|| Roleplay #: 1 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 (Career Record: 02 - 00 - 00) ||
|| Next Match: William Regal vs. The Undertaker ||
|| Regal Achievements:|| None Yet In CWF; WWF Recruit Of The Week (1x);
|| Learnt Some Manners: In CWF:
; In WWF:The Big Show; Chris Benoit ||

William Regal left his mark on the CWF last week, after a convincing victory over The Messiah. The rookie didn’t have enough to compete with the ‘English Elegance’ and after being hit by the ‘power of the punch’, ‘The Goodwill Ambassador’ picked up the pinfall and victory number one in CWF. His time in America has so far been a great success, first in the WWF and then, in his debut match in the CWF but what next for the Englishman? Will he continue his run of good form? Will William Regal move onto bigger things? After a little spat over spilt oil, William Regal agreed to face The Undertaker at Insult To Injury. The Undertaker is The Deadman, The Phenom, The American Baddass… William Regal’s challenge has moved from rookie to legend and the task is set to be a lot more difficult. Did Regal pick a fight with the wrong opponent? People have messed with The Undertaker and they have paid the price… But what will William Regal’s price be? Will he be The Undertaker’s next victim? Or will he be able to overcome the legend of The Undertaker? At Insult to Injury, we will find out…

The scene opens inside the hotel room of an absolutely irate William Regal. He’s pacing up and down the room; he’s waving his hand in the air and going absolutely crazy. The Duchess Of Queensbury comes out of the bathroom, neatly dressed in a large royal robe of honour. William turns to her and looks at her in absolute disgust… not because of her appearance but because of his encounter with The Undertaker earlier that night… After asking The Undertaker to move his bike and stop making a mess, his request turned into an argument with The Undertaker… and then, a match at Insult To Injury. Regal flaps his hands in the air, in a nonchalant overly English way, showing his frustration.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Who does that bloody American think he is?! I’m bloody William Regal and he walks up to me, in his oily trunks and greased back hair and tells me that it’s my bloody funeral… MY BLOODY FUNERAL! Well! That ragamuffin can burn in hell for all I care…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] WILLIAM!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And he wants to talk about respect… RESPECT! I’m the one who needs some more bloody respect round here… I’m the most dignified person they’ve ever had in this god-awful country. If it weren’t for me they’d have absolutely no bloody manners at all.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] If you continue to blaspheme William, I shall be forced to lock you in your room all evening…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] But ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Enough of this twaddle! If you do not end this horrific outburst forthwith, there will be absolutely no caviar for your supper this evening!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Caviar?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It was bought especially William!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] REALLY?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] William, I am royalty for crying out loud.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] That’s marvellous… and I can only offer my deepest heartfelt apologies for conversing with you in such disgustingly horrible terms.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It shall be forgotten…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Thank you your highness but such speech is not acceptable… and you should not tolerate such impertinence again. One might expect an American to speak to royalty like that but an Englishman should know to respect his peers.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] You have been forgiven, let this situation rest…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] As you wish your majesty! William Regal moves away from the Duchess and over to the corner of the room, he is clearly pondering over something… he turns back to The Duchess looking a little puzzled and she immediately notices that something seems to be on his mind.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What’s troubling you William?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s America ma’am… not only are the people uncouth, filthy, wretched creatures… but they are actually proud of their country! Why Duchess?! Why?! I could possibly understand if they were to be an upstanding nation with great etiquette and dignity. Like England, perhaps? But why can these stupid American continue to believe their country is the best??? It’s not the best, it’s not even pleasant!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Is there anyone you’re thinking about in particular?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] There is a certain gentleman I have in mind…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Is it, for instance, Mr America?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Lord, no… I mean, he’s just as repugnant and pathetic as the person I was thinking about but he’s not actually the one that first entered my brain!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Then, who is this chap?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s The Undertaker… For some unfathomable reason, he loves this country… and he’s proud of it. I mean, he calls himself ‘The American Baddass’… AMERICAN BADDASS! The poor fool

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Duchess, can you think of 3 reasons that anyone could possibly be proud of this vile, despicable country?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Erm...

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] My point exactly, there is nothing to be proud of… America is worthless! If only we could instil the same morals and etiquette that we English have. Nobody is more elegant, well mannered and eloquent as The English… and it’s about time these Americans learnt something from our GREAT country!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I couldn’t agree with you more… but isn’t your vendetta against The Undertaker based on personal issues, not his country?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] You are right ma’am… This isn’t just about America. As much as I hate this god forsaken country, as much as I want to get out of this cesspit, as much as I want to re-educate these people in the correct way of doing things… The English way! I do just hate this country. But The Undertaker, my hatred for him is not just based on his nationality… It’s personal! I despise The Undertaker… and he might have an old head but he won’t be teaching me any lessons about respect. He needs to learn some bloody respect! I will teach that little pipsqueak respect if it’s the last thing I bloody do!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] It’s time you graced your presence over this new federation… it’s time you showed them that you’re a jolly good fighter… and you defeat this Undertaker chap swiftly and promptly.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Nobody fights better than an Englishman ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Nobody fights better than you William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] The Undertaker is a legend your highness… but his career is practically over. It’s about time someone put an end to these nonsensical proceedings. A cloud has been hanging over his career for a long time… and this Sunday, the curtain will fall on The Undertaker’s career, in which it will be his last act.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And you, William, shall rise to the pinnacle of success…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And The Undertaker will be just a mere stepping-stone… on my path to gold.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] You would look the picture of English elegance with the World Title around your waist… It wouldn’t suit anyone more!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I couldn’t agree more Duchess… there’d be nothing more wonderful than having a championship belt of my own. But I cannot yet set my aspirations too high… For my challenge this week is to defeat The Undertaker… and the rotten scoundrel will have his comeuppance, mark my words!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Fancy him leaving oil all over the floor that you walked across…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] That’s exactly why I have to take care of this undignified toe rag… I promise, that imbecile will no longer besmirch the federation I am a part of… and this Sunday, he will feel the ‘power of the punch’ and I shall be victorious.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] But the Undertaker promised that it would be your funeral… what a horrible chap!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It will not be my funeral… I can bloody guarantee that! No… the only thing dying this Sunday, will be The Undertaker’s career!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Marvellous…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] The Decade Of Destruction shall come to an end this Sunday… and good will shall, at last, prevail!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Good will to all men!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And may ‘God Save The Queen’… With that, William Regal opens the hotel door and holds it open for The Duchess to walk through like the true gentleman that he is…The 2 English people leave the hotel room, as the scene fades to static. But the question remains will the legend of The Undertaker be too much for The Englishman? Or will, as William regal promised, good will prevail? William Regal will be looking to add to his first victory in the CWF… but will he able to do it? Tune into Insult2Injury to find out!