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Gatsby's Parties

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The novel "The Great Gatsby", written by F. Scott Fitzgerald,was about Jay Gatsby. He was a man known for being a botlegger, but also had a dream that he was eager to fulfill. His love was Daisy Buchanan, and for his life to be complete, she must be in it. This book tells about the adventures and hard times of Gatsby. Several main motifs were used by Fitzgerald to describe Gatsby. One main motif was the parties that Gatsby threw. He described Gatsby's parties as both wild and extravagant. It shows the shallowness of his guests because they assumed that he was involved in crime, yet they still attended his parties. The guests did not come to see Gatsby, they came for the social atmosphere. Although Gatsby throws large parties, he is not social. Gatsby stays more to himself. While the guests enjoy themselves, the host prefers to be alone. By the author's description, we are led to believe that part of Gatsby's anti-socialness is because his "American Dream" has not been totally fulfilled. He is still missing a major part, Daisy. Social descrimination, at Gatsby's time, still existed. He did have money, but what he did not have was popularity. So, as you can see, Gatsby's parties were large and live. Everyone enjoyed them, but Gatsby did not communicate with his guests very much. This was mainly due to him not having any real, true friends. Gatsby's not having many friends is also shown and described at the end of the novel, during Gatsby's death. At his funeral, only three people attended. This showed who his true friends were, leading to the end of the novel "The Great Gatsby." from Gatsby’s Parties I have just finished reading “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book was awesome. It was about the narrator, nick Carraway describing the lifestyles of those he were close to such as his neighbor Gatsby who is an extremely wealthy man who lives in a mansion all alone and has lots of parties. My essay is on Gatsby’s parties. My first point is about what went on at the parties. My second point is who was at the parties and my last point is why Gatsby had parties. My first point is what happened at Gatsby’s great parties. He had a lot of parties very frequently. Many viewed them as small carnivals to hang out with others. Gatsby had maids and servants serving food. He had a big tent set up at night for people to eat and dance under. He also had a man playing the piano in his house or sometimes even ordered a live band to come play at his house. There was plenty of excitement at Gatsby’s parties and many came to witness it. Everyone enjoyed themselves every time. Plenty of food, music, and activities to do at his parties. There was never a dull moment. Just a time for socializing to occur. His parties would last forever too. They last long enough for the people to eat dinner twice, once at 9:00 and then again at 12:00. People partied all night long and didn’t leave until the wee hours of the morning. My second point is who was at the parties. Many random people would just show up. There was a lot of uninvited guest. Gatsby invited Nick to a lot of his parties personally being nick his neighbor, he decided he should come over. Jordan Baker said she went to a lot of his parties. She said she was a frequent guest. Daisy was always welcome but only went a few times and Tom went only once. Mainly it was just a lot of people just stopping by to see a little action and to have a good time. Gatsby didn’t’ even care, all he wanted was the people to come over to his big house and see all his riches. Basically for people to have a good time. He didn’t care who came over to his parties. My last point is why Gatsby had his parties. Gatsby had parties for people to come over to his house. Gatsby was a very lonely man and he didn’t have any friends hardly so he held parties for people to come to hoping that they will like him. Gatsby loved Daisy Buchanan and only daisy and because of this he didn’t have a girlfriend because he strongly believed that one day him and Daisy would be together. But Daisy had already moved on with her husband Tom and they had child together. Gatsby still thinks Daisy loves him and one day they will start their own family and a new life together. Gatsby was wanting for someone to like him so he held these parties to get people over his house to better like him. The people that came over were not his friends, they just used him. Gatsby never saw this until he died and none came to his funeral. I just told you my three points about Gatsby’s parties. My first point being what went on and that was a lot of dancing and excitement. My second point being who was at the parties and that was just a lot of random people. My last point was why Gatsby had his parties and that was because he was a very lonely man wanting friends. I hoped you liked my essay. Gatsby’s parties were memorable moments.