|| Roleplay #: 1 ||
|| Record: 002 - 00 - 00 (Career Record: 004 - 000 - 000) ||
|| Next Match: William Regal vs. Lance Storm ||
|| Regal Achievements:|| Undefeated; WWF Recruit Of The Week (1x);
|| Learnt Some Manners: In CWF: The Messiah, The Undertaker; In WWF:The Big Show; Chris Benoit ||

A second convincing victory for the victory for the Englishman and just as the rookie The Messiah was defeated in the first week, the legend of The Undertaker was torn apart last night. William Regal took out The Undertaker’s leg and as he struggled to his feet, Regal nailed The Deadman with The Regal Bomb to pick up the victory. However, the changes to the CWF have begun, as the roster has been split in 2 and William Regal takes his place upon the Smackdown roster. His first match on Smackdown will be against Lance Storm but already William Regal’s eyes have become locked on 1 man… and that’s the World Champion Taz. Can William Regal continue his winning streak against Lance Storm? Can he book his place in the Ring Of Honor Tournament? Can William Regal earn a shot to face Taz? And what kind of mind games does he plan for the World Champion? William Regal’s intentions in the CWF have become a lot more serious… at first, he was settling for reforming the manners of Americans, now he wants GOLD! The question is… is it just a matter of time?

The scene opens at the dinner table of The Duchess Of Queensbury. 1 of the waiters walks out and on the tray he is carrying, there is a large stuffed goose. The table is decorated in white cloth, silver platter and everything is set up just as if royalty was eating here. At one end of the large wooden table sits The Duchess Of Queensbury. At the other end of the table sits William Regal, the man who defeated The Undertaker last night. Both The Duchess and William Regal are in jubilant mood and you can tell…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Ahh, isn’t the smell of that marvellous your highness?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Absolutely William! There’s nothing more splendid than roast goose for supper.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I wasn’t referring to the goose… I was discussing the sweet smell of victory ma’am.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And what a tremendous victory it was… congratulations William!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] The Undertaker was my most difficult opponent thus far but where there’s a will there’s a way…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] You deserve to wallow in glory…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And so I will ma’am… but I do believe my victory was slightly tarnished.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] How so?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] For the fact that The Undertaker is a mere shadow of his former self… Last night’s victory was a walk in the park… I only wish I could have defeated the man he was 10 years ago and then everybody would truly have believed that I am better than the Undertaker!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Your victory was not tarnished William! The Undertaker put up a jolly good fight but you were superior…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s just a wrinkled-up has-been these days! The man will be on a bloody Zimmer frame by the time he’s 50!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Well, at least you won’t have to face him again…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Indeed. I like the idea of this roster split; it means that I can get the spotlight I deserve.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] A man of your stature needs all the exposure he can get!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And maybe these bloody Americans will start to show me the respect I deserve…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] They are most disrespectful to you and I don’t understand it… you are a charming, dignified, well-spoken gentleman… and you wave to all the fans when you are in the ring… Yet still, they still disrespect you by making that BOO noise! And what a vulgar sound it is!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I don’t see why they jeer me… they should be jeering people like The Undertaker, he’s that bloody old, they should be jeering him right back to the retirement home. And as for my opponent this week, Lance Storm… they should be bloody jeering him too. He’s got about as much charisma as a gooseberry!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] He does seem a bit of a GOOSEBERRY to me! Hahaha!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Most humorous ma’am… It is a pleasure to spend such time with a woman with such refined wit.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] The feeling is more than mutual William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Talking about goose, I’m bloody starving… shall I get these incompetent American imbeciles to serve us up now?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] That sounds like quite an idea William, I’m ravished.

With that, William Regal beckons over a couple of servants who are busy preparing the food for The Duchess Of Queensbury and they set about carving the goose. On each large silver plate, they put on a couple of small slices of goose with some of the stuffing, followed up by some potatoes soaked in golden syrup.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] This looks exquisite

She says as the servant lays her plate in front of her. The other servant goes to place the plate in front of William Regal but one of the potatoes rolls off the plate onto William Regal’s well-polished black shoe.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] YOU LITTLE GIT! How dare you drop that on MY shoe?! You’re all bloody incompetent… clear this mess up at once!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Calm down…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] CALM DOWN! These fools need to be told the bloody truth for once! You’re all a bunch of clumsy little sods and I bet you dropped that on my shoe on purpose… didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?! LOOK AT ME YOU LITTLE TOERAG!

[ ' Servant 1 ' Ben ] I… I… dddddd-didn’t mean to sir! It wwww-was an accident!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] You’re a disgrace to the human race… such mistakes would never happen in England!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It’s not his fault… he’s just a kid!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Of course it’s his fault… HE’S A BLOODY AMERICAN!

The servant gets a cloth and goes down on his knees to wipe the stain off the shoe off William Regal… the servant spits on the shoe to help clean it and William Regal stares in horror!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] How dare you befoul my shoe with your saliva YOU ROTTEN VAGABOND!?

[ ' Servant 1 ' Ben ] I’m ssss-sorry, I was just trying to ccc-clean it!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Then, get some bloody shoe polish! How could you be so vulgar in front of The Duchess?! She’s practically royalty for crying out loud!

[ ' Servant 1 ' Ben ] Sorry sir, I’ll see to it right away…

The servant dashes off, as William Regal stares at him in utter astonishment… he turns back to the Duchess and he’s now on his feet. The Duchess is just watching and hasn’t even started her meal yet.

[ ' English Elegance ' Filthy American!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] At least your opponent is a Canadian this week…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Americans… Canadians… What’s the bloody difference?! Those people are just as bad your Highness… For one, they think it’s normal to dress their police officers up like royalty! They’re just peasants like the common people ma’am… they don’t deserve to wear such uniform! And they call them mounties… Don’t they realise how ridiculous they look!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It’s just something that Canadians like to feel proud of… like we are proud of the Queen!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] But the Queen is a unique and special lady ma’am… she is the epitome of etiquette and good manners. And what’s more, she’s English!

[ ' Servant 2 ' Dean ] Actually, she’s German… she is the descendent of the Hanoverians, who were from Germany.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Who is this discourteous pig? And how dare you interrupt our private conversation? Who the BLOODY HELL do you think you are?

[ ' Servant 2 ' Dean ] I’m Dean…

[ ' English Elegance ' I don’t care who you bloody are… Just bloody piss off!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] WILLIAM! I will not tolerate such vile words! Let’s put an end to this right now… leave Dean, AT ONCE! Now William, what were you saying about Canada?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I was just discussing what a wonderful lady our Queen is… and how she is unique… unlike the thousands upon thousands of mounties that these stupid Canadians idolise! They don’t have any etiquette at all… they all seem to be chewing gum and then, they have the audacity to spit it on the floor!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Disgusting!

[ ' English Elegance ' And another thing that they are proud of… their sportsmen! Let’s take a look at them… We have the Canadian Olympic Hero Ben Johnson, do you remember that name your majesty?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It rings a bell…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] He cheated your highness, he cheated! And then, there are the figure skaters… the ones that had to whine and complain because they lost. You see, Canadians are ungentlemanly and they’re bad losers… and for that, they need to learn a lesson from an Englishman that is an upstanding athlete in comparison to them.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It sounds like you have yet another task to achieve…

[ ' English Elegance ' And it will be achieved ma’am… Lance Storm is just like all the other Canadians, he’s a bad loser! The fact is, he lost his Tag Team Titles the other night… and now, he’s running around and moaning and complaining like some little boy who’s lost his ball. And quite frankly, those who cannot take defeat like a proper gentleman, should not have entered into this sport at all!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Well said William! I couldn’t agree with you more.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And another thing about Canadians, they’re so bloody boring! And Lance Storm is one of the most boring men on this planet! If only they could learn from us English Duchess… they could talk about such riveting things as cricket, vintage wines and the stock exchange.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] They could learn so much from our great country…

[ ' English Elegance ' And yet soon, Lance Storm will… his lesson has been prepared and he will be educated. The Canadian people will learn to respect me and they will see it is wrong to be so undignified!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] You will teach them the error of their ways…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I will teach Lance Storm the error of his… his days of being boring are numbered. And I shall be victorious once again!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And yet, Taz is the man that holds the possession you want…

[ ' English Elegance ' Don’t you dare mention that bloody name round here!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] How dare you blaspheme at me?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] You will not utter those 3 letters again… but mark my words, he shall get his comeuppance. I shall make him pay for holding MY title! The World Title shall soon belong to me… and his foul mouth shall be shut, he will not blaspheme in the name of the Lord again! That rotten midget won’t dare swear at me! I'll wash his mouth with my own hands if needs... Or he’ll feel the ‘power of the punch’ I promise…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Let’s not get carried away and forget the task in Canada…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] You are right your highness, one must focus on the immediate match… First, I shall deal with Canada and Lance Storm… Then, the world!

William Regal’s face fills with a smug grin… things are looking rosy for him, after his victory over The Undertaker but what now? The Duchess realises her food has gone cold, as the scene fades to static… but will William Regal’s hot form continue in the CWF? Lance Storm is a man looking to set the record straight after his defeat at Insult2Injury but will The Englishman be too much for the Canadian? Can good will prevail once again? Tune into Smackdown to find out!