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The Window

Dedicated to dying Afghan Children

We are orphaned children, we live in this ruin
We will die of hunger, no help will come soon
Window glass is gone, no door to the room
No food or a fire, we face our own doom

I am the eldest girl, my age is only eight,
I must care for us, we have bleakest fate
Painful cries of hunger, children weak and sick
Bare ground their bed, they shake, cry and kick

I go to the window, to see the outside world
Looking out I see, winter's gloom and cold
People walk around, they look like dead souls
They have lost all hopes, as well as all goals

People wrapped in rags, they limp or they crawl
Some have fallen down, some lean on the wall
Women old and young, they beg on the street
They're sick and weak; they have nothing to eat

A woman wails in pain, holding a lifeless child
Militia yells at her, he is crazed and wild
He has become enraged, he yells "Be Silent!"
The woman can't stop, militia gets violent

Beating her with gun, time after time again
Helpless women and men, cannot stop her pain
She does become silent; she falls on the ground
Her baby on her side, no one makes a sound

I run from the window and hide in the room
No hope for us all, we are faced with doom
Shaking hard with fear, I sit in the dark
Militia keeps on yelling, it sounds like a bark

I call to the children, to come huddle around
"You all must be quite! Do not make a sound!"
"A monster is outside, he has the biggest gun"
"He will beat us to death! No way for us to run!"

The children are quite, shocked by fear and cold
Militia must not find us, in markets we are sold
I heard they take children, and cut them all apart
Selling hearts and kidneys, militia's latest art

They burn people's homes, kill animals and dogs
They cut hands and feet, chaining people to logs
They shoot women and girls, elders and young boy (s )
They hunt people like games, in this they are not coy

I do not know how long? We hide in this ruin
No food, cold, and hunger, we all will die soon
Winter's accursed chill, it cuts like a knife
I wrap us all in rugs, loosing warmth of life

Sun shines for an instant, I see a horrid sight
Children all still, they don't cry or fight
* The color on their faces has turned " Navy Blue"
What is wrong with them? I don't know what to do?

Oh God! It's so cold! It does freeze the tear(s)
I must keep us hidden, militia creeping near
My body feels so numb, I must stay awake
I am sleepy, tired, my belly growls and ache

I will close my eyes, may be for a moment
I may escape the cold, fear and my torment
I may dream of food, warm hugs by my mom
I may dream of safety, no gun and no bomb