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Welcome to International United!

Interested in exploring different cultures, or just want to know what's up in Canada, Austria or Brazil? You can join our guild here, and meet all the different people from around the world. Come share all of your stories with us!

March 10th 2003 11:34 am

Here I am, still up on the website. I just started it this morning, around 10:15, and so I decided to post it early to show you all how it will look like. Special thanks to Mish from for the layout! I think it's great...

Also in the guild, the Poppit Giveaway has started! I wonder who will win it? We already have 7 members since yesterday, yippee! :-)

Congratulations to allemandeneo, who won a Race to Riches scratchcard. Tell us if you've won anything at the kiosk!

Well, that's it for this morning... See you tomorrow night, as I'll be re-starting school again.