i dance in perfect lines
lines that lead to frown
these miscounted words only make me look down
down further than you could even go
the one's in hell wouldn't even know
know the sorrow you put me through
and this pain is anything but new
the bluest lips pressed hard against snow
and the reddest here against the beach
your floor has holes worn from pacing
thinking of what you've done wrong
should you be pacing since you were right all along?
you should have told us what day you were planning on dying
you've never been one to plan
but any guess would have been better
than me waking up that morning
next to your ice cold body in that frigid weather
my sweet i never thought we'd be meeting
behind the box where we first met
exchanging glances like punches
i never though suicide could feel this good
loving you has to be the most painful way to die
and yet i come back for more none the less