|| Roleplay #: 2 ||
|| Record: 01 - 00 - 00 ||
|| Next Match: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero ||
|| Kurt Angle Achievements:|| None Yet In NWA:TNA; WEF Champion (2x);WEF Undisputed Champion (1x);SKE World Champion (2x);WEF Tag Champion (3x);WOW IC Champion (1x);WOW Tag Champion (1x);Plenty more to come..
|| Beaten: Stone Cold [1x], Christian [1x] ||

There is only 1 man in the wrestling world that epitomises the word ‘success’ and his success started at an early age. Even as a child and a teen, it was obvious to all that Kurt Angle was a purebred born WINNER! Junior Titles, School Titles, State Titles, National Titles… At the age of 26, Kurt Angle was a World Champion and 1 year later, Kurt Angle went to the Olympics and won it. And let’s not forget the 5 World Titles that Kurt Angle has picked up in his continuing wrestling career… Kurt Angle’s career has been successful from beginning to now. Even a 9 month lay-off from a neck injury could not stop the Olympic Gold Medallist from picking up the victory in his first ever NWA-TNA match… Kurt Angle made Austin tap out to win. However, the only REAL athlete was forced to sit out Xplosion because of an executive decision. Angle was furious but he won’t be sitting out another event. Kurt Angle shocked the wrestling world by hiring Paul Heyman as his manager… to make sure his interests are properly represented. Paul Heyman has done his job and has got Kurt Angle a match with Eddie Guerrero on Explosion… Can Kurt Angle continue to prove that he is the best athlete to ever step into the ring or will Kurt suffer his first embarrassment?

The scene opens inside a library… Kurt Angle is in a T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms and is sitting on a wobbly wooden chair at an old wooden table. Kurt is looking at a large book with a sheet of paper that is folded out so that it is twice the size of a book. He has a pair of glasses is on and is looking very intelligent… leaning over his shoulder from behind is none other than the devious mind, PAUL HEYMAN. Kurt Angle seems to be doing some research… but on what?

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Freakin’ cucaracha! Can you believe how long this family tree is? There’s more Guerreros here than the whole of the American Air Force.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha! That’s because they still think they can use garbages bags as a method of contraception.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Listen to them Paul… Carlos Guerrero… Enrique Guerrero… Miguel Guerrero… Rafael Guerrero… and even, Humberto Guerrero? Heck, what kind of a person would call their child ‘Humberto’?

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman]I think they must have been drinking too much tequila that night, haha!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You may just be right Paul, you may just be right.

Kurt looks deeper at the tree, he’s obviously looking for Eddie on it but he can’t seem to find him yet.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] I’m going to be here ‘til next year looking for him. I’m certain the Guerrero family covers half of freakin’ Mexico.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Kurt… may I just have a minute of your attention please. Now, I don’t exactly what the point of checking out this family tree is… Now, correct me if I’m wrong… you should be training for your match right now, you should be putting in even more hard work than you usually do. And don’t think I’m trying to order you around Kurt, I’m not… I’m only looking out for your interests…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Paul, I know you’re just trying to help but honestly, do I look like the kind of jerk that would neglect hard work? No Paul, I’m not that stupid.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Kurt, I’d never call or even imply that someone of your stature could ever be construed as stupid…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] I know you wouldn’t Paul… cos’ you’re right, I know exactly what I’m doing. Unlike bums like Eddie Guerrero and his never-ending family, I have Intelligence and that’s just one of my 3 I’s… The other 2, Eddie’s gonna’ find out all about on Xplosion.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] That sounds like a plan Kurt.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ohh, it’s not just a plan Paul… it’s the truth! And when I get a grip of Eddie’s ankle, he’ll see just how much the truth really hurts!

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] He’s gonna’ be tapping like a baby, haha!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] And if he doesn’t, I’m gonna’ break his ankle in 2!

Kurt closes the book, he’s clearly had enough of looking at Eddie Guerrero’s family. As many as there are, it’s hardly the most riveting thing in the world. Kurt walks over to the shelf and puts the book neatly back on it…

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Let’s go Paul.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] I bet you’re going straight to train, right?

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] No, we’ll go training in a bit Paul… I’m starving. Know any good places in this dump?

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] I heard there’s a good TACO bar round here, HAHA!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ohh, get real Paul… If you think I’m going to put any low-grade, cheap, unhealthy products inside my body, you’ve got another thing coming. I thought you’re supposed to be looking after me Paul…

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] I am Kurt… I am, it was a joke! There’s no way I’d make you eat that crap Kurt, the last thing I’d want to do is to make my favourite client ill.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] I wouldn’t just be ill, I’d be physically sick. I don’t know how The Guerreros survive on such a poor diet… I bet their limbs are gonna’ start falling off when they’re forty.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha, that wouldn’t surprise me… the life expectancy is like 40 over there.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] And don’t even talk about their illiteracy rating, I bet Eddie’s never been in a library in his life!

Kurt and Paul leave the library and head to find some decent food… Heyman holds the door for The Olympic Hero to walk through. Kurt does not want to strain himself or injure himself before his match this coming Thursday.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Thank you Paul.

As they walk out on the street, Kurt’s face turns to horror. Somebody walks past in a sombrero, Kurt can’t believe his eyes… Paul doesn’t know what he’s looking at. Kurt shakes his head in sheer disgust.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Did you see that Paul? He’s wearing a damn sombrero… what an idiot.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha, are they out of fashion Kurt?

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Out of fashion? They never were in fashion Paul, they’re just freakin’ stupid if you ask me. The only thing worse than a sombrero is Eddie Guerrero’s mullet! I’d rather have a bald head or wear a sombrero than have that pile of grease attached to my head.

Heyman is in absolute stitches, Kurt is ripping the piss out of Guerrero and the Mexican culture and Heyman cannot stop laughing. Angle isn’t laughing, he’s deadly serious and for some reason, shocked that Heyman is laughing.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] It’s not funny Paul… it’s a damn travesty. Heck, I’d rather wear a wig than look like Eddie Guerrero. I guess, they can’t afford hair-stylists in Mexico

Heyman begins to laugh again.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Stop laughing, it’s not funny!

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] I’m sorry Kurt, I can’t help myself… your jokes are so funny.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] They’re not jokes Paul, I’m serious. Nobody takes me seriously… not even after I won a gold medal at the Olympics… Not after being a 5-time World Champion… People look at me, they laugh and they disrespect me. I don’t deserve to be disrespected, I’ve earned every bit of credit and respect that I’ve ever had. I’ve proven night after night that I’m the very best athlete in this business… I’ve beaten the best and I’ve proven a heck of a lot of people wrong. The only reason people poke fun at me, is because they’re jealous, it’s that simple.

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] And they have every bit to be jealous of Kurt… you are a champion… a true champion… and the next NWA-TNA World Champion!

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] You’re damn right I am… Eddie Guerrero’s just a stepping stone to bigger things. I’m going to beat him on Xplosion and I’m going to prove a point. And that point being that nobody… just nobody… is going to stop your Olympic Hero from this point onwards. They will learn to respect me Paul… Eddie Guerrero won’t dare laugh at me after this Sunday. If he does, he’ll be laughing all over the other side of his face!

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] Haha, don’t worry. You won’t have any problems beating eddie Guerrero, he’ll be on the train back home to round up all his sheep straight after the match.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ohh, he won’t be going home… he’s got a 1-way ticket to the hospital. I promise Paul, that ankle’s going to snap this Saturday night! I can just taste it…

[ ' The Mastermind ' Paul Heyman] The sweet smell of victory champ… the sweet smell of victory.

[ ' Olympic Hero ' Kurt Angle ] Ohh, it’s true, it’s true!

Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman walk into a diner, as the scene fades to static… Kurt Angle has promised to break Eddie Guerrero’s ankle but will Eddie be tapping or snapping? Can Kurt Angle pick up where he left off and make it victory number 2? Tune into Xplosion to find out!