inappropriate. I am not comfortable discussing matters of such a delicate… and personal nature!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Eez this because you have problems of your own, William? Haha.


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Your… duke? Haha…

'English Elegance' William Regal: *Mutters under breath* Did I say that out loud? *shakes head*

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Did you know zat 1 in 3 Americans has taken Viagra? It is even rumoured zat Kurt Angle has tried eet…

'English Elegance' William Regal: But it turned out that the tablets were actually hair-enhancing products for his follicular impairment?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Eez’ what?!

'English Elegance' William Regal: HIS BALDNESS!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Haha… Another problem zat so many American suffer from. And yet… in France… there eez no problem! But then… we are a far superior.

Renee Dupree brushes his shoulder, he looks round and shakes his head, looking at the place where the twins towers once stood. William Regal’s eyes are nearly popping out of his head! Fifi… Renee’s dog… is pissing on Regal’s shoe!

'English Elegance' William Regal: MY… BLOODY… SHOE!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ehh?


Dupree pulls his dog away from an incensed William Regal, Regal looks like he is about to fly at this dog.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Leave my Fifi alone… ‘e means no harm!


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Did ‘e?

'English Elegance' William Regal: YES HE BLOODY DID! Right… I’m going to get this mess cleaned up. That dog has a bloody death wish, I tell you!

Regal walks off and Dupree is left with Fifi. Dupree walks a bit to the side so that he is standing on the pavement. The camera zooms in a little closer to his face as he begins to speak.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Kurt Angle… the golden boy of ‘ressling… An American ‘ero. An Olympic Champion. I should be impressed, Kurt… but I’m not! You see… in my eyes… You are just like all of ze other Americans! A FAILURE! A great… American… FAILURE!

Dupree kneels down and strokes his dog, he looks up at the camera…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: There is no such thing as an American success story… eet does not eexist! Your arrogance… it is unnecessary. You are over-hyped, Kurt… and the real talent… the real success story… ‘e is forgotten! It’s people like me Kurt… we are forgotten! But soon… I WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN! I WILL NOT BE LAUGHED AT! I WILL BE TAKEN… SERIOUSLY!

Dupree stands up again, as he pulls back his wagging finger. His face is very serious and his expression is very stern. He takes a step closer to the camera.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: This Sunday, I’m going to beat you Kurt… I’m going to beat ze’ living crap out of you American! Your time is over… and my time… eez beginning! So move out of the way, Kurt… Or should I say… I’m going to move you out of MY WAY! Haha… Eet iz very simple, Kurt. At least, it iz simple for a man of leettle intelligence… like yourself. You… do… not…stand… a… chance… against… ME! You are… FINI!

Dupree rubs his chin and a grin appears on a face.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ever since I was small, I have dreamt of the day… MY DAY! The day I prove to the world… that Renee Dupree… is ze best! I wake up… with ze world title in my arms! And now… my dreams, they are coming true! I was told once… by a great Frenchman… You have ze look of a champion. And I agree… I have the look… and soon, zis great body… My great body… Will be the body of a World… Champion! And I do it… for me… and MY COUNTRY! And to spite all the American filth… I see before me! Like you Kurt… YOU ARE FILTH! I SPIT ON YOU! YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY DAY… MY DAY IS COMING… AND IT WILL BE… MAGNIFIQUE!

Dupree’s grin gets wider and wider…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: And that mon amis… IS TRUE! Haha….

William Regal comes back into shot, shaking his shoe… Dupree is sniggering about it.

'English Elegance' William Regal: I think I’ve got most of the stench o… WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Nothing William… Nothing is funny… at all! Haha!

Renee Dupree is still laughing as the scene fades to static. Regals’ face is screwed up with anger… Will Regal get his revenge on the dog? And what will happen with Renee Dupree and Kurt Angle? Who will win the match? And can Dupree fulfil his promise and lead his country to the Chanpionship Wrestling Federation World Championship?!

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