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Koden Aiki Budo Kenkyukai

Comprehensive studies into Aiki Budo and related arts

Learn the techniques and principles of Aikibujutsu (Aiki Budo) as catagorized and taught by Tanemura Katsumi sensei. Classes are taught by Edward J. Smith, senior Judo and Aikibujutsu student of Tanemura sensei.

Classes are held on Monday (2 pm) Wed,(1:30 pm) and Friday (1:30 pm).

All classes consist of one hour of Aiki Budo and one hour of Kenjutsu (sword).

The classes are non commercial and are taught in a most vigorous manner. Classic Jujutsu kata are taught as well as their direct application against modern attacks. This study includes strikes, kicks, throws, locks, chokes, pressure points, groundfighting, and weapons skills. The art of Aiki Budo (our preferred term)does not rely on strength so it lends itself to people of both sexes and everyone ages 12 to 80.

For those not interetsed in Aiki Budo, Cruz Sensei teaches a wonderful Traditional Karate program.

Please contact Jose Juan Cruz sensei for additional info. Our kenkyukai is hosted by The UASK at:

516 E. 4th St. Bethlehem, Pa (near Lehigh University)

** It should be noted that we use the term Aiki Budo when referring to Aikibujutsu. We still retain all of the techniques and principles as taught by Tanemura Katsumi sensei.

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