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The American nation has become the most hated country on the whole of earth. A once well-respected nation is now despised for its attitudes, its actions and for everything it stands for. Many Americans regard that they are just hated by Islam… For attacking Afghanistan, waging war on Iraq and supporting Israel over the Palestine situation. But it is not just the Muslim countries that hate America… France hates America, Germany hates America and even its biggest ally Great Britain hates America! Enough is enough… something has to be done about America. Its people’s arrogance will be tolerated no longer… Its actions will not go unpunished… The voices of its opponents will not be ignored! The stand against America has begun… 2 men from different countries, different backgrounds, have come together… United by the same aim. That aim is to defeat America… To punish its arrogance… To destroy its ego… To defeat its best fighters and to prove that their countries are superior to America. Renee Dupree, along with his manager William Regal, have come to take on America’s finest wrestlers… and they vow that they will be victorious. The highly talented French superstar has promised outright victory… and no American will stand in his way. With the help of the outspoken British technician William Regal, could Renee Dupree finally make his breakthrough to the big time? Dupree’s first match in the Championship Wrestling Federation will be against Kurt Angle… possibly the most proud American you could meet. France versus America… but which country shall prevail? Can Dupree conquer an Olympic Gold Medallist? Tune into Desire to find out!

The scene opens at the breakfast table… William Regal and Renee Dupree are sitting on the rooftop of one of the most well-known hotels in the whole of Paris. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, beautiful sunshine is falling down on them and not even the slight hint of a breeze. They have only just taken a seat and they are currently looking through a menu. Dupree begins to speak about his opponent Kurt Angle…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: You know William, I think Kurt Angle would be very deezapointed eef he were to look at zis menu… there is not a single cookie in sight. Haha…

'English Elegance' William Regal: He couldn’t even order a glass of milk…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I am sure ‘e would rather drink it out of a bowl like the f-ee-lthy an-ee-mal that he eez!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Haha… Indeed Renee, indeed.

Dupree takes a sip out of a tall glass of well-chilled, freshly squeezed orange juice that has just been brought before him, Regal continues the conversation.

'English Elegance' William Regal: In my opinion, there are only 2 reasons that anyone decent could possibly use milk in its correct way. The first and most important Renee… is in a nice cup of tea! Nothing better…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: You have MILK? IN TEA? What is zis?!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Absolutely! You can’t drink it any other way!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I am ‘orrified! We do not put milk in tea! It eez… WRONG! Straight out of ze udders is 'ow I like eet!

'English Elegance' William Regal: WRONG?! You’ve got to be bloody kidding me! Tea is supposed to be refined… and enjoyed… I could not force it down without a drop of semi-skimmed.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Well, I won’t argue zis with you, William… Our countries have their differences.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Absolutely. I couldn’t agree with you more.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: At the end of the day, my problem eez not with you or your country… It eez with America! I hate those Americans. I hate zem!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Calm down… calm down…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Sorry, they just make me so… ANGRY!

'English Elegance' William Regal: They are unequivocally the most arrogant, pathetic nation on this planet…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: And extremely stupide too!

The waiter comes over and interrupts the conversation.

'Le Serveur' Waiter: Êtes-vous prêt à passer commande, monsieur ?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Ouais… je prendrai les croissants.

'Le Serveur' Waiter: Et vous, monsieur?

'English Elegance' William Regal: What the bloody hell did he just say?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Your order, William…

'English Elegance' William Regal: Ohh, I’ll have a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes… that being the other thing tolerable with milk!

'Le Serveur' Waiter: I am afraid we do not offer crunchy nut cornflakes, sir…


'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It is not on the menu, William... Can you not read?

'English Elegance' William Regal: OF COURSE I CAN’T BLOODY READ IT… IT’S ALL IN FRENCH! I haven’t got a RUDDY CLUE what “cuisses de grenouilles” is! I could be eating snails for all I know!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It is actually frogs legs! Haha… il prendra les croissants aussi.

'Le Serveur' Waiter: Merci.

The waiter disappears, Regal is still shaking his head and muttering under his breath about the lack of crunchy nut cornflakes.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I cannot wait for my match with Kurt Angle… it will be ‘istoric to say the least.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Ohh yes… it’s about time our great nations got one over the bloody Americans. They’ve been having an easy ride for far too long…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I cannot stand sitting around and watching zeir feelthy mouths gloat… We must put a stop to eet at once!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Kurt Angle is the epitome of everything I utterly despise about America… His arrogance for one! Walking around with a pair of gold medals, blowing his horn about how he is the best wrestler around… I have never heard such ridiculous twaddle in my life!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: What is ehhh… twaddle?!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Rubbish… garbage… a load of bloody crap!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Yes… It eez. He wins a competition in 1996… and he thinks zat he is the best! Hehehe… Incroyable!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Pardon?

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It astounds me, William… The stupiditee of theze Americans! Did you know that the President of ze United States… the so-called most powerful man in the world… has an IQ… of 96! It is not only below the average American but not even close to the average French IQ!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Preposterous! Kurt Angle is as stupid as they come… He claims to be a good American. A GOOD AMERICAN?! THERE’S NO MUCH THING AS A BLOODY GOOD AMERICAN! If you’re American, you are filth… you are scum… you are nothing but a rotten, vulgar little toerag… in line for a jolly good beating!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Yes… a beating… zat is exactly what 'e will get! I am going to get ‘is shiny leettle gold medallions… and shove them down his pathetic American throat! I ‘ope you choke American, I ‘ope you choke!

The waiter arrives and places the croissants on the table for their breakfasts.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Excusem moi, pouvez-vous vérifier mon chien Fifi?

'Le Serveur' Waiter: Certainement.

'English Elegance' William Regal: I don’t know why you wanted to bring that wretched animal with you, Renee… That dog’s been nothing but a BLEEDING pain in the backside since we left London!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It eez all the travelling… it iz upsetting his stomach, ‘e just needs a leettle love and attention, that is all.

'English Elegance' William Regal: You spend more time with that mutt than training…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: I do not need to train… I am already the perfect article. As Kurt Angle will find out…

'English Elegance' William Regal: Renee, you remind me of myself in my youth… Obviously my injuries mean that I’m not the same as I once was… but you are in prime condition. You’ve got all the attributes… and you have the real look of a champion.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Thank you, William.

'English Elegance' William Regal: That Kurt Angle has the look of a thug… He has his head shaven like a convict. He swears like some uneducated twit off some street corner…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: The only difference eez… he’s a big baby! ‘ave you ever seen a grown man cry like him?

'English Elegance' William Regal: I know, it’s quite pathetic. Any English gentleman would be utterly ashamed of such behaviour… Gazza was banned from our country after his shameless weeping at the 1990 world cup! Packed him off to bloody Italy!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: It eez typical of all Americans… If ‘e does not win, ‘e blames other people. He blames anyone but himself. Americans are scared of responsibility… scared of accepting failure… and for people like Kurt, failure eez just a formality.

'English Elegance' William Regal: I bet he’ll be crying on Desire…

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Yes, ‘e will… And Kurt won’t be able to blame anyone but himself. Accept eet American, you are a failure… You will try to blame someone else but the fact eez… You’re not good enough!

'English Elegance' William Regal: Renee, you are going to be victorious… and it will be our first step in our fight against America!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Kurt Angle will be the first American to fall… and zere will be more and more… until our nations prove that you Americans are INFERIOR to US!

'English Elegance' William Regal: It’s about time this American riff-raff was removed from power… and at last, they will not only have a worthy champion… but a champion from a worthy nation.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: Yes, I can see it now… Renee Dupree… The Cee… Double Eww… Eff… World… Champeen! The belt around my waist… the French flag flying high… It shall be PARFAIT!

'English Elegance' William Regal: It is a day I look forward to with great excitement and anticipation!

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: God Bless America… haha.

'English Elegance' William Regal: Haha… I believe Kurt Angle’s comeuppance is very near! It is about time someone took him down a peg or 2… and I believe you are the man for the job. Mark my words, he doesn’t stand a chance at all.

'The French Phenom' Renee Dupree: C’est vrai… C’est vrai! Hahahaha…

Renee Dupree and William are left laughing at the breakfast table as the scene fades to static… Their mission seems to be very clear and Kurt Angle will be the first American in line for the chop. Renee Dupree versus Kurt Angle. What is going to happen? Find out on Desire!

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