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The Hottest Blonde

My Favorite things about Me.

More Pictures are in that slideshow below. It has 1 of my butt, not naked but a close up of it

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for my 4 other pictures in a slideshow

Well, mostly thats all people ask from me is for my pic so I hope you like them if you wanna know anything more about me keep reading........My name is Gina and im almost 19 (september 14th) and im almost 5' 8" i used to live in California till last year..... I live in Michigan and i hate it. I have a boyfriend right now but i hate him, thats why im useing a different web site to make my page instead of aol(so he dont know im hollaring at guys) anyways if you like all my pics let me know, when i get batteries for my digi cam i will take more :)~~~ Gina

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