|| Roleplay #: 2 ||
|| Record: 002 - 00 - 00 (Career Record: 004 - 000 - 000) ||
|| Next Match: William Regal vs. Lance Storm ||
|| Regal Achievements:|| Undefeated; WWF Recruit Of The Week (1x);
|| Learnt Some Manners: In CWF: The Messiah, The Undertaker; In WWF:The Big Show; Chris Benoit ||

A second convincing victory for the victory for the Englishman and just as the rookie The Messiah was defeated in the first week, the legend of The Undertaker was torn apart last night. William Regal took out The Undertaker’s leg and as he struggled to his feet, Regal nailed The Deadman with The Regal Bomb to pick up the victory. However, the changes to the CWF have begun, as the roster has been split in 2 and William Regal takes his place upon the Smackdown roster. His first match on Smackdown will be against Lance Storm but already William Regal’s eyes have become locked on 1 man… and that’s the World Champion Taz. Can William Regal continue his winning streak against Lance Storm? Can he book his place in the Ring Of Honor Tournament? Can William Regal earn a shot to face Taz? And what kind of mind games does he plan for the World Champion? William Regal’s intentions in the CWF have become a lot more serious… at first, he was settling for reforming the manners of Americans, now he wants GOLD! The question is… is it just a matter of time?

The scene opens at the scenic position underneath the Niagara Falls. One of the most picturesque landmarks in the world and our cameras are filming there today. The camera pans out from the gushing torrent flowing from the waterfall and to dry land, where the waterfall is now in the distance. The camera stops panning out, as 2 people come into view… William Regal and The Duchess Of Queensbury. Both are leaning over the railings and admiring the incredible view in front of them. Regal turns his head to The Duchess and clearly has something important to say to her…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Isn’t it bloody marvellous?!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Yes, William… I haven’t seen anything so exquisite in such a long time. Who’d have thought that they could have something so beautiful in Canada!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I’m as surprised as you are… but it is quite delightful!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I never thought I’d see the day where you'd pay a compliment to Canada, William.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I don’t have a problem with the beautiful landscape ma’am, it’s just the disgustingly foul habits of the people that bothers me! The arrogance of these worthless numbskulls is pitiful… just like Lance Storm is pitiful!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Quite!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] He seems to think that he is not the usual ‘run of the mill’ superstar… but what Lance fails to realise is that no matter how good he is for a ‘Canadian’… no Canadian will ever be able to overcome the grace of an Englishman!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I agree entirely… Our country is not known as GREAT Britain for no reason!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And that’s what astonishes me about this…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] About what William?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] About here! This is the Niagara Falls! One of the most beautiful places in the world! And yet, it is in BLOODY Canada… Canada does not deserve this. There could only be 1 more country less deserving this and that’s with those filthy, rotten Americans! But yet, countries that are more deserving… more dignified… more eloquent… do not have such beautiful places as this. It’s quite unfair!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It is unfair William… our country has been setting the standards for the world for years and yet, we do not have rewards of beauty such as this.

A small boy and his father walk over to the railings next to where The Duchess and William Regal are standing… regal and the Duchess listen in to hear what the pair are saying.

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Son, isn’t this jus’ incredible?

[ ' Canadian Kid ' The Son ] It’s real pretty dad… but can I go to pee now?

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Not right now… we’ve just got here.

[ ' Canadian Kid ' The Son ] I’m desperate daddy

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Ok, do it through the railin’s real quick… I’m sure no-one will mind, just do it quick!

William Regal and The Duchess’ faces turn to sheer horror as the kid pulls his shorts down and begins to pee… William Regal storms over to the father of the child in absolute outrage

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] What the BLOODY HELL do you think you are doing you moron?!

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] WHAT?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] YOU HEARD ME! How dare you let that little toerag soil something as beautiful as this?

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] What are ya talkin’ aboot?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Stop it you little sod!

Regal grabs the kid by the shoulder to try and stop him from pissing down through the railings into the water. As he does, the kid turns and continues to piss and sprays it all over the dress of The Duchess Of Queensbury!!! The Duchess shrieks in disgust…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Duchess, are you okay?!

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Don’t ya dare touch ma’ kid again!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Shut up you disrespectful, caribou-riding BASTARD!

[ ' Canadian Kid ' The Son ] What did the man say Daddy?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And you can shut up too! You’re as bad as your bloody father! CANADIANS!

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Huh? Did you just insult our country?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Yes, I did… you’re all a bunch of filthy imbeciles! And what’s more, you have the audacity to just stand there after that little squirt just BESMIRCHED the beautiful dress of The Duchess Of Queensbury! She’s a relation of the Queen, you know!

[ ' Canadian Kid ' The Son ] Who’s the Queen daddy? What’s he talkin’ aboot?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] WHO’S THE BLOODY QUEEN?! You Canadians are just a load of uneducated fools… it’s about time I taught you people a bloody lesson. You Canadians need to learn some manners… to respect your superiors… and to apologise!

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Haha!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Oh, you think it’s bloody funny, do you? I’ll show you funny… you’ll be laughing all over the other side of your face!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Leave it William… I’ve seen quite enough bodily fluid for one day!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] As you wish your highness… but your fellow countryman shall not be so lucky! I promise…

[ ' Proud Canadian ' The Father ] Whatever! I don’t know what ya’re on aboot?

The Duchess pulls William away, as he waggles his finger accusingly at the father of the child! William turns to The Duchess after he stops staring at the Dad… he’s clearly feeling very hot-headed and angry by what has just happened and this can be seen by what he has to say about his opponent on this week’s Smackdown.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] That Lance Storm is going to get it, I promise… I’m going to teach those Canadians how to behave if I break my back doing it!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] To be quite frank William, I’ve found the actions of some Canadians to be quite distasteful… and I am positively sick to the stomach thinking about their total disregard of manners!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It makes me physically sick too! And that’s why this issue MUST be resolved… and I shall do it myself!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And there is no-one better to do it!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Lance Storm shall learn some respect the hard way! I shall knock some sense into that thick skull of his. He will learn that there is only correct way to do things and that’s my way!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It’s the English way!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Precisely! And after I show him what happens to those who are disrespectful… he shall see the benefits of being a model, well-spoken, courteous person. Once one feels the ‘power of the punch’, one shall regret their disgraceful misdemeanours!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] You will be victorious William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I shall… and this will not just be another victory for me your Highness! This will be a victory for England… and yet another failure for Canada!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] But let’s not forget William, your victory could move you 1 step closer to the World Title you deserve

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I will not forget ma’am! I will earn my place in this ‘Ring Of Honor’ tournament…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And there is no-one more honourable than you William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] This tournament will be mine… and soon, Taz’s reign as champion will come to a premature end! But for now, I shall focus on the task in hand… and my task is to show Lance Storm some morals and he will learn them! Our adventure has taken us to many places but there is 1 place we shall revisit again this Thursday your majesty.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And where might that be?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] We shall be walking the path of victory… together!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] That sounds like a super idea!

With that, William Regal offers his arm to The Duchess and The Duchess takes him up on his offer… they walk into the distance arm-in-arm but will they be walking the path of victory together as William Regal promised? Lance Storm will be desperately looking to get a win after his defeat at the previous pay-per-view but William Regal is undefeated. Can Lance Storm end the Englishman’s run of good form or will he be the next person to learn some manners?