|| Roleplay #: 2 ||
|| Record: 00 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kane vs. Buff Bagwell ||
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|| Sacrificed: Buff Bagwell?; None Yet; Coming Soon ||

Have you ever felt death awaits you round the corner? Have you looked death in the eye?! Lying unawakened for countless years, a plague has been unleashed… The spawn of satan has been released and now, it is time for it all to begin. A contract has been signed… The devil in its form is coming to Championship Wrestling Entertainment in only a matter of time. Southern California Wrestling shall be the first to witness the awesome power and strength of the ‘Possessed Monster’. Evil does not constitute the correct term for the child of darkness… His huge body possessed by the Devil’s will and encouraged by his own father, darkness shall rule across the CWE. He is coming to CWE… He is coming to turn Earth into the hell he is used to. He is coming to inflict pain and suffering into all those that cross his path. Wednesday the 26th of May 2004… the fateful night where it all shall begin… and the night where happiness and enjoyment shall come to an END! Death shall come knocking at the door of Championship Wrestling Entertainment. Who shall be the first victim of this psychotic beast?! Who will be KANE’S first SACRIFICE?!

The scene begins in Paul Bearer’s house… Kane is standing still but suddenly, he begins to wobble and hold his head… Kane is obviously trying to fight the voices in his head but the devil’s possession is too strong and Kane cannot battle it any more.

[ ' Devil's Voice ' In Kane's mind ] Kane… IT IS TIME! Time for you to fulfil my first desire… a desire you will LOVE to fulfil! I want you to set fire… BURN… The nearest church you can find… It is time for the next service… You shall make them fear you… You should make them doubt their belief in God… WE SHALL WIPE RELIGION OUT ONCE… AND FOR ALL!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] BUUUURRRRNNNNN!

[ ' Devil's Voice ' In Kane's mind ] Yes… Time to leave Kane!

Bearer is suited up as usual, he pulls his zip up as he has just come out of the lavatory and he begins to look around, probably for his son Kane.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Kane? … Kane? … KANE?

Bearer’s search takes him round the whole of his house but Kane is nowhere to be seen… Kane has disappeared and Bearer is sent into a frenzy of concern for his beloved son. Bearer dashes into the gardens looking for his son but he is nowhere to be seen, he runs into the house and looks around again but no luck… Bearer grabs his keys and jumps into his car. Bearer drives down some lanes but he cannot find Kane… Bearer turns the radio on and after about 10 seconds, a local newsflash comes through on the radio.

Newsflash: We have some incoming and urgent news… the local St Benedict’s Church has been set on fire. Fire engines and ambulances are making their way at speed to the incident. The culprit, a seven-tall giant in a red mask is currently destroying anything that moves in sight. Police and armed officers are rushing to the incident to try and prevent this monster from causing any more damage.

Bearer suddenly realises that the perpetrator must be Kane, he slams his foot onto the accelerator and heads straight for the town. It takes less than half a minute to get there and he sees the church is completely ablaze! Bearer screeches up and Kane is now just on 1 knee holding his head… Bearer jumps out of the car and grabs Kane.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] What did you do, Kane?! WHAT DID YOU DO?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Answer me… ANSWER ME, I AM YOUR FATHER!

The sirens begin to wail, the police are coming. Bearer grabs Kane and puts him into the car. Kane keeps fiddling with his mask, the devil’s possession has now left him but look at the destruction that it has caused. The car is silent all the way back to the house, the police did not follow them, a lucky escape for Kane…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Kane… why Kane? WHY?! WHY DID YOU DO IT?! Was it Satan? Did Satan make you do it?! Did he force you to set that church alight? DID HE?!

Kane loses it and goes berserk, tossing a lamp and lampshades into the wall, the lamp smashing into glass pieces. He then tosses a chair into the wall…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Stop! STOP! My dear Kane… calm… down!

Kane stops doing what he’s doing but he’s breathing heavily… the devil’s interference in his mind has seemed to upset his normal sanity, if that is the correct word. Bearer moves closer to Kane, trying to talk some sense into his deranged son.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Ohh yes… I understand you Kane. I understand what troubles you… I understand my Kane! I feel your pain Kane… I FEEL IT! The tension… the pent-up anger… the rage locked inside Kane… I FEEL IT! You need it, don’t you Kane? Yes… you need it… You long for it… YOU CRAAAAAAVE FOR IT! YOU NEED… A… SACRIFICE!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Tonight Kane… TONIGHT! You shall get that sacrifice… You shall get a victim… Yes, that is what you need, a victim Kane. A victim you can torment… a victim you can make suffer… A victim you can inflict UNENDING PAIN on! Ohh yes… the destruction you shall cause… SUCH… BEAUTIFUL… DESTRUCTION!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] A new era will begin… TONIGHT… A reign of terror… so TERRIFYING… so BRUTAL… so DESTRUCTIVE… that Championship Wrestling Entertainment will fall to its knees… AND BEEEEG… FOR MERCY! Ohh how exciting it shall be… The excitement Kane… don’t you just love the excitement?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The Day of reckoning is upon us… It is the beginning… OF THE… END! Ohh yes… a new era of domination has started… My Kane shall take his place at the TOP of this industry! No-one shall overlook you no more Kane… no-one will ignore you… My child of darkness will be… UNSTOPPABLE!

Kane just stands there without saying a thing as Bearer continues to talk to Kane, psyching him up for his match with Buff Bagwell tonight.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Buff Bagwell… The end is NIGH! Your time… has run out! Your life… comes to an end TONIGHT! My Kane… will destroy YOU! And he will take your soooooul! YOU ARE HIS SACRIFICE… YOU ARE THE VICTIM! And there is nothing... NOTHING you can do about it… NOTHING! No forgiveness… No remoooorse! Buff Bagwell… IT’S OVER! EMBRACE… YOUR… DEFEAT! Failure is your ONLY option! Survival… is… NOT!

Bearer looks at Kane, a huge grin appears on his face as he looks at the monster that he created. Bearer turns back to the camera.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] This is your future, Buff… THIS IS IT! BEHOLD… MY KANE… my beautiful son… He is what awaits you tonight! 7-feet tall… 330 pounds… You cannot defeat Kane… It will not happen, Buff! Kane wants to burn you… he wants to torch your soul… he wants to set you alight… Tonight, you are… the SACRIFICIAL LAMB… and it will be your CREMATION! OOOOHHHHHH YEEESSSSSSS!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] YOU… WILL… BE… SACRIFICED!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] You’re going to burn, Buff… You’re going to burn! Your career… will go up in flames! You will BURN IN HELL... OHH YES… YOU WILL BURN IN HELL! And what fun it will be… to hear your screams… to listen to your cries for help… TO HEAR YOU CRY FOR FORGIVENESS. Your destiny… is demise! Your body… will be destroyed! Your soul… will be taken. Your ashes… will belong to ME! From ashes to ashes… dust to dust… Buff Bagwell… Tonight… You are my Kane’s first VICTIM! It is your night of... REDEMPTION!

Suddenly, Kane begins to wobble again and he is holding his head… Paul Bearer begins to panic as Kane seems to be struck down by the possession of the devil once again. Bearer doesn’t know what to do as Kane seems to be completely under Satan’s control. Kane begins to leave the house again…

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] KAAANE… KAAANE… STOP… KANE… COME BAAACK!

Bearer grabs Kane around the waist but Kane keeps walking, Bearer is being dragged along by Kane with Bearer only able to hold on around his ankle. The devil may have control over Kane but will Buff Bagwell be able to stop this ‘possessed monster’ tonight. Kane is unstoppable at the best of the times but with the possession and his unstable state of mind, will anyone be able to control his rage? Can Buff Bagwell take Kane out or will he be just the first of Kane’s victims?!