Hey Maria

I am putting this together to help you (my sister and my favorite dork) understand the Catholic Hierarchy a little better.  Then you can e-mail me back and tell me what you have a problem with (although I can't see you make that face when I say something wrong).  EMAIL: hairypotter23@aol.com 


First my thoughts:

I mainly want to talk about the hierarchy of the RCC.  I think it is good that we have one.   The important doctrines are settled by one group of people.  Some  (NOTICE I SAID SOME ---- NOT ALL --- NOT EVEN MOST please don't get mad) protestant churches begin forming off the wall doctrines.  But now even the most conservative churches (ie Episcopal) are having doctrinal questions.  Jesus breathed on the Apostles and gave them the power to forgive sins.   He put Peter on the Rock and gave him the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.


Alright  Check out this  webpage: