|| Roleplay #: 1 ||
|| Record: 00 - 00 - 00 (Career Record: 02 - 00 - 00) ||
|| Next Match: William Regal vs. The Messiah ||
|| Regal Achievements:|| None Yet In CWF; WWF Recruit Of The Week (1x);
|| Learnt Some Manners: In CWF: None yet ; In WWF:The Big Show; Chris Benoit ||

‘The Goodwill Ambassador’ William Regal’s career seemed to be in jeopardy, after the closure of the WWF… but low and behold, the undefeated superstar from the WWF, was drafted into the CWF earlier today and will be making his CWF debut on this up-and-coming Smackdown. After coming to America, William Regal made it his mission to clean up the acts of the filthy Americans that crossed his path… but whilst, he was attempting to do this, William Regal also wants to lay his hands upon the titles that he so desperately desires. At his side, the Duchess Of Queensbury… The Duchess wanted to do see The New World and it’s her job to keep William sane, in the face of constant American stupidity. The first challenge to William Regal’s CWF career will come from The Messiah, an almost unknown wrestler at this level but well known on the wrestling circuit. The Messiah is a former XPW, CZW and MPW World Champion… and now, he wants to make his name in the CWF. But to William Regal, he sees another rookie American that needs to learn to respect his betters… but will William Regal be able to educate The Messiah or does the rookie have a surprise up his sleeves for the ‘English Elegance’?!

The scene opens and we are inside a huge plane… The Duchess Of Queensbury makes her way into a comfortable window seat, as William Regal packs her luggage into the above compartment for her. Regal closes the luggage door and sits next to The Duchess. He reclines in his leather seat and looks to the Duchess, he seems to be comfortable and has a sort of smile on his face… about as much as Regal can actually smile. He then opens his British mouth for the first time in the CWF…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Thank god, we’re travelling first class your highness… I don’t think I could cope with too much contact with those filthy, uncouth Americans.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I’d never even dream of travelling ‘economy class’ William… Can you imagine the kind of people we could encounter?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I don’t even want to consider such horrific possibilities ma’am… one can only imagine that it would be too terrifying for thought!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And I must add to the matter… I don’t like all this flying William, it’s not good for my egestion.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Have you taken anything for that irritable bowel of yours?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Well William, I bought some laxatives for it a while ago but the constipation hasn’t gone away.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] How unfortunate… It doesn’t help that we have to travel such long distances…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I don’t mind the length of these excursions… it’s just that they happen far too frequently.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I apologise sincerely your majesty… but it is quite frankly impossible for me to avoid such complications. It’s just ‘part and parcel’ of my employment.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] I understand William… At least this way I get to see as much of America as I can…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Even if it is the most god awful place in the world!!!

The plane takes off and William Regal has relaxed into his seat… the plane reaches a high altitude and the plane levels off. The fasten seatbelt sign is taken off and the air-stewards come out. 1 of them catches the attention of William Regal and The Duchess… he is a young man in a tight white shirt… and he was a very high-pitched voice and he is acting in a very weird, overly nice character. He comes over to The Duchess and offers some assistance…

[ ' Gay Air Steward ' John ] Good afternoon your highness, how has your day been?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Quite marvellous, thank you very much…

[ ' Gay Air Steward ' John ] Is there anything you need on board?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Would it be possible to have my tea and crumpets at 3pm sharp???

[ ' Gay Air Steward ' John ] I’ll see to it right away… ma’am.

The Duchess turns to William, as the attendant walks away to deal with her request… She seems to be in awe at the politeness of the attendant.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What a charming chap… for an American!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] He made me feel quite uncomfortable your highness.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Why William? He was a quite positively lovely gentleman…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Well… didn’t you find him a little… ‘odd’?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] No, he seemed perfectly sane to me…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I mean… didn’t you think he was a bit… ‘queer’?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Pardon?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Don’t you think he might be batting for the other team?

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Why are you bringing cricket into this?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I think he might be… *whispers* GAY!

The Duchess flies back in her seat with shock, at the words that were just uttered from William Regal’s mouth. She’d never considered the possibility that he might be a homosexual… and that’s why he might be a ‘nice’ American.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Don’t be preposterous!!! He’s not one of those horrible people… he’s a nice young chap and that sort of thing should not be tolerated under ANY circumstance! Homosexuality will just NOT be tolerated in Britain, it’s just… DISGUSTING!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Yes… that nice, young chap is just like all the other Americans… filthy, dirty and uncouth! If only American children could be educated like ENGLISH children.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] They might learn some etiquette…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s about BLOODY time these sods learnt some etiquette!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] WILLIAM! How dare you blaspheme in front of me?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I apologise sincerely ma’am… but the American people make my blood boil!

As William Regal apologises, one of the passengers on the other side is eating a ham sandwich… he takes a huge bite and puts way too much food in his mouth… he chews the food and coughs a lot of it up. There are crumbs everywhere and you can see the food in his mouth… William Regal and The Duchess are horrified.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] CRIKEY! Such vulgarity should be punished by death!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] How dare you besmirch the eyes of ‘The Duchess Of Queensbury’?!? She’s practically royalty for crying out loud!

[ ' Fat Man ' Dean ] I’m… *splutters food everywhere* sorry!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Close your mouth when you eat… before I have to teach you some bloody manners!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Sit down William!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] But ma’am, this rotten scoundrel needs to be taught a lesson…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Would you dare defy an order from royalty?

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] No… of course not!

William Regal sits down next to The Duchess… but his eyes are locked on the fat man that is trying to hide the mess he has just made. Regal eventually slides his gaze away from the man and looks at the Duchess.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Such a repugnant creature… I should have him some…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Calm down William! He’s not worth it… you should save all that anger for your match this Tuesday… against The Messiah.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] But your majesty, it shall be just too easy… he’s just a rookie!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] What’s a rookie?!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It’s what Americans call beginners…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Ahh, I see… so this should just be a demonstration match.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] It shall be over in a jiffy ma’am…

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Super… I don’t want to stay in those arenas long… the air in those places is not good enough to inhale.

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] I will end it quickly ma’am… and I promise I’ll beat him the English way.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Like a true gentleman!

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] Is there any other way?! The Messiah is just a beginner… and the old English dog shall teach that little toe-rag, a few new tricks! And he will be just another American that will learn to give our country, the respect and the dignity it deserves… for he who does not behave appropriately, shall be taught some manners.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] Victory will be yours William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] And The Messiah shall feel the full force of the ‘power of the punch’… and may ‘God Save The Queen’.

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] For England William…

[ ' English Elegance ' William Regal ] To England… and our new adventure in the CWF!

[ ' The Duchess ' Of Queensbury ] And here comes my tea and crumpets… this day couldn’t get any more wonderful!

The scene fades to static but will William Regal’s CWF career get off to a good start? Will he be able to overcome the obstacle of The Messiah? Is he taking the rookie too lightly? Or will ‘The English Elegance’ prove that he is superior to him? Tune into this Tuesday’s Smackdown to see how the next CWF event pans out…