killing memorys

a handfull of pills should be enough
this time i wont't wake up......
i'll walk down the road instead of across the
these tears are from fears and every regret i have.

razor blade kissing my arm
i don't think im doing any harm
only favors
to whoever's put up with my bullshit

and people claim they love me
how could that be
with this frown on my face
and all of these doubts in my head

i've just been sitting here waiting
swirling and twirling
in these thoughts of better things
like late night romances and
endless chances with everyone. and everything.


i realized these are dreams
i cut myself at my seams
im on the floor again.....
im sorry jim. im sorry. im sorry.

i dont' think im doing any harm
only favors
to whoever has seen my sweet and tender love