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At Empulse Studios, we challenge our abilities by creating a project that will test our skill in that area, when we are done, we release it to the public, and well, thats pretty much the overview!

Updates + 6/7/03 + more wallpapers are on the way!, we will also enable the links soon so you can view them, but for now we are setting our network rendering tools so we can get our stuff out to you a.s.a.p.

Updates + 6/6/03 + got the new site up and running, i switched to this layout because the flash layout was extremely hard to update, and this is easier and more effective anyway, i will link the wallpapers soon.

Wallpapers +

Projects +

project # 1, modelling a lamborghini, its almost done!

Finished Projects +

no finished projects yet, but we will keep you posted here..

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