|| Roleplay #: 3 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero ||
|| Kurt Angle Achievements:|| None Yet In NWA:TNA; WEF Champion (2x);WEF Undisputed Champion (1x);SKE World Champion (2x);WEF Tag Champion (3x);WOW IC Champion (1x);WOW Tag Champion (1x);Plenty more to come..
|| Beaten: Stone Cold [1x], Christian [1x] ||

There is only 1 man in the wrestling world that epitomises the word ‘success’ and his success started at an early age. Even as a child and a teen, it was obvious to all that Kurt Angle was a purebred born WINNER! Junior Titles, School Titles, State Titles, National Titles… At the age of 26, Kurt Angle was a World Champion and 1 year later, Kurt Angle went to the Olympics and won it. And let’s not forget the 5 World Titles that Kurt Angle has picked up in his continuing wrestling career… Kurt Angle’s career has been successful from beginning to now. Even a 9 month lay-off from a neck injury could not stop the Olympic Gold Medallist from picking up the victory in his first ever NWA-TNA match… Kurt Angle made Austin tap out to win. However, the only REAL athlete was forced to sit out Xplosion because of an executive decision. Angle was furious but he won’t be sitting out another event. Kurt Angle shocked the wrestling world by hiring Paul Heyman as his manager… to make sure his interests are properly represented. Paul Heyman has done his job and has got Kurt Angle a match with Eddie Guerrero on Explosion… Can Kurt Angle continue to prove that he is the best athlete to ever step into the ring or will Kurt suffer his first embarrassment?

The scene opens in a dark room, an old man is scene tied up in a chair. His mouth is gagged, his arms are tied behind the wooden chair and he is struggling from side-to-side shaking the chair trying to wriggle free. The only sounds in the room are the flailing attempts of the man to try and scream about. Suddenly, a hand comes out and grabs the chair. The chair stops moving, the old man freezes and his head turns to the side to look at the face in question. The man stays out of the camera but the voice is so obviously the voice of Kurt Angle…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Paul, get your butt over here!

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Are you sure this is a good idea?

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] No, it’s not a good idea… it’s a great idea! It’s MY idea!

A small light flicks on and the face of the gagged man becomes visible. He is an old Mexican man in his sixties, his hair has gone grey but it is half-covered by the poncho that he has on his head. The rest of his body is clothed by a white netted which exposes his hairy chest that is mixed with black and now, mostly grey hair and a pair of beige trousers that are noticeably ripped at the knees and have stains on the thigh areas. The man with the hand on the chair lowers his head and it is Kurt Angle… He puts his head right next to the gagged man.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Papa Guerrero… the man that brought Eddie Guerrero into this world… are you proud of your son? Are you proud of what he’s achieved?

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] He must be the only person in your family to have made it out of the business and made something of himself…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Your son… the best thing to have ever come out of Mexico but heck, it’s hardly an achievement, is it? Think of everything that has come from Mexico…

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Tequila…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Yeah, like that tastes good? How does a drink that induces vomiting count as an achievement, huh?

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha… it doesn’t Kurt! But then neither do ponchos either…

Kurt takes the hat off the helpless father of Eddie Guerrero and puts it on his head gently. Kurt has a grin on his facing, as he mocks Eddie’s father and he’s clearly enjoying it. Angle’s face turns sour suddenly and he tosses the poncho on the floor and stamps on it.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You think I’d put that on my head? It must be full of fleas and dirt…

Eddie’s father’s eyes bulge in disgust at Angle’s actions… he just stamped on a symbol of Mexican culture. Angle just laughs after he does it…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You know what else sickens me about your country?

Kurt moves his face right in front of Eddie’s father… The father wriggles and Angle puts his finger up to his lips, telling the father to calm down.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Your people… you see, unlike you… unlike me… they’re not proud of their country. I’m proud of my country! Paul’s proud of being American too. You are proud of being a Mexican too… but the rest of your country couldn’t wait to escape. Just look how many of your people try to get to our country every day… doesn’t that say something? Even your beloved Eddie couldn’t wait to come to America… he couldn’t wait to sap our economy like every other one of you Mexicans do. He came to the free world, just like all the rest, for a better future… and he turned his back on people like you.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha, he did that… he did that to you!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You shouldn’t be proud of your son, you should be ashamed of him! He doesn’t give a damn about Mexico… I doubt he even cares that you exist. There’s only one person Eddie cares about… and that’s himself.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] He doesn’t love you PAPA! HAHA!

Kurt grins too… he bends down and picks up the poncho off the floor, he brushes a bit of the dirt and he puts it on top of the head of Eddie’s father. He doesn’t put it on properly, it leans to the side. Eddie’s father looks so helpless and Kurt continues to ridicule him.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Why are you so proud of Eddie? First off, he’s hardly a looker like yours truly… the mullet went out years ago! And then, he’s hardly a success story either… you call a couple of lower titles and a few tag team titles successful? He’s hardly a 5-time World Champion or an Olympic Gold Medallist, is he? Unlike your little bambino, I’m a born success story… I was fed fortune cookies as a child, whilst Eddie seems to just have lived on any scrap he could find. And another thing Eddie doesn’t have… TALENT! I’ve earned everything I’ve had in my career… the good old fashioned American way! Can you be proud of a son who’s only achievements have come because he lies… he cheats… he steals? He’s a good-for-nothing bum that just epitomises what your country is like… PATHETIC!

Eddie Guerrero’s father manages to pull his gag down with his mouth, giving him just enough space to say something back at Kurt…

[ ' Eddie's ' Father] You is nothing vato… ma’ son Eddie will beat you.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Beat me?! Haha… you hear that Paul?

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha… I heard it! I think he must be going blind in his old age…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Either that or he’s just plain old stupid…

Kurt and Heyman laugh as they continue to insult Eddie’s father, family and Eddie himself.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ok, shut him up Paul before I have to kick his butt too!

Paul raises the gag back up properly and makes sure it is tied tight enough to make sure that those were the last words uttered by Eddie’s father in this altercation. Paul steps away, Kurt has his back turned away… he turns back around and walks straight towards Eddie’s father. He kneels down next to Eddie’s father and begins to speak to him again.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You must be feeling real helpless and pathetic there… just as helpless and pathetic as Eddie will be against me this Saturday. But don’t worry old man, I’m going to ease off you… but your little boy, he’s going to get his butt, well and truly kicked at Xplosion.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] That’s right! Kurt’s going to go Olympic on his ass! Haha!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ok, quiet down Paul…

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Sorry Kurt… I just got carried away in the moment.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] I know Paul… I think I can handle it from here.

Heyman looks a little ashamed of his outburst and takes a couple of steps back, as Kurt turns his attention back to Eddie’s father.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] I’m going to let you go in a minute… you see, I don’t give a damn about ‘the familia’… Quite frankly, I think you’re all pathetic. As for Eddie, he’s gonna’ get what’s coming to him. Eddie stands for everything I hate about wrestling these days... he’s cheated his way to the top and I don’t like that one bit! I wrestled day in, day out, just to prove that I was the best in the business by beating every single wrestler put in front of me… And it’s people like Eddie that spit all over my ethics… my hard work… and everything I’ve achieved in my life!

Kurt shakes his head and stands back up, he towers over Eddie’s father… Kurt folds his arms and his face turns deadly serious.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] When I beat Eddie this Saturday night and break his ankle, I’ll finally prove what I’ve been trying to prove all my life… The weak can get to the top of the business but only the best can stay there! I am the best wrestler to ever step into the ring and I will prove that this Saturday night. As for Eddie, he’s going to regret everything he’s ever done in this business in the past… I’m going to break his freakin’ ankle and he’s going to know exactly who his daddy is! And just for a clue, it isn’t going to be you…

Angle turns to the camera and Heyman walks next to him… Heyman puts his arm around Kurt.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] You’re looking at the man that’s going to beat Eddie Guerrero on Xplosion… The man that’s going to break his ankle into lots of little bits! You’re looking at Kurt Angle!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ohh it’s true… IT’S DAMN TRUE! WOOOOOO!

Kurt Angle has been playing mind games with Eddie Guerrero but come Xplosion, will the mind games have worked? Can Kurt Angle pick up his second victory in the NWA-TNA and can he break Eddie Guerrero’s ankle as promised? Kurt Angle is not just out to prove he is the best in the NWA-TNA but prove he is the best in this business. Will his performance at Xplosion take him one step closer to NWA-TNA World Championship?