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Have you ever felt death awaits you round the corner? Have you looked death in the eye?! Lying unawakened for countless years, a plague has been unleashed… The spawn of satan has been released and now, it is time for it all to begin. A contract has been signed… The devil in its form is coming to Championship Wrestling Entertainment in only a matter of time. Southern California Wrestling shall be the first to witness the awesome power and strength of the ‘Possessed Monster’. Evil does not constitute the correct term for the child of darkness… His huge body possessed by the Devil’s will and encouraged by his own father, darkness shall rule across the CWE. He is coming to CWE… He is coming to turn Earth into the hell he is used to. He is coming to inflict pain and suffering into all those that cross his path. Wednesday the 26th of May 2004… the fateful night where it all shall begin… and the night where happiness and enjoyment shall come to an END! Death shall come knocking at the door of Championship Wrestling Entertainment. Who shall be the first victim of this psychotic beast?! Who will be KANE’S first SACRIFICE?!

The date is May 18th 2004 and the scene opens in a small, dark room. The lights have been struck out and the only light in the room is 1 dark candle. The room is absolutely bare apart from 1 small table in the middle of the room and a small cushion that is being knelt on by a short, fat man in a dark grey suit. The man is clearly weeping and at the same time, he is praying and talking loudly… What is the man doing and who is it?

[ ' Unknown ' Voice ] Ohh Satan, my son… my beautiful child, he has been taken from me. STOLEN… his life brought to such a premature end. Please Satan, I ask… Ohh, I BEG YOU… I shall do anything… and I mean, ANYTHING… to have my beautiful son Kane returned to me!

The candle light catches a glimpse of the man’s face and we can see that the man praying to the devil is Paul Bearer… and he’s asking for his son Kane to be returned to him.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] My Kane, he was such a good son… He may have done some bad things but it was not his fault! IT WAS MINE! I told him to do those things… you should have taken my life Satan! MY LIFE! Ohh but I cannot accept that what is done is done… Satan… PLEEEEEEEASE…GIVE ME BACK MY SON!

There’s a pause of great silence and nothing happens… The light from the candle now shows that bearer is clutching the urn at his stomach and he even has Ouija Board in front of him.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Satan, if you can hear me… GIVE ME A SIGN… ONE SIGN… I BEG YOU!

There’s a short pause and then, suddenly the shutters of the window of the dark room fly open and a gush of wind flies in through the window. Paul Bearer has made contact with the devil.


Bearer begins to weep further and then, there’s a flash of light and fire and a face flashes onto the wall… an eerie face! Bearer begins to look around very scared… but then, a wry grin begins to emerge on his face.


There’s another bigger flash of light and the fireplace flashes on… a fire begins to burn in the corner, the awesome power of the devil is taking place in this room. The room suddenly falls to silence, Paul Bearer looks around as if waiting for his prayers to be answer. AND THEN, A VOICE… THE DEVIL’S VOICE!

[ ' The Voice Of ' THE DEVIL ] Paul Bearer… The body of your son now belongs TO ME!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Please… GIVE ME MY SON… I will do anything and ohh I mean, anything to have him again!

[ ' The Voice Of ' THE DEVIL ] You are PATHETIC!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] TAKE ME… TAKE ME… REUNITE ME WITH MY SON!

[ ' The Voice Of ' THE DEVIL ] NO! Your time has not come! You wish to have your son back AT ANY COST?!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] YES! YES! ANYTHING SATAN… ANYTHIIIING!

There is a long pause as the devil does not answer Bearer’s begging… Will there be an answer or is Bearer condemned to a life without his son?! The pause seems to go on forever, Bearer nearly gives up hope and then, his call is answered.

[ ' The Voice Of ' THE DEVIL ] I shall bring Kane back to life… but it will be at the ULTIMATE price! I WILL TAKE HIS SOUL… HIS MIND… AND HE SHALL CARRY OUT MY WORK FOR THE REST OF HIS DAYS!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] YES! YES! OHH SATAN, THANK YOU… THANK YOU… THANK YOU!

[ ' The Voice Of ' THE DEVIL ] 7 days… at nightfall… your son shall rise from the pits of HELL… at the place of his BURIAL!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] THANK YOU SATAN… THANK YOU… THANK YOU!

The flames are extinguished and the contact with the devil has been ended as the scene switches… The date is now the 25th of May 2004… Night has fallen and Paul Bearer is at the burial ground waiting for his son to rise from the dead. A couple of hours passes by in the cold cemetery and nothing happens but Paul Bearer waits eagerly for his prayers to be answered.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] OHHHHH YEEEESSSSS!

The floor beneath Bearer’s feet begins to shake… cracks begins to appear in the floor. The ground begins to part around the place where Kane was buried… The ground continues to part until a huge amount of bright orange light begins to be seen beneath the ground. A huge hole has now emerged and flames begins to flick and pertrude from the hole. The flames get bigger and bigger, Paul Bearer’s face turns to sheer excitement. The whole grave is no engulfed in flames… and then, the top of his head begins to appear. KANE IS RISING FROM THE DEAD… The Monster has returned, the devil has indeed brought him back to life. Kane stands beneath the flames and walks through them onto the normal ground. The ground begins to shake again and the hole begins to close, the flames and the orange light gradually disappears until the hole is closed. The scene is dark, the cemetery is quiet… Paul Bearer begins to walk towards his son.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] MY KANE! MY KANE!!!

Paul Bearer embraces the monster, his soul and mind may now have been taken by the devil but Paul Bearer is jubilant nonetheless. Bearer backs off from the hug and his face is just illuminated with excitement.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] It shall begin again Kane… It shall begin… AGAIN! Your time has now come… IT HAS COME KANE… IT HAS COME! Ohh yes… Championship Wrestling Entertainment now awaits you… MY SON! Yes… it is time for your reign of dominance… You have risen from the dead! MY CHILD… OF DARKNESS… HAS BEEN… RESURRECTED!

Kane begins to fiddle with his glove… He is clearly getting anxious, pent-up with anger… and rage!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] What do you wish, Kane?! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Answer me my son… Your wish… it is my command!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] FIND… ME… A SACRIFICE!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] OHH YES! A SACRIFICE! Yes my Kane… A SACRIFICE… I have one prepared for you!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Your first victim… your first sacrifice… will be… BUFF… BAGWELL… OHH YES!!!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The pain… the suffering… the torment… you shall bring, it will be BEAUTIFUL! It is the moment I have waiting OHH SO LONG for… The day that My Kane… shall rise from the pits of hell… To the very top… the peak of this world! No-one believed me… no-one listened… I told them, MY KANE SHALL RETURN! He shall return, I told them… They ignored me… They even laughed at me! Ohh, how wrong were they?! THE DAY OF RECKONING HAS COME… Tomorrow, it will all begin! Your reign of terror… OUR REIGN OF TERROR! Ohh yes!!!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

Paul Bearer continues to leap about in front of the motionless Kane. Kane has not moved since he last spoke… his eyes are fixed like some kind of deranged maniac. Bearer’s excitement is calmed but he begins to speak again.

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] Buff Bagwell… it is time for you to meet your fate… your destiny… YOUR END! You are my Kane’s first… and unfortunate… VICTIM! It is your time to feel the pain… the suffering… that my Kane shall inflict upon your helpless body! You have no escape… You have no hope! It is time for you to accept your end… You shall be the first SACRIFICE. The first to feel the POWER… Of my son! He has no soul… no remorse… no conscience… He is possessed! And you stand NOOOOO CHANCE AT ALL!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] The question remains, doesn’t it? The question that you all fear to ask… the ultimate question! What does my Kane plan to do to Buff Bagwell?! What fate awaits you?! Kane… what is his destiny?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] What do you have planned my son?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] ...

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] What are you going to do to Buff… Bagwell?!

[ ' Possessed Monster ' Kane ] BUUUUUURRRRRNNNNN!

[ ' The Father ' Paul Bearer ] OHH YES! He will burn Kane… HE WILL… BURN! Buff Bagwell… you will burn in hell… You will burn in hell! Your fate awaits you… it awaits you! You are MY KANE’S… FIRST… SACRIFICE!

The scene comes to an end at the cemetery with Paul Bearer wide-eyed and excited about the prospect of Kane returning to the ring. Kane stands tall and straight without barely saying a word… This monster is soon to be unleashed in Championship Wrestling Entertainment. Can Buff Bagwell escape Kane’s wrath or will he be the next victim or worse, the next sacrifice?!