SSnacob3000: *jake lyes there unconscience*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko bends over him and wakes him up posion ripping fom her lips*
SSnacob3000: *jake gets up slowly* "you should spit that out before it gets in ur system"
Ex4WingedDragon: "im immune to it"
SSnacob3000: "oh" *jake runs in and grabs his sword*
Ex4WingedDragon: "they left"
SSnacob3000: "do u know who they were?"
Ex4WingedDragon: theyere after me"
SSnacob3000: "ill protect you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "thank you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "you think we should feed kimi?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "want me to show you how?"
SSnacob3000: "damb my face feels like it has 1st degree burns, umm, yeah"
SSnacob3000: "and her name is racheal"
Ex4WingedDragon: nde me a piced of food"
Ex4WingedDragon: "ok"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she gravs a pice f food and starts o chwew it walking to racheal*
SSnacob3000: "wait!"
Ex4WingedDragon: what?"
SSnacob3000: "you have poison in ur mouth"
Ex4WingedDragon: "no i swalowed it"
SSnacob3000: "i hope so"
Ex4WingedDragon: *licks her lips just in case and wips her mouth and spits on the ground*
Ex4WingedDragon: "see"
SSnacob3000: "ok, go feed her, ill watch"
SSnacob3000: *jake gets up and walks with her*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she walks over to Racheal and puts her lips onto kimis and thrusts the food into Racheals mouth*
Ex4WingedDragon: rachaela*
Ex4WingedDragon: racheals*
SSnacob3000: *jake gets a piece of food ready in his mouth*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she forces racheal to swallow and gives her watter*
SSnacob3000: *jake try, he leans over like hes going to kiss her and puts the food in her mouth*
Ex4WingedDragon: "no u try"
SSnacob3000: *he helps her swallow and poors some watter in her mouth*
Ex4WingedDragon: "that should be enough"
SSnacob3000: "i think im just going to lie down with her until she gets better, but can u hand me my sword, its outside"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she runs out and grabs his sword and hands it to him*
SSnacob3000: "thank you" *he sets the sword up against the wall*
Ex4WingedDragon: "i hope she wakes up"
SSnacob3000: "me 2"
Ex4WingedDragon: "well im gonna go in the wate ok?"
SSnacob3000: "ok, call me if you need me"
Ex4WingedDragon: "ok"
SSnacob3000: "duck down now!"
Ex4WingedDragon: (whats coming at ehr)
SSnacob3000: (assasin)
Ex4WingedDragon: ok
SSnacob3000: *jake picks up his sword and throws it at the assasin*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she grabs the assasins blade and turns it into his stomach*
SSnacob3000: *the assasin dies immeadetly*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she catches jakes and stabs the assasin*
SSnacob3000: "hes dead already"
SSnacob3000: "dont get used to that"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i kniw"
SSnacob3000: "killing is bad"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i know"
SSnacob3000: *jake goes out to the ocean and cleans his blade, then heads back inside with racheal*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she looks at the assasin* "jake"
SSnacob3000: "yes?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "it was my"
Ex4WingedDragon: "havent seen him in ages but hes dead"
SSnacob3000: "why is he down here?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "there afer me i told you"
SSnacob3000: "this isnt good"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i know"
SSnacob3000: "they know our location, we have to leave"
SSnacob3000: "start packing"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yes we should"
SSnacob3000: *jake packs the little of all they have and wraps it up in some string*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she starts to pack all of racheals stuff and hers and jakes and carrys the stuff*"u take racheal i got this stuff"
SSnacob3000: "ok"
Ex4WingedDragon: "lets go"
SSnacob3000: *jake carris racheal like a baby in his arms* "we should sneek out you know"
Ex4WingedDragon: "no just watch"
Ex4WingedDragon: "PECO"
SSnacob3000: *the peco comes*
Ex4WingedDragon: *then another comes*
Ex4WingedDragon: "heres my female peco"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she hops on ehrpeco*
SSnacob3000: "ill take this other one" *he hops on*
Ex4WingedDragon: "lets go"
SSnacob3000: *jake kicks the peco in the side and it takes off*
Ex4WingedDragon: *her follows them*
SSnacob3000: *he heard 3 sounds behind him and noticed that they were darts, he takes out his sword and blocks one heading straight for racheal*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko catches the other 2*
SSnacob3000: "we should head east"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yea"
SSnacob3000: *so they started heading east*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she sighs*
SSnacob3000: "whats the matter?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "nothing"
SSnacob3000: *about an hour later...*
SSnacob3000: *a large rock falls out of a tree strait on jakes head, knocking him out*
Ex4WingedDragon: *another falls on ritsuko*
SSnacob3000: *a few hours later*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko wakes up*
SSnacob3000: *she notices jake leaning up against a tree with his arms crossed*
SSnacob3000: *racheal by his side*
Ex4WingedDragon: "a..ah my head"
SSnacob3000: "im sorry, but theres nothing i can do about pain right now, i just get used to it, it doesnt bother me"
Ex4WingedDragon: "hehe"
SSnacob3000: *jake takes a seat*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she trys to stand but falls over*
SSnacob3000: *jake catches her* "you should probably get some rest"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yea"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal opens an eye slowly*
SSnacob3000: *jake doesnt notice*
Ex4WingedDragon: "j....j....jak"
SSnacob3000: *jake stares down* "racheal! are you feeling ok?!"
Ex4WingedDragon: "y....yea"
SSnacob3000: "get some rest, youll need it for tomorow"
Ex4WingedDragon: "w...whats 2morrow?"
SSnacob3000: "we had to leave home, we need to go farther"
Ex4WingedDragon: "oh do we have another peco?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "for yiu jake?"
SSnacob3000: "ill just run, do not worry about me"
Ex4WingedDragon: "no"
SSnacob3000: "yes"
Ex4WingedDragon: "lets get a peco for you"
SSnacob3000: "please, you need your rest, get some sleep"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal faints and falls asleep*
SSnacob3000: *jake spots something, he pulls out his sword*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko stands up finnaly*
SSnacob3000: *the strange figure runs towards jake and stabs him in the stomach*
SSnacob3000: *jake falls over*
Ex4WingedDragon: ritsuko appears behind the figure and knocks him out and swallows som of a potion and preses her lips against jaks and makes hm swallow the poyion
Ex4WingedDragon: potion
SSnacob3000: *jake still doesnt get up*
Ex4WingedDragon: "heel be fine"
SSnacob3000: *jake coughs, blood oozing from his stomach*
Ex4WingedDragon: *shes grabbed by another figure ina black coat and injected with a diffrent poison*
Ex4WingedDragon: "AHHHHHHHHH"
Ex4WingedDragon: "j...j....j.............................................."
SSnacob3000: *jake trys to get up but fails* "d..dont you t...touch...her!"
SSnacob3000: *he attemps to get up again*
Ex4WingedDragon: "..............................."
Ex4WingedDragon: *she fallls to the ground*
SSnacob3000: *jake takes rachels dagger and throws it directly at the imposters head*
SSnacob3000: *jake passes out*
Ex4WingedDragon: *the imposter uses ritsuko as a shiel and she is hit in the back wth the dagger*
SSnacob3000: "d....damb!"
SSnacob3000: *he gets up holding his stomach with aggony*
SSnacob3000: *takes his sword, and heads toward the imposter*
Ex4WingedDragon: *the figure runs away with ritsuko*
SSnacob3000: *jake falls flat on his face, and passes out*
Ex4WingedDragon: "j...jake p.....please help me"
SSnacob3000: *jakes stomach slowly stops oozing blood because there wasnt any left in him to come out*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she stabbed furiously by the figures*
SSnacob3000: *with jakes last moving moments, he touches racheal on the shoulder to wake her up*
Ex4WingedDragon: *rachea walks to jake and heals him with her magic*
SSnacob3000: (racheal was still asleep)
Ex4WingedDragon: (oh yea)
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko falls to the ground blood everywhere*
SSnacob3000: *jake taps racheal on the shoulder once again then stops breating*
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal wakes up and grabs her wand healling him*
SSnacob3000: *jakes stomach was still in a bad condition, but he didnt care, he grabbed his sword and slaughtered all who hurt ritsuko then passes out, landing flat on his face*
Ex4WingedDragon: *blood flows from ritsukos wound all over the ground creating puddles everywhere*
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal stands*"i wont bea abel to heal her"
SSnacob3000: *jake is still unconscience*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she walks over to jake and wakes him up*
SSnacob3000: *jake gets up*
Ex4WingedDragon: "i cant helpher jake"
SSnacob3000: "w...why" *still holding his stomach*
Ex4WingedDragon: "she ws already dead remember i made her alive but i can again or this time ill die"
SSnacob3000: *jake pulls out his mother hankerchief* "h...heh...remember t....this, i told you to h....ave it. it has healing powe...s its only u...usable once and then it will d...isapear. use it now...."
Ex4WingedDragon: "u use it"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u need it"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i ll figure out something"
SSnacob3000: "h...heh, i swore i would never use it on myself"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u haved to"
Ex4WingedDragon: "do u want to use it on her?"
SSnacob3000: "only if your sure we can t....ake of her...."
Ex4WingedDragon: "we can"
SSnacob3000: "t....then we put danger"
Ex4WingedDragon: "how?"
SSnacob3000: "th...e assas...ins are after h...her"
Ex4WingedDragon: "we cant just leav her to die"
SSnacob3000: *without thinking jake throws the cloth over a wound, a bright light flashes and she was then noticed standing up*
SSnacob3000: *jake falls to his knees holding his stomach*
Ex4WingedDragon: "JAKE"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she picks up jake*
Ex4WingedDragon: "an heals him fully"
SSnacob3000: "i dont think....its the wound th....ats hurting"
Ex4WingedDragon: "what is"
SSnacob3000: *jake faints*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she pics up jake and puts him in the shade and falls asleep on him*
SSnacob3000: *the pecos come and lay next to her*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko looks to them and gets on her peco and goes back to the shelter and sleeps*
Ex4WingedDragon: "must keep them out of danger and go on my own"
SSnacob3000: *sunrise comes*
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal wakes up*
SSnacob3000: *she notices a large puddle of blood that oozed out of jakes stomach over the nigth*
Ex4WingedDragon: "JAKE"
SSnacob3000: *still unconscience*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she wakes p
Ex4WingedDragon: *up jake*
SSnacob3000: *one of jakes eyes opens slowwwwly*
Ex4WingedDragon: "jake whats wrong"
SSnacob3000: "g....good bye, racheal," *jakes heart stops*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she heals him forcingnher nsould ot leave her body and heals jake and she falls over*
SSnacob3000: *jake gets up quickly, pics up racheal and runs to the hospital*
SSnacob3000: "doctors!!"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal gets colder and colder*
SSnacob3000: "doctors, heal her now, i had a disease in my stomach and racheal never knew, if i could only have told her!"
SSnacob3000: (i wanna change that to poison)
Ex4WingedDragon: (ook)
Ex4WingedDragon: "her wand dissolves*
SSnacob3000: "doctors any luck?!"
Ex4WingedDragon: "shes not hurt we dont kow what to do"
SSnacob3000: *jake knew what was going to happen, he pulled out a knife and prepared himself for the worst*
Ex4WingedDragon: "no sir what happened to her wand"
SSnacob3000: "it disolved"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u think i might know what happened"
SSnacob3000: "i told you already dambit, she has a poison in her stomach"
SSnacob3000: "heal her"
Ex4WingedDragon: "there isnt"
Ex4WingedDragon: "was her rod her lifeling?"
Ex4WingedDragon: lifeline*
SSnacob3000: "she never told me"
Ex4WingedDragon: "mhmmm"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i dont know then"
Ex4WingedDragon: "how did she get the posison?"
SSnacob3000: *jake goes over to racheal and sheds tears* "she took the disease from me with her wand, now its gone, i think this is the end for both of us, she should have just let me die!"
SSnacob3000: "that way 1 of us would still be alive"
Ex4WingedDragon: "we can help her"
Ex4WingedDragon: "do u know any1 immune tro poison?"
SSnacob3000: "yes, but i have no idea where she is"
Ex4WingedDragon: "mhmm go look for her"
SSnacob3000: *jake rushes back and hopes that he could find her*
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsukos outside bathing in the ocean*
SSnacob3000: *jake spots her runs over and picks her up, rushes her back to the hospital* "sorry but i need you"
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko*"i need a towel please"
SSnacob3000: "sorry, ill get you one in the hospital, i need to get u there as fast as i can"
Ex4WingedDragon: "ok"
SSnacob3000: *jake rushes into the room where racheal was*
SSnacob3000: "here she is!"
SSnacob3000: "heal her now!"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she blushes covering herself*
Ex4WingedDragon: "make a small insicion near her stomach"
SSnacob3000: *jake runs into the nearest bathroom and steals a towel, and hands it to her*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she wraps herse;f and grabs a knife able to do it*
SSnacob3000: "please let her be alive!"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she maks a small cut near her stomach and she suck out blue blood out of her and she is healed completely*
SSnacob3000: *jake goes over to racheal and kisses her on the forehead* "dont you ever scare me like that again"
Ex4WingedDragon: *"s..srry"
SSnacob3000: *jake turns his head* "now where have you been ritsuko?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i left"
Ex4WingedDragon: "witch im leaving now"
SSnacob3000: *jake shuts the door quickly*
SSnacob3000: "why did u leave"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she rams the door*
Ex4WingedDragon: "kee p you out of danger"
SSnacob3000: "dont worry bout us"
SSnacob3000: "our love will keep us alive"
Ex4WingedDragon: "have to"
Ex4WingedDragon: "bye" *she walks to a window and hops out*
SSnacob3000: *jake snatches the towel with his sword* "plan on leaving naked do yeh?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "ill live"
Ex4WingedDragon: "im a thief dont worry"
SSnacob3000: "were going to miss you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "so i almost killed you"
SSnacob3000: "no u didnt"
Ex4WingedDragon: "tes"
SSnacob3000: "look if they want you they are going to find you, so your safe with us"
Ex4WingedDragon: "nno im not"
SSnacob3000: "if you truly want to leave and be taken by them, go ahead, cause i cant seem to stop you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "good i will anyway"
Ex4WingedDragon: *clothes appaear on her*
Ex4WingedDragon: "u have no use to me"
SSnacob3000: *sarcasticaly to make her blush* "btw nice body"
SSnacob3000: "and yes we do have a use for you"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she smiles* "thank you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "whats the use huh?"
SSnacob3000: "well, youre freaking immune to almost eveery poison"
Ex4WingedDragon: "so"
SSnacob3000: *to tempt her to come back* "ugh, i think im poisened" *jake falls to the floor*
Ex4WingedDragon: "nive try"
SSnacob3000: *whispers to racheal* "play along"
SSnacob3000: "make it look real"
SSnacob3000: "call for the doctors"
Ex4WingedDragon: "racheal faints perposly"
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko waves good bye*
SSnacob3000: *the doctors rush in*
SSnacob3000: "we need 2 stretchers stat!"
Ex4WingedDragon: "bye u to"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she back flips headin head first for the ground*
Ex4WingedDragon: *she lands on one knee*
SSnacob3000: *jake sees it and rushes out to her* "cmon racheal nows our chance"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal stands*
SSnacob3000: *jake holds her wounded knee*
Ex4WingedDragon: "im fine"
SSnacob3000: "well it looks likeyour stuck with us"
Ex4WingedDragon: "nope"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she squueze through his hands*
SSnacob3000: *she tries running but fails* "i told you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "heh"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she appars and dissapears near the beach*
SSnacob3000: "what the..."
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko waves bye and runs toward the shelters*
Ex4WingedDragon: "time to bathe again"
SSnacob3000: "should we head after her racheal"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yes"
Ex4WingedDragon: *ritsuko shheds her clothes and goes back to batheing*
SSnacob3000: "hrmm"
SSnacob3000: "ill follow you"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal heads for the shelters*
SSnacob3000: *jake follows*
Ex4WingedDragon: "she in the water"
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal sits on the beack waiting*
SSnacob3000: *jake climbs up and does a swan dive into the water*
Ex4WingedDragon: (oops capslock)
SSnacob3000: *jake grabs her*
Ex4WingedDragon: "hey lemme go"
SSnacob3000: "say you wont run away from us"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i will"
Ex4WingedDragon: "noT:"
SSnacob3000: "racheal help"
Ex4WingedDragon: "nope"
SSnacob3000: *jake lets go*
Ex4WingedDragon: *racheal goes back to bathing*
SSnacob3000: "should we let her go*
Ex4WingedDragon: "persuade her somehow"
SSnacob3000: "ritsuko, please stay with us"
SSnacob3000: "ill do anything"
SSnacob3000: "anything you want"
Ex4WingedDragon: "like?"
SSnacob3000: "name it"
Ex4WingedDragon: "no tell me"
SSnacob3000: "anything u have ever dreamed of, its not up to me, its up to you"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i dont know to have a family"
Ex4WingedDragon: "a mom a dad"
SSnacob3000: "stay with us then"
Ex4WingedDragon: "y?"
SSnacob3000: "we will be ur mother and father"
Ex4WingedDragon: "no"
SSnacob3000: "why not?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "becasue"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i want a friend"
Ex4WingedDragon: "but but"
SSnacob3000: "be my friend then"
Ex4WingedDragon: "but ure to old for me"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u dont know what i mean by a friend"
SSnacob3000: "what do u mean then"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u dont get it"
SSnacob3000: "i said i would do anything"
SSnacob3000: "tell me who you want as a friend"
Ex4WingedDragon: "but ure to old for a Special friend"
SSnacob3000: "ooo, you want a boyfriend dont you."
Ex4WingedDragon: *she blushes*
SSnacob3000: "i can get you a boyfriend"
Ex4WingedDragon: "how?"
SSnacob3000: "have any1 in mind?"
Ex4WingedDragon: 'no"
Ex4WingedDragon: "purely one of my kind thugh"
SSnacob3000: "hmmm, racheal can u help?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "how?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "she means one of her
Ex4WingedDragon: "like thief like her"
SSnacob3000: *whisper* "but how can i get her a boyfriend then?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "dot know"
SSnacob3000: "hrmm, ritsuko, i can help you get one, but i cant get you one"
Ex4WingedDragon: "why?"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u said anything"
SSnacob3000: "im a guy, i can give u a few pointer"
Ex4WingedDragon: "heh"
SSnacob3000: "still up for it"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i guess"
SSnacob3000: "maybe give the person a cool knife, or thief with him, get to know each other"
Ex4WingedDragon: "how"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i knew you would lie"
Ex4WingedDragon: *she walks away*
SSnacob3000: "no wait!"
Ex4WingedDragon: "what so u can lie again"
SSnacob3000: "ill make a knife for him"
Ex4WingedDragon: "whos him?"
SSnacob3000: "the person you want"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i dont know"
SSnacob3000: *whispers to racheal* "this is so complicated"
Ex4WingedDragon: "i know"
Ex4WingedDragon: "but u sadi anything"
SSnacob3000: *whipsers* "shes not making any sences, she wants someone but she doesnt know any1, i ask her to thief with a person to get to know him, then ask him over maybe, but then she just turned away"
Ex4WingedDragon: "becasue she knew you lied to her"
SSnacob3000: "but i didnt"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yes u did"
Ex4WingedDragon: "u said anything"
Ex4WingedDragon: "thats not anything"
Ex4WingedDragon: "watch ill do t"
SSnacob3000: brb
Ex4WingedDragon: ok
SSnacob3000: back
Ex4WingedDragon: ok
SSnacob3000: "im watching"
Ex4WingedDragon: "ritsuko"
Ex4WingedDragon: "yes"
Ex4WingedDragon: ""u stil want the boyfriend right?
SSnacob3000: "yes"
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