|| Roleplay #: 4 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kane vs. Juventud Guerrero ||
|| CWE Achievements:|| None Yet;Coming Soon;
|| Sacrificed: Buff Bagwell; None Yet; Coming Soon ||

Many people have wondered… what is the threshold of pain? How much can a body take before it just has to cave in? A new kind of pain was unleashed in Championship Wrestling Entertainment last Thursday Night… A destructive, unstoppable wave of suffering. The first to fall victim to this was Buff Bagwell… torn apart by the sheer strength and power of his opponent. Then, The Undertaker became the next man to incur this monster’s wrath. A huge chokeslam to hell sent The Undertaker crashing to the mat at an incredible velocity… A new reign of dominance has begun in Championship Wrestling Entertainment. Kane’s first chance has been given to him, as he enters the Ring Of Honor Tournament against Juventud Guerrero. The young Mexican must be slightly worried, facing a seven-foot tall, 330 pound monster… who is not only out of control, he is possessed. The devil has taken Kane’s mind and his soul… Kane’s life revolves around carrying out the devil’s work. Kane’s powers have grown and he is sure to grow stronger and stronger… The question is, can Juventud survive the attack of The Big Red Monster or is he doomed to be the next sacrifice?!

The scene begins inside a Catholic Church, mass is just coming to an end… A whole load of mexicans are going up to the altar to collect the bread and the wine. The bread representing the body of Jesus Christ, the wine representing his blood. Sitting right at the back of the church, we can see the small, fat figure of Paul Bearer but Kane is nowhere to be seen.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The story of Christ… From the birth in the stable, to the death on the cross… The celebration of his life rests upon 1 matter… His resurrection. He came from the dead… and rooooose again… Jesus Christ became a MARTYR! The son of God, the most powerful man to have ever walked this Earth… His life is still celebrated. The miracle of Christ… it is still believed, it is still celebrated. But now… it’s importance… has come to an end!

Paul Bearer’s eyes widen with excitement, as he moves closer to the camera.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] FINALLY… The Devil has shown his TRUE power… Satan has his own miracle! They doubted it would ever happen… they thought My Kane was DEAD! But it was not to be… THEY WERE WRONG! The Devil, he brought my son back to life… The Devil’s own child! MY Kane… he came back to life! HE WAS REBORN! My Kane… He breathes again! OHH YEEESSSS… YOU HAVE WITNESSED… THE MIRACLE OF OUR TIME!

Paul Bearer has got really excited about what he is saying, his eyes have nearly popped out of his head and he can barely stay in his seat. He manages to compose himself a little bit but he is still too overexcited.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] My Kane… he is that miracle! HE IS UNIQUE! HE IS THAT SPECIAL ONE… He has not come to this Earth to do good… He has not come to this Earth to be a martyr… He has come to DESTROY this world. He has come to do the devil’s work! My Kane… He has come to fill this world with HATRED… DEATH… AND OHHH SOOOO MUCH PAIN… AND SUFFERING!

Paul Bearer stands up and he heads towards the exit, he obviously has no interest in participating in any of the service but he is still being filmed by the camera crew as he leaves.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Juventud Guerrera… You believe in Christ, don’t you? You have prayed for God… You have taken his body… His blood… You have worshipped the cross he was left to die upon! You and your people… You are truly… PATHETIC! OHHHH YES! The miracle of Christ… The miracle that God performed… It is NOTHING compared to what the devil has done… My Kane, he is more POWERFUL… more EVIL… more DESTRUCTIVE than this world could ever have imagined. My child of darkness… he CANNOT be stopped Juventud… and for you, your fate is a very SUDDEN… a very PAINFUL… DEATH! Your soul… it will be taken! Your body… will be flung into the pits of HELL! Your prayers… will not be answered… AND YOU WILL BURN… AND BURN IN HELL FOR AAAAALLLLL YOUR SINS!

Paul Bearer walks out into the burial ground… THAT’S KANE! What is Kane doing?! Kane has a shovel in his hand and is digging deep into the floor. Paul bearer walks towards his son… Kane is focussed on the task and is removing large amounts of soil at great haste. Paul Bearer stands quite near to him, the hole in the floor is clearly visible… Paul Bearer’s eyes are not locked on the hole but on the gravestone next to the hole.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ignacio Guerrera… Born on June 23rd 1921… Died on August 15th 1994… This is the resting place of your grandfather! The place his body was buried… most of your ancestors… They rest here! And soon… another member of this family will join them. YES! IT WILL HAPPEN… It cannot be avoided!

Kane is still digging the hole… as Paul Bearer walks over to the grass behind where Kane is digging. There is what looks to be a small brown parcel… Paul Bearer leans down on 1 knee next to it.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Juventud… This is your gift! This is from MEEEE… TO YOUUUU! This is what you will forever be remembered by…

Paul Bearer opens the parcel and rips it open…. It’s a gravestone and it has Juventud Guerrera’s name on it. What does this mean?!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] This is your gravestone… Juventud Guerrera… THIS IS YOUR FINAL… RESTING… PLACE! After all the anguish… after all the pain… after all the suffering that My Kane inflicts upon you… YOU WILL BE SACRIFICED… YOU WILL BE THE NEXT VICTIM! OHH YES! There is no escape from it… THIS IS YOUR DESTINY! Thursday 3rd June 2004… This will be your END… and it will be our beginning! The reign of terror… IT BEGINS TONIGHT! My Kane… will take his path to GLORY… He will take his first step on his RISE… TO THE TOP! And Juventud… you DARED to stand in his way… and you will pay the ULTIMATE price!

Kane stops digging, he grabs the gravestone and places at the top of the grave… Kane takes his place at the side of his father, breathing quite heavily!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] YES KANE! YES! This is it… THIS… IS… IT!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] Juventud Guerrera… YOU… ARE… MIIIIIINE!

A chilling message from Kane and Paul Bearer to his opponent Juventud Guerrera… The Juice must be quite worried about what kane’s plans are and how he can avoid such an unfortunate end? Who will fight out this battle to victory?! Will it be The Juice or will it be this sadistic, ‘possessed monster’ KANE?!