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Welcome to Open Your Eyes. Please submit any Lizzie/Gordo related work, OYE is always looking for great fan work to display. Also, OYE is looking for co-webs. Please go to the 'WWW' page for further details! Thanks, and have a look around!

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03/12/05 - 11:02 AM EST
The site has been down for quite some time... okay, about a year and a half. But the site will reopen soon. For now, I'm just fixing links and trying to make everything work once again. Since I stopped updating the site, I have built three sites, all on Geocities, so give me some time to get used to Angelfire once again. For now, please e-mail anything and everything L/G related to me. Please, make the subject "Open Your Eyes -- Submission" to submit anything or "Open Your Eyes -- Co-web Application". The Co-web apps are in the WWW section. Thanks so much for visiting, and please submit!
xoxo* Tracy <3

09/15/03 - 8:01 PM EST
SORRY! So so sorry... if anyone has anything L/G related (Fanfics, pctures, anything...) send it to me , and I'll get it up as soon as possible, and you'll get FULL credit! I found a new L/G buddy icon at Scented Soap, so that's up now.
= Sesen =

08/19/03 - 10:52 PM EST
OMGSH, I AM SUCH A MORON! Okay, I cannot get into my AOL mail, so if you sent anything to Divachica221, and I didn't reply, I didn't recieve it. Sorry, I totally forgot! So please, forward it to the address: I'm SO sorry!
= Sesen =

08/18/03 - 08:24 PM EST
Sorry for the lack of updates. Angelfire refuses to load the new wallpaper, so I guess that isn't coming. Sorry! E-mail me if you want it! And I added three affiliates. One to my new Radio Free Roscoe site, one to Degrassi's Finest, the Degrassi: the Next Generation site I co-web, and to a really cool Lauren Collins fansite. Check them out ! And I added an award nomination, so PLEASE go and vote for me!
= Sesen =

07/21/03 - 10:27 PM EST
I added three pictures. Thanks to Andrea for submitting them! And that wallpaper I talked about before isn't uploading correctly. I'll keep trying, though!
= Sesen =

07/17/03 - 2:09 PM EST
I am SOOOO sorry for the lack of updates. I got a fan-submitted wallpaper, which is now up. And I won TWO awards. One for my fanfiction ("Everything", a songfic to the song by Lifehouse), and one for the site. Check them out in the new awards section. I'm so proud... go me!!! And for those of you who are unaware as of late, I have made a journal at For those who want to know more about me, check it out . That's all for now. Tell your friends about the site!!! and thanks for all the hits, it makes me feel special! Lolz, rawk on!
= Sesen =

07/10/03 - 1:47 PM EST
I'm back! Finally... lolz. Guess what I've been doing? Making wallpapers!!! Okay, I made one. But I made all of the old ones to 800x600! So those of you with smaller screens can use 'em too. I'm REALLY super proud of the new wallpaper, so please, check it out! Thanks... I have to go make pages for all the new wallpapers, tough, so I'll be back later to let you know when they're up. Oh, and the counter isn't working right... it's all ugly. If anyone knows how to fix this, please e-mail me! Thanks!
= Sesen =

07/05/03 - 11:12 AM EST
Wow! I got up today! Lolz. I made an updates archive section, so if you need to look back, just check it out. WWW then Site Info. I'm sooo tired right now... way too tired to link it on here. So anyways, my free trial of Paint Shop Pro is ending today, so I might not have up many graphics. Unless I can actually buy the software, which I am currently saving for (but give me a break; I'm 14. Everything I save I always spend). I'm planning on making a "Tv Schedule" page, but only put in the L/G episodes. And back buttons on all the pages, but that could take a while. You will also need JavaScript, so i don't know if it'll work for everyone. We'll just have to wait and see. But I gotta go now. TTFN, Ciao!
= Sesen =