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Evil Rules

... yes even those of evil must have rules ...

.1.-No Powerplaying!-.1.
.2.-No Posting Pretending to be somone else!-.2.
.3.-You are NOT the owner!-.3.
.4.-You are NOT Immortal, no not even the highest, he is just rarely beaten or severely harmed-.4.
.5.-The Highest Ranking Evils are more powerful than lower ranking ones, if you are the lowest you WILL NOT win agaist the highest... its common sence... and you may only force [or try to force] others to do somthing if they are of lower rank to you, no matter what gender or race-.5.
.6.-You cannot kill another UNLESS you have got permission from me or from the person that plays that character, no NOT EVER a royal can... it makes it fair!-.6.
.7.-In The Steal boards you cannot steal those that are royal nor can you steal any if you are not the posted rank [will be posted in your home-land]-.7.
.8.-You must follow all rules on separate boards, unless they are put there breaking rules that are here, if not sure ask ME and i will clarify whatever it is for you. =D-.8.

...Yes i know we ALL hate rules but we MUST abide to them...

If you want to be a judge ask me on the owner board or email me

When you first join you MUST put the user info in your join post

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