|| Roleplay #: 3 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kane vs. Juventud Guerrero ||
|| CWE Achievements:|| None Yet;Coming Soon;
|| Sacrificed: Buff Bagwell; None Yet; Coming Soon ||

Many people have wondered… what is the threshold of pain? How much can a body take before it just has to cave in? A new kind of pain was unleashed in Championship Wrestling Entertainment last Thursday Night… A destructive, unstoppable wave of suffering. The first to fall victim to this was Buff Bagwell… torn apart by the sheer strength and power of his opponent. Then, The Undertaker became the next man to incur this monster’s wrath. A huge chokeslam to hell sent The Undertaker crashing to the mat at an incredible velocity… A new reign of dominance has begun in Championship Wrestling Entertainment. Kane’s first chance has been given to him, as he enters the Ring Of Honor Tournament against Juventud Guerrero. The young Mexican must be slightly worried, facing a seven-foot tall, 330 pound monster… who is not only out of control, he is possessed. The devil has taken Kane’s mind and his soul… Kane’s life revolves around carrying out the devil’s work. Kane’s powers have grown and he is sure to grow stronger and stronger… The question is, can Juventud survive the attack of The Big Red Monster or is he doomed to be the next sacrifice?!

The 2nd of June 2004… The scene begins in a small shanty town in the heart of Mexico. The natives are just carrying on with their daily work… The market is filled with shopper collecting their daily fruit and vegetables… People dressed in ponchos buying their oranges and tomatoes. Neighbours and friends stopping in the street to discuss the local gossip. Everything seems to be just a normal day in this small, bustling little town. But it isn’t… Everything is not alright. In fact, something is very… very wrong! A disgusting, hideous act is beginning… and it will surely be mourned as the most sadistic event to ever occur in this town’s long history. The scene zooms in on a small little shanty house… it is nothing significant to look at but inside, there is a small room… The cameras zoom inside the small room and strapped to the chair, in the centre of the room, there’s a Mexican lad in his 20’s. The kid’s eyes must be popping out of his head because he has been kidnapped… The kid struggles shaking the chair… A hand comes from the background and stops the chair rattling… Or should I say… a big, black glove?! IT’S KANE… the kid looks even more frightened than before, as Kane just looms over him. Paul Bearer suddenly appears behind Kane… he walks to Kane’s side and directly behind the child. Paul Bearer begins to stroke the guy’s head and speaks…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] You poor child… Such a happy life you had. A young wife bearing your first child… A father and mother so proud… A stable career… And then, your world… it came crashing DOWN! Ohh… and what a fall it was! YES… a terrifying monster, he came… and he stole your life… your freedom… everything you ever had… IT’S GONE! Poof… UP IN SMOKE! And now… you belong to US!

Paul Bearer walks away from the young lad and walks towards the camera…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Is this your nephew, Juventud? Is this a member of your family?! Does it pain you to see him so helpless?! OHH YES… That’s exactly what he is Juventud… Helpless! My Kane… he is SO dominant… SO powerful… SO destructive… that all shall fall to his might. It is your turn Juventud… Your time has come! Your punishment is about to begin…

Paul Bearer turns to his son Kane and gives him the first order.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Remove the gag Kane… let him speak… let us hear his helpless cries…

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] Hahaha…

Kane’s sadistic laugh comes to an end and he removes the gag. The kid does indeed cry for help, he screams for it very loudly…

[ ' Mexican Lad ' Manuel ] ¡cAyuda! ¡cAyuda! (Help! Help!)

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Screams for forgiveness… no-one can hear your cries for help. Your fate is INEVITABLE! There is no escape… Ohh no… You are trapped. Your destiny has been decided… and your demise is near. You will be Kane’s next sacrifice… And my Kane will enjoy torturing you oh so much! YES… what a perfect say it shall be!

[ ' Mexican Lad ' Manuel ] ¡Por favor, cualquiera, ME AYUDA! (Please, anybody, help me!)

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Punish him Kane… Make him suffer! Make an example out of him… Show Juventud what fate he shall suffer! A painful… terrifying END!


We see a flash of bright light and Kane has a match in his hand… The kid’s eyes look so frightened… The cameras turn away as what looks like the room is getting more orange.

[ ' Mexican Lad ' Manuel ] ARGH! ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! ¡cParada! ¡cParada! (STOP! STOP!)

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] This is your fate Juventud… The screams of your nephew, they will be YOURS! My Kane… he had to suffer too… he had to endure more pain that you can ever imagine… and he survived. My Kane survived because he is STRONG… But you are weak! YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE… You cannot survive! There will be no respite… no remorse… but there’s 1 thing that will happen… OHH YES, IT IS DESTINY… There will be an ending! Do you want to know how it ends, Juventud? It will be SO BEAUTIFUL… such a perfect ending for you… My Kane shall take your body and you will be ABLAZE… ON FIRE… YOU WILL BURN!

Kane walks into the picture, there is blood all over his black glove. The blood of a Mexican has been spilt… The fire has been put out, the screams have ended.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Is it done, my son? Is it OVER?

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] YEEESSSS FAAAATHER!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] It is done, Kane… It is done. But it isn’t over… your true victim, he awaits you! He lies in purgatory, awaiting his fate… Fortunately, your wait will not be too long Juventud. Your end will be short… it will be oh so sweet… But it will be the worst kind of pain you have ever felt! OHH YES! Pray for forgiveness… Cry for help… it will not save YOU! You are the first sacrifice… You are my Kane’s next VICTIM! And fate CANNOT be overturned.

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Do you believe in predestination? DO YOU? This was it, Juventud… This was your chosen path! A path SO dark… SO evil… that no man DARES to walk it… and no man… EVER… emerges the other side. Your path is a dead-end road, Juventud… It is DOOMED! YOU…. ARE… DOOMED!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] You will forever live in darkness… My child of darkness… My son… MY KANE… He is going to DESTROY you! You didn’t believe he would rise again… You thought, he was gone… It was over! It will never end… My Kane, he is FOREVER…And his path of destruction, it is only… just… beginning! You are in the way, Juventud… You are looking straight at MY KANE! And my Kane, he is set his eyes upon you… He is looking right at YOU! Can you see him? Can you feel his piercing glare?! Can you see YOUR END?! It is staring right at you, Juventud… This is your destiny… and it is NIGH! Ohh so very nigh! YES! All your worst nightmares… your fears… they shall all come TRUE! My Kane, he is your worst NIGHTMARE… and this Thursday Night, it will be the WORST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Tomorrow night, you will look DEATH in the eye… My Kane… OHH YES… You are going to be sacrificed… You are going to feel oh so much pain… AND YOU WILL BURN! YOU… WILL… BURN!


Kane signals that the end if coming to Juventud Guerrero… The Juice’s luck may just be about to run out.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Yes… he will Kane… HE WILL! OHH YES! This may be Juventud’s end… but it the beginning for YOU… The path to glory is LIT! Tomorrow… You shall take your first step… One big… NO… Giant leap! YES! It is your destiny my son… The World Championship, it will soon be OURS! Our reign of dominance… it is just beginning… And you shall demonstrate your strength… your power… THIS THURSDAY NIGHT! The Ring of Honor Tournament will fall to its knees… It will collapse… It will BEG… FOR… MERCY… as the CWE will feel… OUR REIGN OF TERROR! OHHHHH YES!

Paul Bearer’s face is lit up with happiness and excitement as the scene fades to static… Kane versus Juventud Guerrero. The Ring Of Honor Tournament is going to be incredible and one of the most destructive matches in history will be witnessed but who will survive? Will it be the speed and agility of Juventud Guerrero or will The Juice be the next sacrifice of that ‘Possessed Monster’ Kane?!